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Tombstone Tuesday – March 20, 2018 – Hannah Stone Carpenter

Strong Family Crest

Hannah Strong was the daughter of Jedediah and Freedom (Woodward) Strong. She was born on February 3, 1671, in Dorchester, Massachuttes. Jedediah and Freedom Strong had thirteen children; Elizabeth (1664), Abigail (1666), Jedediah (1667), Ford (1668), an unnamed Child (1669-1669), Hannah (1671), Thankful (1672), John (1673), Lydia (1675), Mary (1677), Experience (1678), Preserved (1680), John (1681).

Hannah married Benjamin Carpenter on March 14, 1691, in Bristol, Massachusetts. They lived in Northampton, Massechuttes until about 1708 when they left moving to Coventry, Connecticut. Hannah and Benjamin had twelve children; Prudence (1692) Freedom (1692), Amos (1693), Benjamin (1695), Jedediah (1697), Hannah (1699), Eliphalet (1701-1702), Eliphalet (1703), Noah, Elizabeth (1707), Ebenezer (1709), Rebecca (1711)

Two hundred and fifty-six years ago today, on March 20, 1762, Hannah Strong Carpenter died in Coventry, Connecticut at the age of 91 years old. It is unknown the exact location that Hannah is buried.  She is likely buried in the  Nathan Hale Cemetery where her husband was recorded to have been buried there.  This Cemetery was established in 1718.  North Coventry Cemetery otherwise known as Strong Cemetery is where many Strong descendants are buried was established in 1773 eleven years after she died.  The Silver Street Cemetery was established in 1774 and is the final resting place of most of the Carpenter Family members which including several of her sons and their families.




Nathan Hale Cemetery.

Hannah Strong Carpenter is my first cousin 9X removed.  Rest in peace, Hannah.

Love Jan


Tombstone Tuesday – March 13, 2018 – Albion Edwin Hainer

Albion E Hainer was the son of Edwin Alonzo Hainer and Harriet C. Brazier. He was born on November 16, 1899, in Newark, New Jersey. Edwin and Harriet had two children; Winona Pearl (1891) and Albion (1899).

Edwin Hainer Family

Edwin, Albion, Harriet, Winona Pearl – 1901 or 1902

In the 1900 Federal Census, Edwin and his family lived in the 8th Ward of Newark at 942 Summer Avenue. Edwin is a minister. The census record indicates that the two children, Winona and Albion, live with them but they also have a woman by the name of Jennie Sullivan who is listed as a servant. She is 23 years old.

By the 1910 Census, Albion is 10 years old. His father died in 1905. He lives with his mother, Hattie, and sister Winona on Pitman Street in Providence, Rhode Island. In the 1910 Census, Hattie and Winona list their occupation as Artists who paint oil paintings at home.

In the Rhode Island 1915 State census, they remained on Pitman Street. Hattie states that she is self-employed and Winona is working for a gas company. Albion enlisted in the Army in the spring of 1919. He reported to boot camp at Camp Devens in Massachusetts on March 16, 1919. He was a member of Battery A 103rd Field Infantry. His transport record implies that he was sent to France. He listed his mother Harriet Hainer as his emergency contact. She resides at 101 Pitman Street in Providence Rhode, Island. While on Active duty, he obtained the rank of Corporal.

Albion Edwin Hainer

WWI – 1919 – Battery A 103rd Army Infantry

I do not find a 1920 Federal Census record for Albion E Hainer.  He may have still been overseas at the time of the Census. According to a family tree on, Albion Edwin and Ada C Cawthorne were married on September 3, 1920, in Detroit Michigan. The next record I find is a death certificate for Norman Hainer in Dearborn Michigan. His parents are A. Edwin Hainer and Ada C Cawthorne. He was born on September 30, 1921, and died eight hours later on October 1, 1921. This birth is listed as premature on the Death Certificate.


Albion Edwin and AdaCawthorne Marriage

Albion Edwin and  Ada Hainer – 1920


By the 1930 Federal Census, Albion and his family are living in Inglewood California. His occupation is listed as an engineer for an Oil Refinery. Albion E and Ada have two children, Virgina (1925) and Donald (1927).

In the 1940 Federal Census, Albion and his family are listed in Inglewood California. They have three children; Virgina, Donald, and Carol (1931). They live at 3850 West Century in Inglewood, California. Albion lists his occupation as Dealer- Contact Man and his employer is an Oil Company.

Though the information from Fold3 is not exactly clear, it seems to indicate that he also served in WWII as a Lt. Colonel in the Army but the dates of his service aren’t available in the records. He was living in Indio, California during this time period. His draft record states that he is not employed but he is retired. I do not find a Service record for WWI From 1949 through 1965, Albion E Hainer is listed in the Army Registry living in California at various addresses.

Forty-nine years ago today, Albion Edwin Hainer died in Hawaii. He was cremated and I find no actual burial location. Albion Edwin is my third cousin 2X removed.

Rest in peace and thanks so much for your service!

Love, Jan

Family photos publically shared on by Peggy Slemp

Tombstone Tuesday – March 6, 2017 – Olive Marie Hoover Hainer

Olive Hoover Hainer

Olive Marie was born on January 6, 1883,  she was the daughter of Samuel B Hoover and Elizabeth Hester. She was born in Pickering, Ontario. Samuel and Elizabeth had two daughters; Olive Marie (1883) and Alina P. In the 1891 Canadian Census, Samuel and Elizabeth (Libbie) are found living in Pickering, Ontario. In the 1901 Canadian Census, Samuel and Libbie live in Village of Stouffville.  The daughters, Olive and Alina are eighteen and sixteen years old.

Olive Marie married Fredrick Lee Hainer on July 25, 1905, in York, Ontario. Fred and Olive left Ontario to live in East Providence, Rhode Island where he was a minister of a church.  In the 1910 Federal census, they are in East Providence, Rhode Island where they live and now have a one-year-old daughter whose name is Gwendolyn and she was born in 1909. Fred’s occupation was listed as a clergyman. In this census, they are both listed as Legal Aliens who arrived in 1905. In the 1920 Census, Fred and Olive are found in Groton, New York. Fred is a Baptist Minister. They have become naturalized Citizens in 1917 according to this census record. A Naturalization record was located for Fred but I was not able to find one for Olive in spite of the Census record indicating that one should exist.

In a Rhode Island State Census in 1925, the Hainer’s are living in Providence, Rhode Island. Their daughter is now sixteen years old. Fred is still a minister and Olive is not employed. In the 1930 Census, they live in Providence, Rhode Island. Their daughter remains with them. In the 1940 Federal Census, the Hainer’s now live in Kearny, Hudson County, New Jersey where he is a minister. Eventually, Fred and Olive retired to Naples, Florida.

Forty-three years ago today, on March 6, 1975, Olive Marie Hainer died in Naples, Florida. She is buried in Naples Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Mausoleum B.


Rest in Peace, Olive Marie!

Love, Jan

Olive is the wife of my 2nd cousin 3X removed, Frederick Lee Hainer.