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Tombstone Tuesday – September 25, 2018 – Samuel Billings Dix


Samuel Billings Dix is the son of Samuel B. Dix and Mersilvia (Lawton) Dix. He was born on Febuary 16, 1819 in Saratoga, New York. Samuel and Mersilvia had two sons; James Lawton (1817) and Samuel Billings (1819). The earliest census record, that I find with Samuel and his wife, Mersilvia in Saratoga, New York is the 1820 Federal Census. And they have two sons and a daughter. By the 1830 Census, they are in Luzerne, Warren County, New York and they have two sons listed. The daughter listed in the earlier Census must have died between Census. In the 1840 Federal Census, they now live in Queensburg and have 2 sons over 20 years of age. In the 1850 Federal Census, both sons, James and Samuel are living in Glens Falls, New York with their parents and are not married. Samuel’s occupation was a wheelwright. In the 1855 New York Census, Samuel is living with his father and brother in Queensbury, New York. His mother, Mersilvia, died in 1853. Samuel’s occupation is a wagon maker in the 1855 New York State Census. Samuel’s father, Samuel B. Dix died in 1857. By the time of the 1860 Federal Census, I find a Samuel “D” Dix living with Ann Williams and her husband, Saul, in Queensbury, New York. It is likely him and a census taker wrote D for B for Samuel’s middle initial. In the 1870 Census, Samuel is living with his brother, James Lawton and his family in Queensbury. Samuel and his brother, James, list their occupation as farmers in this census.

Sometime before 1886, James and Samuel started an iron works foundry called JL & SB DIX. They specialized in plows, blades and iron pieces used primarly in the farming and the logging industries. James Lawton Dix died in 1888. In the 1888 Glens Falls Directory, James, Samuel, Charles and Walter all seem to be working together at JL &SB DIX. Charles is a draftsman and Walter is the bookkeeper. In the 1890 Glens Falls city directory for the business entry for the J L DIX Foundry Company all the owners of the company are now listed as Samuel B, Walter L, Charles B and Henry W Coffin. In the 1891 Directory, Charles B and Henry Coffin are now the owner the foundry.

In the 1892 New York State Census, Samuel is living with Charles Dix, his nephew, (son of James and Laura Dix). Also living with them is Henry Coffin and Anna Dix Coffin and their son, John and a sixty eight year old Sarah Dix. Upon further investigation Sarah is likely Laura the widow of James L Dix and the census taker wrote the wrong name. Samuel is listed next as a farmer. All these Dix family member list 143 Ridge in GlensFalls. Samuel never married or had any children. In his Will, Samuel left names, Charles Dix as the executor of his estate.


Samuel Billings Dix died one hundred and twenty years ago today on September 25, 1898. He is buried in the Glen Fall Cemetery in Warren County, New York in the Dix Family plot.


Rest in Peace, Samuel,

Love Jan

Samuel is my fifth cousin three time removed.

Tombstone Tuesday – September 18, 2018 – Ingeborg Helene Jakobsdatter Andersen


Ingeborg Helene Jakobsdatter – 1882 Wedding Photo

Ingeborg Helene was born September 13, 1856 in Notteroy, Norway. She was the daughter of Jakob Carlsen Lansrud and Helvig Kristensdatter. Jakob and Helvig had six children; Kristen (1845), Marie (1848), Even (1851), Ingeborg (1856), Karl (1858), Jens (1860).


Last entry on page – Hans Henrik Anderson married Ingeborg Helene Jakobsdattar

Ingeborg married Hans Henrik Andersen on February 7, 1882 in Notteroy, Norway. They had three sons; Andrew (1883), Hagbart (1888), Haakon (1891). Ingeborg and Hans lived in Grimestad on the Island of Tjome in Norway. Hans was a sailor.

One hundred and twenty four years ago today on September 18, 1894, Ingeborg died at the age of 38 years old. Her death record is in Norwegian but and no cause of death can be determined from this record. I was told that it was Typhoid Fever.  Hans was at sea when she died working aboard the vessel named “Lawrence”. The vessel left in April of 1894 and did not return until June of 1895. It is very likely that he did not know of his wife’s death until he returned home. The young boys lived with their Grandmother, Olava Jorgensen, whom they were very close to.


Ingeborg’s death record


Ingeborg taken in 1890 – 4 years before she died

She was buried in the Tjome Kirke Cemetery.



There are no longer tombstones for any of our Andersen family in this cemetery but they are here.  Ingeborg is my Great Grandmother.

Rest in peace, Ingeborg. I wish I had known you.

Love, Jan

Tombstone Tuesday – September 11, 2018 – Silas William Dinsmore

Margaret and Silas Dinsmore

Silas W. Densmore was born on May 21, 1871 in Ontario, Canada to William Thomas and Elizabeth (Laforge) Densmore. Wm Thomas and Elizabeth had eleven children; Peter David Daniel (1867), William T (1869-1869), Silas W. (1871), Flora J.(1873), Ellen May (1875), James Henry(1877), William Wallace (1879), Thomas Wm (1882) Lydia (1884), John Edward(1887), Harrison (1890). Thomas and Elizabeth moved from Canada to Michigan in 1872. They settled in Gilford Township, Tuscola County.  It is at this time when I started to notice the name change  from Densmore to Dinsmore to Dinsmoore.

Margaret and Silas Dinsmore 1899

Maggie & Silas 1899 – Likely a Wedding photo

This photo was shared on Ancestry by an family member. It is likely a wedding photo from 1899. Silas married Margaret Tahash on July 20, 1899 in Munger, Michigan. Silas and Margaret had eight children; Mary Eva (1900) William (1902), Herman (1905), Clarence (1907), Alfred (1912), Son (1913-1913), Margaret (1913-1913) Ethel May (1916), Chester (1923).

In the 1900 Federal Census, Silas, Margaret and Eva are listed in Gilford living with Andrew and Mary Ann Tahash, Margaret’s parents. Silas’s is working on the farm. In the 1910 Federal Census, they remain with Maggie’s parents where Silas is running the farm. By time of the 1920 Federal Census, they are still found in Gilford Township. They have five children living with them; William, Herman, Clarence, Alfred, Ethel May and Mary Ann Tahash, who became a widow in 1915 when her husband died. Mary Eva is twenty years old and appears to have already married.

In the 1930 Census, Silas and Maggie have Clarence, Alfred, Ethel, Chester and Mary Ann Tahash living with them. Silas remains in farming. In the 1940 Federal Census, a nearly seventy year old, Silas and Maggie have their widowed son, Albert and two of his children, Flora and James, living with them. They are still on the farm and Silas is still running it with the help of his seventeen year old son, Chester.

Seventy one years ago today, Silas died in Gilford Township, Michigan. He was buried in Gilford Township Cemetery with many family members.

Gilford Cemetery

Rest in peace, Silas,

Love, Jan

Silas is my first cousin three times removed.




Tombstone Tuesday – September 4, 1944 – George Richard Kitzer


George Richard was the son of Walter and Emeline (Losee) Kitzer born in Clarion County, Pennsylvania on July 2, 1926. Walter and Emeline had 6 children; William (1913), John G. (1915) Robert (1917), Charles (1919), Dorothy E. (1921) and George R. (1926).

In the 1930 Federal Census Census, a four year old George is found with his parent and 5 siblings. They live on Logan Ferry Road in Allegheny County, Plum township, Pennsylvania. George’s father, Walter, works for the Coal mines. In the 1940 Census, George is 13 and attending school. He is in the seventh grade.


Draft registration page 1


Draft Registration Page 2

George registered for the draft on the day after his eighteen birthday, July 3, 1944. At that time he was working for the Allegheny Pittsburgh Coal Company. He was 5 foot 7 inches tall and weighed 140 pounds.

Seventy four years ago today, George Richard Kitzer died. He was dead on arrival at the Allegheny General Hospital according to his death Certificate.


Death Certificate

He died of undetermined natural cases.  He is buried in Plum Creek Cemetery where the rest of the Kitzer family members are buried.


Rest in peace, George!

Love, Jan

George is my first cousin two times removed.