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Tombstone Tuesday – June 22, 2021 – Francis Marion Kinnaman

Francis Marion was the son of Hiram and Cassander (Crosley) Kinnaman born on April 12, 1845 in Madison County, Indiana. Hiram and Cassander had thirteen children ; Daniel (1830), Conrad (1835), Walter (1837) , Henry Madison (1838), Hannah Jane (1840), Emily (1841), Lane (1843-1844) Francis Marion, (1845), Sarah Ann (1847), Margaret (1849), Hiram (1852), William Andrew (1855), Richard (1858). In the 1850 Federal Census in Madison County Indiana, Hiram and Cassander have nine children; Daniel, Conrad, Walter, Henry M., Hannah J., Emily, Francis, Sarah and Margaret. Hiram was a farmer. In the 1860 Federal Census, Francis remains with his parents and six of his sibings; Henry, Hannah, Emily, Francis, Sarah, Hiram (1853), William (1855), Richard (1858).

Francis Marion married Malissa Catherine Kinsey September 13, 1868 in Madison County, Indiana. Francis and Malissa are found in Carroll County, Missouri in the 1870 Federal Census. Francis is farmer. They have one son, David Leabeth, who was born in September 1869. Malissa’s brother, John, is also living with them and helping Francis on the farm as a farm laborer. They live next door to Henry Madison Kinnaman and his family. By the time of the 1880 Federal Census , Francis and Malissa have three sons; David,. (1869) LeRoy (1873) and Mark (1878). Living next door to them are Francis’s brother David with his family and Malissa’s brother, John and his family.

By the time of the 1900 Federal Census, Francis and Malissa have three sons living with them; Harry (1886), Grover (1889), Nellie (1897). In the 1910 Federal Census, Francis and Malissa are living in Bosworth, Missouri. They have one daughter who remains at home, Nellie and she is thirteen years old.

Francis died on June 22, 1911 in Bosworth, Missouri according to his death certificate. He is buried at Big Creek Cemetery.

Rest in peace, Francis!

Love, Jan

Francis Marion Kinnaman is the brother of my three time Great Aunts, Hannah Kinnaman Smith and Emily Kinnaman Smith.

Tombstone Tuesday – June 15, 2021 – Hans Henrik Andersen

Hans Henrik Andersen was born on September 26, 1856 in Tjome, Vestfold, Norway. He was the son of Andres Hansen and Olava Hansdattra. They lived in Grimstad, a small farm town on the island of Tjome which is located in the Oslo Fjord. Andres was a sailor. Andres and Olava had two children; Hans Henrik (1856) and Kristine (1860). In the 1865 Norwegian Census, Andres, Olava, Hans and Kristine are found in Grimstad. Andres Hansen died four short years later in 1869. I believe that he died at sea having been washed overboard during a storm. By the time of the 1875 Norwegian Census, many things have changed in Olava’s family with the loss of her husband and her daughter, Kristine. She has also remarried a man whose name is Kristin Jorgensen. Kristin, Olava and Hans are listed together in Grimstad in the 1875 census from Notteroy, Norway.

Ingeborg and Hans on their Wedding day in 1882

Han Henrik Andersen married Ingeborg Helene Jakobsen on February 7, 1882 in Notteroy, Vestfold, Norway. Hans and Ingaborg had three sons; Andres, (1883), Hans Jakob (1888), Haakon Ingwardo(1891). At this time in Tjome men were either sailors or farmers, they went to sea or stayed on land. Hans was a sailor. His early sailing days started in March of 1880 with a trip to America. I was able to obtain information thru the Tjome Historical Society about Hans Henrik sailing career. Listed below is a chart of his sailing trips. I can not be certain that this is a complete list but as you can see he sailed the world and it included at least seven trips across the Atlantic to America.

Date Embarked – Ship Name – Departing Port – Destination – Disembarked – Where

03.31.1880 – Rebekka – Svelvig – Amerika – 09.23.1880 – Drammen

10.13.1880 – Vashington – Tønsberg – Hamburg – 11.23.1880 – Tønsberg

04.16.1881 – Solo – Tønsberg – Amerika – 12.14.1881 – Tønsberg

03.30.1882 – Salo – Tønsberg – Amerika – 11.24.1882 – Shipwrecked

02.06.1883 – Thorsbjerg – Tønsberg – England – 01.14.1884 – Tønsberg

03.31.1884 – Harbels Anker – Tønsberg – Horjefjord – 08.21.1884 – Tønsberg

03.25.1885 – Nina – Tønsberg – Amerika – 04.??.1887 – Liverpool

06.28.1887 – Gorilla – Fredrikshald – England – 12.06.1887 – Tønsberg

04.13.1888 – Norway – Sandefjord – Amerika

03.04.1889 – Norway – Sandefjord – Amerika

06.08.1889 – Lillesand – C.J.Værn – Orlogs – 07.09.1889 – C.J.Værn (Navy harbour in Horten)

07.22.1889 – Winnipeg – Tønsberg – London

01.28.1891 – Entreforce – Tønsberg – Cardiff

06.23.1893 – Berthe Rød – Tønsberg – abroad – 02.12.1894 – Tønsberg

05.04.1894 – Lawrence – Tønsberg – abroad – 02.06.1895 – Greonck

03.21.1895 – Lawrence – Tønsberg – England – 08.20.1895 – Tjømø

03.28.1896 – Lawrence – Tønsberg America – 02.18.1897 – Tjømø

04.06.1898 – Familien – Chri(sti)ania abroad – 11.03.1898 – Chi(sti)ania (Oslo)

04.13.1899 – Høvding – Moss – abroad – 12.02.1899 – Moss

On September 18, 1894, twelve short years after they were married, Ingeborg Helene died suddenly leaving three sons to be cared for by their Grandmother, Olava Jorgansen while their father was at sea. Hans had set sail in May of 1894 and did not learn of his wife’s death until he returned the following February of 1895. On March 13 1898, Hans Henrik married Mathilde Kristine Zainer.

When Hans decided to no longer sail he returned to Tjome and bought a sailboat and started a tourist style Tour Company in the early days of the tourist industry on Tjome. He provided tours of the Oslo Fjord to tourist and summer residence of his seaside home town. He also conducted fishing excursions. Hans was “at home” on the water.

This is a photo of Hans and Mathilde Anderson. We can not be certain of the date of the photo but it is likely the mid to late 1930’s. Long after his working days were done Hans could be found almost daily in a small fishing boat, in the cove by his Mother’s small home.

Mathilde died on June 19, 1940, shortly after the Germans had invaded and occupied Norway. Hans befriended some of the German soldiers which initially angered many of the local people. Hans had hidden a radio from the Germans and since they had established a bit of trust with him, the German soldiers did not search his home. He kept his radio out of sight and he listened to it every night for news from the war front. In time, many of the local men would learn that Hans had a radio and come to his house to listen to the radio with him. I have been told that sometimes they would bring him alcohol so they could bribe him to listen other stations on his radio. Eventually, the Nazi’s discovered that Hans and the local men were listing to the radio each night and the Nazi’s confiscated the radio.

In letters to his son, Andrew ( born Andres, my Grandfather), Hans states that life on Tjome was not so bad during the war but one must remember that the Nazi’s opened and read all mail which was sent to other countries. Hans told his son that he must be very careful what he writes in his letters . This is the envelope from Hans’ letter to his son informing him that his wife, Mathilde, has died in 1940. As you can see the Germans opened it before sending it on to Andrew in America.

Hans survived the war but died on June 15, 1946. He was buried in the Tjome Kirke Cemetery with his wives.

Rest in Peace, Hans

Love, Jan

Hans Henrik Andersen was my Great Grandfather. I wish I had known him. The wonderful people of the Tjome Historical Society have helped me bring my Great Grandfather to life for his descendents. I appreciate all the help I received from Inger Zainer ( Great Niece of Hans thru his marriage to Mathilde.) and the Tjome Historical Society.

Tombstone Tuesday – June 8, 2021 – Forrest Denney

Forrest Denney -1928

Forrest Denney was the son of Milo and Lydia May (Mutton) Denney. He was born on December 6, 1914 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Milo and Lida (Lydia) had ten children; Forrest (1915), Nellie (1920), Ethel (1921), Agnes (1924), Elizabeth (1926), James (1927), Milo Elvia (1930), Elva (1934), Rolandis (1934), Frank (1936).

In the 1920 Federal Census, Milo and his family live on Sheldon Road in Lafayette Township, Allen County Indiana. They have two children; Forrest and Nellie. By the time of the 1930 Federal Census, Milo and Lydia are found in Franklin Township, Lenawee, Michigan with seven children; Forrest, Nellie, Ethel, Agnes, Elizabeth, James and Milo. Milo (Sr) is a farmer.

On October 1, 1935, Forrest married Dorothy Ellen Rau in White Pigeon, Indiana. On March 12, 1938, a prison record was recorded for Forrest Denney in Huntsville, Texas. According to this record, he was born in 1914 in Indiana. He was charged with felony theft and sentenced to two years. He plead guilty on October 13, 1938. The record also indicated that he was release on October 13, 1939 after serving one year.

In the mean time, Dorothy Denney filed for divorce from Forrest in January of 1938 and the divorce was granted in March of 1938. And I also find a Forrest Denney in a record for an inmate in Jackson Prison in Michigan for the 1940 Census. This is all a bit puzzling. I find a Social Security record for Donald L Denney which states that his parents are Forrest and Dorothy Ellen Rau.

On October 8, 1941, Forrest registered for the WWII Draft . He registered in Adrian, Michigan. He stated that he was twenty six years old and that he was working on a Dam Project in Tipton, Michigan. He listed his father, Milo Denney, as his contact. The document does not state if he is single or married. There are at least two men named Forrest Denney during this time period.

On September 30, 1946, Forrest married Lucy May Tobias. I do find a 1956 Adrain, Michigan Directory which shows Donald L Denney and Lucy M Denney . This directory record implies that Forrest is dead and that Lucy is his widow. Is this an error? With multiple men whose name is Forrest Denney in this time period who were both born in Indiana and are likely descendants of this Denney line, this research has been confusing to say the least. I find no death record for Forrest in Michigan to substantiate that Lucy May was a widow. Usually an unusual name like Forrest make research an easy task, no so this time!

In this Obit, it states that he died on June 8, 1999. He was living in Florida. His wife’s name is Vivian. He had five sons; Donald, Victor, Chad, Brandon, and Todd. He had two daughters; Liz and Karen. He was cremated and I find no burial location information.

This was a difficult blog due to the fact that there were several men named Forest/ Forrest Denney in this time period. It is my hope that the information published here is correct and not a jumble of information confusing these different men. It was also difficult because my research revealed so many difficult life situations. I decided to go ahead with it because this was the story that the research presented. Not everyone has a smooth life. Todays blog presents a perfect example of this. I hope that if someone reads this blog and finds that I did confuse these men in my research that they will reach out to me so I can set the record straight.

Rest in peace, Forrest!

Love , Jan

Forrest Denney was my second cousin twice removed.

Tombstone Tuesday – June 1, 2021 – William Leete

William Leete was the son of Governor William Leet and his wife, Anne Payne. He was born in 1645 and baptized in 1647. Governor Leete and Anne had ten children; John (1639), Catherine (1642) Andrew (1643), Abigail (1643), William (1645), Caleb (1651), Gratiana (1653), Peregrine (1658), Joshua (1659), Anna (1661). William Leete Sr. became the governor of the Colony of Connecticut.

William Leete (Jr) married Mary Fenn, daughter of Benjamin Fenn of Milford Connecticut, on January 11, 1672. They had one daughter, Mary Leete. William Leete is listed on an early Connecticut Census as a resident of New Haven County. William Leete was the Deputy from Guilford for the General Court while his father was the Governor of Connecticut.

William Leete died on June 1 1687 in Guilford, New Haven County, Connecticut at the age of forty two. He is buried in the Ancient Burying Ground in Hartford. While William and Mary’s stone are no longer found. They are known to be buried in the cemetery with the other Leete family members.

Ancient Burial Grounds in Hartford Connecticut.

Rest in peace, William!

Love, Jan

William Leete is my nine times Great Uncle.

Tombstone Tuesday – April 27, 2021 – James Clarence Clark

James Clarence Clark was born in Lafayette Township, Allen County. Indiana on October 29,1867. He was the son of Robert and Catherine Amanda (Diffendorfer) Clark. Robert and Catherine Amanda Clark lived in Lafayette township, Allen County, Indiana in the 1870 Federal Census. They have two children ; James C (1867) and Minnie V (1869). Robert is a Harness Maker.

By the time of the 1880 Federal Census, Robert and Amanda (Catherine) have six children; James C, Minnie V., Theodore (1871), William (1873), Charles (1876), Markley U. (1878). They live in Zaneville, Wells County, Indiana. Robert is still making harnesses for a living. Robert and Amanda have two addition children after the 1880 Federal Census, Chase (1882) and Alma (1884)

James Clarence married Eva Maud Young on June 24, 1894 in Zanesville. Clarence J. Clark is listed in Zanesville in the 1900 Federal Census with his wife Maud and two children; Jewel (1896) and Leo (1899). Clarence lists his occupation as house painter. James and Maud had another son in 1900 just after the Federal Census, Raymond Clifford.

One hundred and fifteen years ago on April 27, 1906, James Clarence Clark died in Zanesville, Indiana at the age of thirty eight years old. He is buried in the Hoverstock, Cemetery with many other Clark Family members including his wife Maud Young Clark Hartup who remarried later in life.

Rest in peace, James Clarence!

Love Jan

James Clarence was my second cousin three time removed.

Tombstone Tuesday – April 20, 2021 – Pearl Boatman Crites

Pearl Boatman was born on July 26, 1891 in Osborn, Oklahoma. She is the daughter of Frank Elias and Alice (Tipton) Boatman. Frank and Alice had three children; Ila Pearl (1891), John Clyde (1894), Carl (1905).

In the 1900 Federal Census, Pearl is found with her parents and a brother, John C Boatman. By the time of the 1910 Federal Census, Frank and Alice have three children; Pearl, Clyde J and Carl. Frank is a clerk and they live in Hennessey, Oklahoma.

On September 4, 1912, Pearl married Ira Earnest Crites in Kingfisher, Oklahoma. By the 1920 Federal Census, Pearl and Ira Crites have two children; Ira(1917) and Fern (1918). Also living with them is Cyrus and Opal Crites(1904), who were siblings of Ira and Carl Boatman (1904) who was the brother of Pearl. No age is listed for Cyrus but he is a widower. Ira’s mother died in 1918 and Pearl’s mother died on May 1, 1919. Wonder if this was during the influenza pandemic? Quite obviously the children of these two mothers went to live with other family members. Ira is a Thresherman in the Grain Industry.

In the 1930 Federal Census, Pearl and “Earnest” Ira are living in Jet, Oklahoma. They have five children; Ira O., Fern O , Jack E. (1921), Evelyn P. (1927), Roy C (1929). Ira is working in the Cement Industry as a Cement Mixer Operator.

By the 1940 Federal Census, Pearl and Ira have moved their family across the country to Mercer, California. Several of the siblings of both Ira and Pearl had moved to Californian prior to their move. Earnest is a cement finisher. All five of the children remain with them even though Ira and Fern are now adults, twenty three and twenty two years of age, Jack is nineteen, Evelyn and Roy are still in school and are thirteen and eleven,

Forty nine years ago on April 20, 1972, Pearl Crites died in Stanislaus County, California. She was eighty years old. She is buried in Evergreen Memorial Park in Mercer, California in Section 15 Plot 57 with her husband who had died earlier.

Rest in peace, Pearl!

Love, Jan

Pearl Boatman Crites was the wife of my second cousin three times removed, Ira Earnest Crites.

Tombstone Tuesday – April 6, 2021 – Daniel Lee Crites

My beautiful picture

Daniel Lee Crites is the son of William and Mary Ann (Forney) Crites who was born on March 7, 1864 in Dover, Ohio. Daniel and Mary Ann Crites had ten children; Daniel Lee (1864), Willas (), Joseph Henry (1865), Jesse E. (1867), Emanuel (1870), Viola (1872), Pearl E. (1875), Ellsworth (1877), Alpha (1879), Ruby (1881). In the 1870 Federal Census, William and Mary have four children listed ; Daniel, Joseph, Jesse, Emanuel. William is a farmer in Dover, Tuscarawas County, Ohio. In the 1880 Federal Census, a sixteen year old Daniel Lee is helping his father on the farm. William and Mary Ann have eight children; Daniel, Joseph, Jesse, Emanuel, Viola, Pearly, Ellsworth, Alpha.

Daniel Lee Crites and Harriet L Fox married on January 17, 1889 in Dover, Ohio. By the time of the 1900 Federal Census, Daniel and Harriet have three daughters; Hazel(1892), Magie (1894), Virgie (1896). Daniel’s lists his occupation as Teamster. They live on Seventh Street in Dover, Ohio. In the 1910 Federal Census, they once again have their three daughters listed. Daniel lists his occupation as house carpenter. They live at 510 Front Street and they own their home. In the 1920 Federal Census, Daniel and Harriet remain at the Front Street address. Their daughters have all married and moved away. Daniel lists his occupation as labor in the Steel Mill.

By the time of the 1930 Federal Census, Daniel is sixty-six years old. He still works at the steel mill. He is the night watchman. He and Harriet still live at the Front Street home that they own. In the 1940 Federal Census, Daniel is seventy six years old. He is no longer is employed. He states that he received a fourth grade education. He accomplished so much on a fourth grade education. He and Harriet still live in their home on Front Street.

Seventy three years ago at the age of eighty four years old, Daniel Lee Crites died in Dover, Tuscarawas County, Ohio, on April 6, 1948. Daniel is buried in Maple Grove Cemetery in Dover, Ohio.

Rest in peace, Daniel!

Love Jan

Daniel Lee Crites is my first cousin four times removed.

Tombstone Tuesday – March 30, 2021- Robert Wesley Hayner

Robert Wesley was born on December 26, 1839 in Louth, Grantham, Ontario. He was the son of Henry Hainer and Nancy (Schram) Hainer. He lived his childhood in Louth, Ontario. In the 1851 Canadian Census, Robert can be found with his mother, Nancy, and her new husband John Patterson. He has two siblings listed also, Mary and Melissa. At this point, there surname is spelled Hainer. His father Henry had died in 1846 when Robert Wesley was seven years old.

He married Dorothy Ann Morgan, daughter of David Morgan and Charlotte Fox Morgan, in Grimsby, Ontario on December 30, 1862. I do not find Robert Wesley in the 1861 Canadian Census. Dorothy Ann Morgan is 19 years old and living alone in a boarding house the 1861 census.

Robert Wesley Hayner Photo supplied by Donna Hoffman

Dorothy and Robert Hayner had two daughters. Addie Jane was born in Ontario in 1863 according to her death certificate. Mary Morgan was born in Port Hope, Michigan in 1871, two short weeks after the enormous fire which raced across lower Michigan ending at Lake Huron near Port Hope. (for more information on this fire, see the article on the Needles in the Haystack Blog post -

Wesley, “Doreatha“ and Ada Jane Hayner can be found in Rubicon Township, Huron County, Port Hope, Michigan in the 1870 Federal Census. It is at this time period that I find Robert Wesley Hainer is now known as Robert Wesley Hayner. In Canada, the surname was Hainer with an “i” but once he came to America it was Hayner with a “y”. Sometimes he is known as Wesley and other times as Robert.

I do not find Robert and Dorothy in the 1881 Federal Census. Dorothy is found in Detroit after Robert’s death for about twenty years in Detroit City Directories. It is known that they left Huron County when the lumber trade dried up after the forest fires that ravaged the “thumb” area of Michigan of 1871 and again in 1881. It is thought that they settled in the Marine City or Smith’s Creek area after the 1871 fire. It is where Mary Morgan Hayner, Robert and Dorothy’s youngest daughter, met and married Charles Densmore in 1889.

One hundred and twenty five years ago, Robert Wesley died March 30th 1896 in a farming accident. The story that has been passed down in our family is that he was at his daughter’s residence, in the barn, in a horse stall working with a horse when was kicked in the head by the horse. He was found dead in the stall.

Rest in peace, Robert Wesley

Love, Jan

Robert Wesley was my two times great Grandfather.

Tombstone Tuesday – March 23, 2021 – Elisha Amos Howell

Elisha Amos Howell was born in October of 1849 in Bayham, Elgin County, Ontario. He was the son of Nathan and Miriam (Best) Howell. In the 1851 Canadian Census, Nathan and Miriam have six children listed in the census; W. H (1835), Nathan (1836), Elizabeth (1841), Elisha(1847), Lorenza (1849), Margaret (1850). In the 1861 Canadian Census, they have seven children listed; Elisha, Lorenza, John (1852), Lewis E. (1854), Alvin (1855), Margaret, Alice (1859). Nathan states that he is a farmer.

In the 1871 Canadian Census, Elisha remains living at his parents. He is twenty three years old. He lists his occupation as farmer. Nathan and Miriam have seven children and Catherine Best, who is Miriam’s mother, living with them; Elisha, Lorenza, Margaret, John, Lewis, Alvin, Alice.

On September 23,1873, Elisha Howell and Mary Ellsworth were married by Reverend R. B. Smith.

In the 1881 Canadian Census, Elisha and Mary are in Bayham. His occupation is listed a “Liberman” but I am thinking it should have been Lumberman. They have three children; Claribel (1875), Maggie (1876), Frank (1880.

In the next Canadian Census in 1891, Eisha Amos and Mary live in Dunwich, West Elgin, Ontario. He is listed as Amos in this Census. They have five children; Clara (1875), Maggie (1877), Loren (1881), Clarence Wilfred (1883), Merriet Roy (1887). Frank must have died since I see no evidence of him.

The next available Canadian Census is 1911. Elisha and Mary remain in Dunwich and have three children who live with them; Maggie, Fred (Clarence Wilfred) and Merriet. They are all adults. Maggie does not work but the two sons, Fred and Merriet list their occupation as Farmers. Wonder if they are currently helping their father?

By the time of the 1921 Canadian Census, I do not find Mary listed with ELisha. Elisha is living with Clarence’s (Fred) Family. He is seventy two years old.

Ninety nine years ago, on March 23, 1922, Elisha Amos died of a stroke according to his death certificate. He is buried in Fairview Cemetery in Dutton, Elgin County, Ontario. There is no photo of his grave stone at this time. I’ll add it at a later date if I get one. Won’t happen anytime soon with the border closed to Canada due to Covid.

Rest in peace, Elisha!

Love, Jan

Elisha Amos Howell is my first cousin, four times removed.