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Tombstone Tuesday – December 15, 1966 – Walt Elias Disney

Walt Elias Disney was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois. He was the son of Elias and Flora (Call) Disney. Elias Charles and Flora Disney had five children; Herbert Arthur (1888), Raymond Arnold (1890), Roy Oliver (1893), Walter Elias (1901), Ruth Flora (1903). Walt Disney taught himself to draw at a young age. In the 1910 Federal Census, Elias and Flora Disney and their children are found in Marceline, Missouri. They have three children living with them ; Roy, Walter and Ruth. Walter is eight years old in 1910. When he was sixteen years old in 1917, Walt lied about his age and joined the American Red Cross Ambulance Corps and served in WW1. When he was mustered out at the end of World War I, he set up shop as a commercial artist in Kansas City, Missouri. There he was introduced to the profession of animation, which he found he excelled at.

In the 1920 Federal Census, Walter is living with his brothers, Herbert and Roy and Herbert’s family in Kansas City, Missouri. Walter lists his occupation as a commercial Artist/Cartoonist. In 1923, Walt moved to Los Angeles to live near his successful brother, Roy Disney. On July 13, 1925, Walter married Lillian Marie Bounds in Nez Perce, Idaho. Walt and Lillian had two daughters; Diane Marie (1933) and Sharon Mae (1936).

In the 1930 Federal Census, Walter and Lillian Disney are living in Los Angeles. Walter is a Producer in the Motion Picture Industry.

In the 1940 Federal Census, Walt and Lillian are listed in Los Angeles. They have two daughters; Diane and Sharon. They also have several employees listed in the census; Olive A Smith who is a nurse, Almyr B. Buddhie who is a butler and Verda Buddhie who is a cook. Walter’s occupation is listed as Motion Picture Producer.

Walt’s Bio from Findagrave:

Walt Disney began drawing commercially, making a modest living by drawing for the “Alice” series of cartoons, about a live action girl who travels to the world of animated cartoon animals. In 1927, his first really successful commercial cartoon, featuring ‘Oswald the Rabbit’, became a success, but he lost the rights to the character when sued by his distributor. From then on, he insisted on owning the distribution rights to his creations. In 1928, Walt Disney created ‘Mickey Mouse’. His third ‘Mickey Mouse’ film, “Steamboat Willie,” was the first animated cartoon motion picture to use synchronized sound and became an overnight success. He was the voice of the character for the first ten years of the cartoon. In 1934, Disney pioneered the first full length cartoon movie, “Snow White”, and again, critics were overcome by the sheer popular response of the public to the movie. In 1950, he produced his first live-action film, “Treasure Island,” and in 1955, he opened his first theme park, “Disneyland”. Prior to his death in 1966 in Los Angeles, California, of lung cancer, he began work on his latest theme park in Orlando, Florida: “Walt Disney’s World”. His brother, Roy, the business genius behind the scenes, continued to run the company, and decades after Walt Disney’s death. Shortly after his death, the Disney Company executive board was shown a short film that Disney made just before his death, where he addressed each board member by name, telling him what he expected of him, and ending the film by saying “I’ll be seeing you.” Walt Disney was one of the few Americans to be honored with a United States postage stamp issued less than two years after his death (the United States Postal Service prefers to issue stamps at least ten years after a person has died; an exception is made for United States presidents), when a 6 cent stamp was issued in September 1968 in his honor.

Fifty-Four years ago today, Walter Elias Disney died on December 15, 1966 in Burbank, California. He is buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California.

Rest in peace, Walter. You live on everyday making children and adults happy when they visit your theme parks around the world.

Love, Jan

Walt E. Disney is a ninth cousin once removed. I would not normally use a cousin who is so distantly related but since it was Walt…. I decided he should be honored here too!

Tombstone Tuesday – December 8, 2020 – Elizabeth McGoogan Clark

Elizabeth McGoogan was the daughter of Robert and Elizabeth McGoogan born on August 30, 1812 in Unity, Pennsylvania. Robert and Elizabeth had eleven children; Jane (1804), Rachel (1808), Sarah (1811), Elizabeth (1812), Clementine (1815), John (1815), Robert 1820), Mary Ann (1822), William (1823), Angeline(1827), Joshua (1828). The McGoogan family lived in Unity which is located in Westmoreland County, in western Pennsylvania. By the 1820 Federal Census, Robert and his family are now in Cadiz, Harrison County, Ohio. They have ten children.

Elizabeth McGoogan married Daniel Clark in Harrison County, Ohio on April 13, 1833. In the 1840 Federal Census, Daniel and Elizabeth remain in Harrison County, Ohio. They have 5 children; two sons under 5 years of age, one son who is over 5 but under nine and a daughter under five. By the time of the 1850, Federal Census, Daniel and Elizabeth had moved their family to Lafayette Township, Allen County, Indiana. Daniel and Elizabeth are listed with seven children; Charles (1834), Sarah J., (1835), William (1836) , Robert (1838), Benjamin (1843), Sarah/Sophia (1846) and Mary(1850). Daniel is a Carpenter.

By the time of the 1860 Federal Census, the Daniel Clark family lists four children; William, Robert, Benjamin, Sarah J. and Sophia (She was transcribe as Sarah in the 1850 Census.). Daniel list his occupation as a farmer. Daniel died in 1866. In the 1870 Federal Census, Elizabeth Clark and her son Benjamin are living in Zanesville. Elizabeth is a widow. There is also a nine year old Mary Hardin living with them. Her relationship to Elizabeth and Benjamin is not defined. Benjamin is farming. In the 1880 Federal Census, Elizabeth Clark is listed in Zanesville Indiana as a widow.

One hundred and thirty nine years ago on December 8, 1881, Elizabeth McGoogan Clark died in Zanesville, Indiana. She was buried in Hoverstock Cemetery.

Rest in peace, Elizabeth!

Love, Jan

Elizabeth is my first cousin four times removed.

Tombstone Tuesday – December 1, 2020 – Jennie L Carson White Davis Barnes

Jennie L. Carson was born in Ottisville, Michigan on April 10, 1878. She was the daughter of William Henry and Eleanor (Bouttell) Carson. William Henry and Eleanor had four children; Harriet (1876), Jennie (1878), Charles (1880 -1900), Ruby(1882-1900). In the 1880 Federal Census, (William) Henry and Eleanor live in Thetford Township, Genesee County, Michigan. They have three children; Harriet, Jennie, Charles. William Henry Carson lists his occupation as farmer.

Jennie married Britton White on August 7, 1899. In the 1900 Federal Census, a twenty two year old Jennie is living with her husband Britton in the third ward of Flint on Beach street. They have an infant son, William White. Britton and Jennie were divorced on June 10, 1901 in Genesee County, Michigan. The picture below is a darling photo of Jennie and her son William H. White.

Photo from Wendy Kerbs on Ancestry

On March 13, 1902, Jennie Carson White married Floyd T. Davis. By the time of the 1910 Federal Census, they are found living in ward one in Monroe, Michigan on Eighth Street. Floyd is a Machinist for Weis Manufacturing Company. They have two sons; William and Gilbert. William is listed as Davis not White which would make me think that he was adopted by Floyd.

In the 1920 Federal Census, Jennie and Floyd are found in Ferndale, Oakland County, Michigan. They live on Beuhla Street. Jennie is a clerk in a Dry Goods Shop. Floyd is selling Real Estate , William is a farm hand, and Gilbert is attending school.

Jennie filed for divorce from Floyd and it was granted on August 28, 1926. By the 1930 Census, William has married Florence Losee. Jennie is living with William and Florence on Newport Street in Detroit, Michigan. Jennie married James Henry Barnes after her divorce from Floyd Davis and became Jennie L Barnes.

Photo by Patrick Caram from Ancestry

This photo is from the 1952 wedding of Jennie’s Granddaughter, Harriet Davis to William Caram so it is safe to say that they married prior to that. Jennie is on the left, and James Barnes is on the right with the happy newlyweds in the center. I hope that this last marriage was the marriage that Jennie dreamed of after two divorces. At this time I am unable to find this marriage certificate.

Photo by Wendy Kerbs from Ancestry

The date of this photo is unknown and I received it because a cousin, Wendy Kerbs, shared it on Ancestry. This is how I remember Aunt Florence and Uncle Bill Davis looking in the 1960’s when they visited us. This appears to be a Mackinaw Island trip which William and Florence took with Jennie.

Fifty years ago today on December 1, 1970, Jennie died most likely in Detroit. I have been unable to find death certificate, or any burial information. (I will continue to work on it. When I get the information I will update it here. I kept working on this today thinking that I would find it.)

Rest in peace, Jennie wherever you are.

Love , Jan

Jennie Carson White Davis Barnes is the Mother-in Law of my Great Aunt Mary Florence Losee Davis