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Tombstone Tuesday – July 18, 2017 – George Albert Smith

George and Esta Smith -2

George Albert was the son of Branson and Emily (Kinnamon) Smith. He was born on February 24, 1871 in Pendleton, Indiana.  Branson and Emily had seven children; Charles S (1865-1874)), Dora Ellie(1867), Ida(1869), George Albert (1871), Thomas(1874), Flora(1877), Cora Alice (1877). In the 1880 Federal Census, George is found living at the home of his parents with all his siblings and he is nine years old.

George Albert and Esta Valentine married in Madison County on June 18, 1894. In the 1900 Federal Census, they are listed in Greene Township, Madison County with their son Willis, who is five years of age.

George Albert Smith

George Albert Smith

In the 1910 Federal Census, George lists farming as his occupation. He and his brother, Thomas, run the family farm which was once run by their father, Branson. There are two homes on the farm. Thomas and  sister, Ida, live in the original farm house. George and his family live in the other. The Smith family owns the farm and they run it still today.  In the 1920 Federal Census, George is listed as retired. They still live on the farm and Willis is now running it with his Uncle Thomas. Willis, his wife Gertrude and their son, Willis Jr. , live with George and Esta Smith. The 1930 Federal Census, implies that George is still working the farm along Thomas and Willis.

George Albert Smith

I had July 18, 1935 listed as the day that George Albert died so I researched and wrote this blog.  Then I found his death certificate listed above and realized that I had the date wrong but I decided to finish the blog anyway and post it today.  I could find no else in my database who died on this day.

George Albert died on June 12, 1935 in Pendleton, Indiana.  He is buried in  Grovelawn Cemetery, Pendleton, Indiana.

Grove Lawn Cemetery

Rest in Peace, George Albert!

Love, Jan

Tombstone Tuesday – July 11, 2017 – Etta Clare Smith Wert

Etta Clare Smith Wert

Etta Clare was the daughter of James and Oella (Denney) Smith. She was born in Wells County, Indiana on October 26, 1882. James and Oella had six children;   William F. (1869) , Alvin O (1873) , Della (1874),  Dora Belle (1876), Etta Clare (1882), Francis (1887).

Since she was born just before the 1890 Federal Census which was destroyed by fire, there is really very little evidence of Etta Clare. Thankfully, Grover Patten save this photo from a newspaper article. Some how through my research, I found it.  Prior to this photo, I thought that James and Oella, my 2X Great Grandparents had 5 children.  I had photos which were identified as Etta Wert  but there was no additional information.


Etta Clare is the girl three from the left in the middle row. This is a school photo from the Splinter School taken in 1895. She is listed with her parents in the 1900 Federal Census. Ironically the owner of this photo married Etta Clare’s niece, Nora Sparks.  Etta Clare married Homer Wert on April 12, 1903. They lived in Uniondale, Indiana.

Etta C Smith Wert

Etta Clare’s Wedding picture taken in 1903. They had two children, James Frank (1903) and Lulu Etta (1905). Sadly some went terrible wrong during child birth with Lulu Etta and Etta Clare died.

Etta Clare Death Cert.

She is buried in Horeb Cemetery in Uniondale, Wells County, Indiana.


Rest in Peace, Etta Clare!

Love, Jan

Tombstone Tuesday – July 3, 2017 – Reverend Burton Carpenter


Burton Carpenter was born on March 5, 1785 in Norwich, Windsor County, Vermont. He was the son of Simeon and Anna (Burton) Carpenter. Simeon and Anna Carpenter had eleven children; Anna (1770), Thena (1773), Jesse (1775), Dan (1776), Luther (1778), Galana (1780), Vina (1781), Burton (1785), Elam (1787), Betsey (1789), Almon (1792).

Burton married Sarah Root in December 3, 1807 in Sharon, Vermont. They had seven children; Burton Bradford (1811) , Hannah Elizabeth (1813), Cynthia C. (1815), Charles B. (1815), Laura Adelia (1817/ 1818),Chester B (1821), William (1827). In Vermont Vital records, each of these children are listed as born in Addison, Vermont even though the family did not seem to lived there continually according to Federal Census records.

Burton was a Baptist Minister. He was ordained in 1816. In the 1820 US Federal Census, Burton and his family are living in Cobleskill, Schorharie County, New York. Ten years later in the 1830 Census, the family is in Salem, Washington County, New York.  By the 1840 Census, they live in DeKalb, Dekalb County, Illinois. A Biography listed on taken from “A History of Baptists in Illinois”, seems to confirm much of this information.

” Burton Carpenter, born in Norwich, Vermont on March 5, 1785. He was ordained as a Baptist Minister in 1816, and first served in Socharie County, N.Y. He came to Illinois in 1838. Suffered from “impaired health.” Became pastor of the Baptist Church in Decatur Illinois from April 1847 to April 1848. Died in Ogle County 3 July 1849 of “Asiatic cholera” in his 65th year.”

Burton is buried in Grand Detour Cemetery, Grand Detour, Ogle County, Illinois.


Rest in Peace, Burton!

Love, Jan