Tombstone Tuesday – April 23, 2019 – William Crane


William Crane was born in Ontario in 1816. His parents were of Scottish descent. He married Sara Ann Best in Middlesex, Ontario on December 22, 1841. William and Sarah had eight children; Abigail (1842), Nancy Jane (1843), William B (1851), Oreanna (Anna) (1851), Amanda (1857), Annatta (1859), Samuel (1863), James (1870).

William Crane was a Farmer. In some of the Ontario Census, William’s name is spelled Crain. In the 1861 Ontario Census, William and Sarah are listed with six children; Abigail, Nancy Jane, William B, Oreanna, Amanda, H. E. Crane(1858) who I believe must be Annatta. I am thinking the Census taker recorded it wrong. In the 1871 Ontario Census, William can be found in East Elgin, Ontario with his wife and six of his children; Jane, Anna, Amanda, Annette, Samuel and James. Two of the older children have married and moved on. He lists his occupation as a farmer. He is a Wesleyan Methodist. In the 1881 Ontario Census, William and Sarah have three children who still live at home, Amanda, Samuel and James.

One hundred and thirty six years ago today, April 23, 1883, William Crane died. He is buried in the Best Cemetery in Corinth, Elgin County, Ontario.


Rest in peace, William

Love, Jan

William is the husband of my third Great Grand Aunt, Sara Ann Best.

Tombstone Tuesday – April 16, 2019 – Abigail Leete Stone

Abigail Leete, daughter of the Andrew and Elizabeth (Jorden) Leete, was born in Guilford Connecticut in 1683. Andrew and Elizabeth had six children; William (1671), Caleb (1673), Samuel (1677), Dorothy (1680), Abigail (1683), Mercy (1685).

Abigail married Abraham Bradley after the death of his first wife. Abraham Bradley died in 1721. Abigail married Ebenezer Stone in 1725. Ebenezer Stone is the son of Lieutenant Nathaniel Stone. Abigail and Ebenezer had one daughter whose name was Abigail.

Two hundred and fifty-one years ago today, Abigail Leete Stone died in Guilford, Connecticut at the age of eighty-four years old.

She was buried in West Cemetery, Madison Township, New Haven County, Connecticut.

West Cemetery NewHaven Connecticut-2

Rest in peace, Abigail!

Love, Jan

Abigail is my 7th Great Grand Aunt. She is a fourth generation descendant of William Leete who was one of the founders of Guilford Connecticut, President of the Federation of the Colonies and the first Governor of Connecticut.



Tombstone Tuesday – April 9, 2017 – John Alden Dix

JohnAldenDix Tombstone

John Alden was the son of James Lawton and Laura (Stevens) Dix. He was born on December 25,1861 in Glens Falls, Washington County, New York.  James and Laura had four children; Walter (1858), Annie (1859), John (1861), Charles (1864).

In the 1870 Federal Census, James and Laura are living in Queensbury New York with their children and James’s father Samuel. James and Samuel have real estate holdings in excess of twenty five thousand dollars declared in the census. They are both farmers and it is my belief that Samuel is a widower. In the 1880 Federal Census, the family remains in Queensbury. James and Laura have the same number of children, and it appears that James is no longer a farmer but is a property manager. John Alden is nineteen years old and is attending Cornell University. He graduated from Cornell University in 1883 and continued his education at Hamilton College until 1912. He became a successful businessman who was involved in the lumber and paper industry and later in banking.

In 1899, John Alden married Gertrude Thompson. In the 1900 Federal Census, they live in Greenwich, New York. They have no children but have two servants which they employ. John’s occupation is listed as Capitalist.

John became active in the Democratic National Convention in 1904 and served as chairman of the State Democratic Committee from 1908-1910. John was issued a US Passport on April 2, 1908. They live at 491 State St in Albany, New York. In the 1910 Federal Census, John Alden’s occupation is listed as a Banker. He and Gertrude have no children but have five servants employed in their household. In 1911, he was elected as a Democratic and became the 38th Governor of the State of New York and served for two years until 1913. While he was governor he was credited with establishing a New York State Factory Commission which was, responsible for inspecting conditions in the factories, improving fire codes, building codes and passing a law which limited the work week to fifty four hours. After leaving office he retired from politics but was a very successful in other business ventures.

John AldenDix

John Alden Dix – Photo from Findagrave

In the 1920 Federal Census, they are living in Albany, New York and they have one servant working for them.

Ninety one years ago today, April 9, 1928, John Alden Dix died in Manhattan, New York of a heart attack. He was buried in the Thompson plot in section 41, lot 11 in the Albany Rural Cemetery located in Albany, New York along side his wife Gertrude who died a few years earlier.


Historic Albany Rural Cemetery – Est. 1841

Rest in Peace, John.

Love, Jan

John Alden is my fifth cousin three times removed on the maternal side of my family.

Tombstone Tuesday – April 2, 2019 – Carrie E. Carrier

Carrie E. Carrier was the daughter of David C. and Elizabeth M. (Densmore) Carrier born on October 1,1880 in Darlington, Ontario. David and Elizabeth had seven children; Carrie (1880), Albert (1882), Adah (1884), George (1884), David Lloyd (1893), Ruth (1896), Mildred(1902)

In the 1900 Federal Census, Carrie is an 19 year old young woman who still lives at home. She no longer attends school but is not employed since their is no occupation listed. By the 1910 Federal Census, Carrie still remains at home. She lists her occupation as a dress maker. Carrie never married.

In the 1920 Census, Carrie is 39 years old and she lives in Detroit with her widowed mother on Congress Street. She is working as a machine operator for the Auto Industry. In the 1930 Census, Carrie’s brother Albert is listed as head of household. Carrie works for the Auto Industry and remains a machine operator. They are living at 3226 Clairmont. By the time of the of the 1940 Census, Ruth is listed as head of household. Carrie and Albert J. are still living with her at the same Clairmont street address. Their mother, Elizabeth is living with them. She is 83 years old. Carrie remains employed by the Auto Industry as a machine operator. She is fifty-nine years old.

Forty one years ago today, Carrie died in Roseville, Michigan at the ripe old age of 97. She is likely buried in the Grand Lawn Cemetery in section 6 with the remaining family members. Unfortunately there appears to be no tombstone for Carrie and I do not have .

Rest in peace, Carrie!

Love, Jan

Carrie is my first cousin two times removed.


Tombstone Tuesday – March 26, 2019 – Mary Pratt Skinner

Mary Pratt was the daughter of Richard and Mary (Torke) Pratt born July 30, 1643 in Charlestown, Massachusetts. Richard and Mary had seven children; Mary (1643) , Thomas (1646), Elizabeth (1649), Mercy (1650), John (1655), Martha, (1663) Hannah (1665).

Mary Pratt married Thomas Skinner in 1666. Mary and Thomas had eleven children; Mary (1666), Thomas (1668), Abraham (1671), John (1673), Richard (1675), Hannah (1678), Joseph (1678), Benjamin (1681), Ebenezer (1684), Nathaniel (1686), Abigail (1691).

Three hundred and fifteen years ago today, on March 26, 1704, Mary Pratt Skinner died, in Colchester, New London County, Connecticut. She is buried in Connecticut but the exact location is unknown.

Mary Pratt is my seven times great grandmother.

Rest in peace, Mary

Love, Jan

Tombstone Tuesday – March 19, 2019 – John Riley


John was born on December 22, 1833 in Quebec, Canada, the son of John and Amanda (Sanderson) Riley. John had two half brothers; James A, and David A,

On September 15, 1859 in Elgin, Ontario, he married Dorotha Best. In the 1861 Canadian Census, John is twenty eight. He is living in Elgin, Ontario with the Best Family and his wife.  In the 1870 Federal Census, John and Dorothy are living in Burnside, Michigan. They have one daughter whose name is Mary A. Riley. She was born in January of 1861. On October 9, 1873, a second daughter was born.  Her name was Myrtle Riley.  She died on October 28, 1873. In the 1880 Federal Census, John, Dorothy and their daughter Mary are found in Burnside. He is a farmer.

One hundred and thirty-three years ago, John Riley died in Burnside, Michigan. He is buried in the Fox Farm Cemetery near Burnside, Michigan.


Rest in peace, John

Love, Jan

John was the husband of my first cousin five times removed.

Tombstone Tuesday – March 12, 2018 – Martha Griffiths Smith

Martha Griffiths Smith


Martha Griffiths was the daughter of Rev. Joseph Griffiths and his wife, Elizabeth (Lozier). She was born October 27, 1817 in New York. Joseph and Elizabeth had twelve children; Joseph (1806-1822), John (1807), Charles (1810-1822), Mary (1813), Elizabeth (1815) , Martha (1817), William (1819), Rachel (1822), Joseph ( 1824-1830), Julie Ann (1826-1829) , Margaret (1830), Alfred (1831).

Martha married John Dewitt Smith after the death of his first wife Eleanor Blauvelt Smith in 1850. John and Martha had a daughter, Elizabeth, in 1854.  In the 1860 Federal Census, John and Martha are found in Orangetown, Rochland County, New York.  John is 53 years old and Martha is ten years younger. John’s occupation is listed a “Gentleman”. His real estate is valued at $30,000 which is a lot of money for 1860. Their daughter Elizabeth is six years old. In the 1865 New York State Census, they remain in Orangetown, New York.  In the 1870 Federal Census, John Dewitt Smith lists his occupation as farmer. He has $20,000 in real estate value, Elizabeth is now 16 and Martha is 63. They have a servant working for them, Minnie Fields, and a laborer whose name is Jesse Blauvelt. Jesse was likely related to John Dewitt Smith’s first wife, Eleanor Blauvelt.

One hundred and twenty six years ago, Martha died in Orangetown, New York. The follow is a transcript of her obit found on posted by Jenny.

The Funeral of the Late Mrs. Martha G Smith”

The funeral services for Mrs. Martha G. Smith widow of the late John D. Witt Smith, who died Saturday last, was held on Tuesday last at her late residence on Broadway, north of First Avenue. The house was filled with friends of the deceased and the services were solemn and impressive. The Rev. J.L. Campbell, of New York, who a few years ago was Mrs. Smith’s pastor in the Nyach Baptist Church, was present and conducted the service and spoke feelingly of the deceased and her good work in her Master’s cause. The interment was at Oak Hill Cemetery.

Mrs. Smith is the daughter of the late Rev. Joseph N. Griffiths, who in 1817 held the first religious services under the auspice of the Baptist Church in Rochland County.  Rev. Griffiths, who may have said to have been the father of the Baptist Church in Rochland County died in 1860 at the age of three score and eight years. Mrs. Smith became connected with the Nyach Baptist Church in her early years and her labors for that organization and the cause it represents were faithful to the last. Side by side with other devoted members, she worked for the upbuilding of the church and was identified with all its interests, her labors never ceasing until her final illness brought her to her bed and broke the cord which bound her to the earth.

Mrs. Smith leaves one daughter, Lizzie Hopper, wife of G.H. Hopper, one of the dry goods merchants of this place. One sister also survives her, Mrs Margaret Gurnee, widow of the late Alfred Gurnee.”

As the Obit states she is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery.


Oak Hill Cemetery


Rest in peace, Martha

Love, Jan

Martha is my seventh cousin two times removed.