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Tombstone Tuesday – March 16 – Thomas Earl Hayner

Thomas E Hainer was born on May 28, 1836 in Ontario, Canada. He was the son of Henry and Nancy (Schram) Hainer. Henry and Nancy had ten children; Hannah (1819), Deborah (1828), Valentine (1828), Benjamin (1830), John Henry (1831), James (1834), Thomas Earl (1836), Robert Wesley (1839), Mary (1841), Melissa (1845). They lived in Louth, Grantham, Ontario.

Thomas married Susan Bradt in 1855 in Louth, Ontario. Thomas and Susan Hayner/Hainer had eight children; Henry (1857), Alonzo M. (1858), Emma (1860), Willie R. (1864) Europe (1866), Robert W. (1869), Maud M. (1871), Susan Viola (1873) The first four children were born on Canada. Europe was born in Port Huron Michigan. Thomas Hayner is found on the payrolls for the St Catharines 20th Regiment of the volunteer Militia in 1866 before leaving for Michigan.

At some point between 1860 and 1870 several of the Hainer families surnames changed from Hainer to Hayner. I thought it was when they left Canada but it appears that the names changed just before they left to settled in the Michigan. It may have just been a clerical error. There is just no way to know.

In the 1870 Federal Census, I find Thomas and Susan Hayner in Romeo. Michigan. (it is ironic because this is the small town I grew up in until Jr High.) They have five children, Alonzo (1858), Emma (1861), Willie (1864) Europe (1866) and Robert Wesley (1869). Charlotte Morgan is also living with them. She is Susan’s widowed Mother. Henry has apparently died.

In the 1880 Federal Census, Thomas and Susan remain in Romeo, Michigan. They have six children living with them; Emma M, Willie R, Europe H, Robert W, Maud M , Susan V and Charlotte Morgan. Thomas list his occupation as Fishmonger. (I had to look up Fishmonger to see what it was. ) Thomas sells fish, does not catch them, but sells them. He may work with fisherman from Lake Huron and acts as a broker selling fish to grocery stores and food suppliers. It is interesting because the town of Romeo is 35 miles from Lake Huron. There may have been a fish market in Detroit but that was 52 miles away from Romeo. (Remember there were no cars in 1880.) About this time frame they were working on Interurban street car routes which connected Detroit and it’s suburbs. This may be how Thomas was able to get to various locations for work.

In an 1896-1897 Detroit Directory, several of the Hayner children, Emma , Susie V and R. Wesley, and their father, Thomas, are listed in Detroit. No street address is listed but they live in Building 282 and in apartment 3D. Emma is an actress, Susie V is a clerk and Robert Wesley is a carpenter. Thomas is a huckster. (I had to look that one up too! A huckster is a very pushy, aggressive salesman!)

By the 1900 Federal Census, Thomas and Susan are now living in Detroit. They have one daughter who remains living with them, Susan Viola. They have two people who are boarders or roommates, Albert and Charlotte Orr. Thomas still lists his occupation as huckster.

In the 1900 Detroit Directory, Thomas is listed but not Susan. Three of the children are listed as well, Alonzo is a packer who lives at 173 Poplar and his son, Guy Hayner . Susie is a cashier and she lives at the same address as her father, Thomas.

Seventy-nine years ago on March 16, 1915, Thomas E Hayner died. He died of oedema of the lungs and chronic Nephritis at the Arnold Home located in Detroit. The “Arnold Home” was a care home for indigent senior citizens who needed extra care and medical attention. It was founded by Reverend Charles Arnold when he served as minister at the St Peter’s Episcopal church. He founded the first Arnold Home in 1899. After that he bought up additional houses as they became available and more were needed by elderly patients. There were many senior homes dotted around Detroit that operated under the umbrella of Arnold home. Thomas Earl Hayner may have been under the care of Arnold Home from 1912 until his death in 1915.

Thomas Earl Hayner was buried in Detroit’s Woodlawn Cemetery. At this time I do not have a photo of his grave but when I get one I will post it here.

Rest in peace, Thomas.

Love , Jan

Thomas Earl Hayner is my three times Great Uncle.

Tombstone Tuesday – March 9, 2021 – Agnes Cartmel Addison Best

Agnes Addison was born on June 15, 1838 in Heversham, Westmoreland, England. She is the daughter of Thomas Addison and Ann Philipson. Thomas and Ann had eight children; James (1823), Thomas Edward (1824), Eleanor (1825), Robert (1827), William (1829), Peter (1831), Agnes (1838), John (1841).

In the 1841 English Census, Agnes is found with her parents and and three of her siblings; Ellen, William, Peter and three year old Agnes. They live in Westmoreland, England in the Kendal Parish. Thomas’s occupation is listed as Agricultural Laborer. By the time of the 1851 English Census, the family lives in the Levens parish of Westmoreland, England. Thomas and Ann have two children who remain living at home, William who is 21 and Agnes who is 12 years old.

Thomas Addison was arrest and charge with “ feloniously embezzling of a Post Letter whilst in the service of the Post Master General”. (I am not sure that I know exactly what he did.) He was found guilty and sentenced to nine months in prison, according to the to the England and Wales Criminal Register for the Westmoreland, England in 1851.

Ann Philipson Addison died on June 29, 1854. Following Ann’s death, Thomas and Agnes embarked on the SS Dreadnaught leaving Liverpool and arriving in New York on May 18, 1855. I can not help but wonder if Thomas’s “criminal record”, the death of his wife and the fact that several of his children had gone to Canada, prompted this decision. From New York, they made their way to Oxford, Ontario.

I do not find a marriage record for Agnes and Hiram Best but in the 1859 probate administrative document for Agnes’s father, Thomas Addison’s probate proceedings, it states that Agnes is married to Hiram in Ontario.

Hiram and Agnes had four children; Sarah Ann (1858), Addison (1869), Rachel (1870), Mary Agnes (1873). In the 1861 Canadian Census, Hiram and Agnes are found living in Oxford, Ontario with their daughter Sarah Ann and Thomas Best, Hiram’s twenty five year old brother. Hiram is a farmer and his brother is a farm laborer. In the 1871 Canadian Census, Hiram and Agnes Best are found in Dereham, Oxford South, Ontario. Hiram is a farmer. They have three of their four children living with them ; Sarah Ann, Addison and Rachel.

One hundred and forty three years ago on March 9, 1873, Agnes died one month after having her daughter Mary Agnes. She died of Hydropericardium which is a build up of liquid/water in the heart. According to the death Certificate she had been sick for a month. She is buried with the Best Family members in the Best Cemetery in Bayham Township, Elgin County, Ontario.

Rest in peace, Agnes!

Love, Jan

Agnes was the first wife of my fourth Great Uncle, Hiram Best.

Tombstone Tuesday – March 2, 2021 – George Alanson Leet

George was born on September 27, 1875 in Farmington Township, Michigan. He was the son of Israel and Betsy (Madden) Leet. Israel and Betsy had four children; Blanche (1873), George (1875), Tracy (1877-1877), Mina (1883). Israel was a farmer. In the 1880 Federal Census, Israel and Betsy Leet are residing in Farmington, Oakland County, Michigan. They have two children; Blanch(1873) and George (1875). Amelia Leet, Israel’s mother, also is living with the family. It appears from the family stone in North Farmington Cemetery that Israel and Betsy had another child born in 1877 who was named Tracy. The child died as an infant but I can not be certain if it was at birth. The child’s death date was October 6, 1877 and no birth date is given.

By the time of the 1900 Federal Census, George is found still living at home with his parents at the age of twenty four. George’s sister Mina died in 1900 but is listed in the June 22, 1900 Census Record as a sixteen year old daughter of Israel and Betsy Leet. Blanch, who died in 1893, is not listed as living at her parents home in this census record. I find no record of her in 1900.

George Leet and Inez Higby married on March 4, 1903 in Pontiac, Oakland County, Michigan. Inez Higby is the daughter of Charles Higby and Francis Leslie.

In the 1910 Federal Census, George and Inez are 34 and 25 years old, respectively. They live in Farmington, Michigan. George is a farmer. They have a son and two daughters, Clyde (1904), Verna (1905), Winifred (1908). Also living with them is George’s parents, Israel and Betsy who are 83 and 63 years old.

On September 12, 1918, George registered for the WW1 draft. He states that he is a farmer working for himself in Farmington, Michigan. He describes himself as tall, medium built with black hair and black eyes.

In the 1920 Federal Census, George and Inez have a son and two daughters living with them, Clyde, Verna and Winifred and George’s parents, Israel and Betsy. They remain in Farmington, Michigan.

In the 1930 Federal Census, George and Inez are living on Thirteen Mile road in Farmington. He states that he is a Truck Farmer. They have their three children living with them, Clyde, Verna and Winifred who are all adults. Clyde is a foreman for a Road Construction Crew, Verna is a teacher for the public school system and Winifred is a stenographer working in an automobile factory. They also have a boarder living with them by the name of Joseph Cooney.

George was eventually found in the 1940 Census as George Leed. He and his wife live alone. He states that he is still a farmer. He worked 52 weeks in 1939 and worked 60 hours per week during that year according to the Census record.

Seventy two years ago, on March 2, 1949, George Alanson Leet died in Farmington, Michigan. He is buried in North Farmington Cemetery in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

Rest in peace, George!

Love, Jan

George Leet is my second cousin three times removed.

Tombstone Tuesday – February 23, 2021 – Ethel Boyer MacAluso

Ethel Elizabeth Boyer was born on December 3, 1917 in Buffalo New York. She was the daughter of George M and Mabel (Pomeroy) Boyer. George and Mabel had four children; Mabel (1915), Melvin (1917), Ethel (1917), Donald (1920). George was an Engine Machanic for an Areoplane company in Buffalo, New York.

George and Mabel Boyer are found in the 1925 New York State census. She is seven years old. Ester and Melvin are listed also and they are ten and nine respectively.

By the time of the 1930 Federal Census, George and Mabel have three children, M Ester who is seventeen, Melvin who is fourteen and Ethel who is twelve. Donald must have died. George is a Mill Wright for an engine company.

“ In the 1940 Federal Census, Ethel is still living at home. She is single and 22 years of age. She lists her occupation as Sales Lady. On December 9, 1948 Ethel married George MacAluso in Buffalo, New York.

In a 1951 Buffalo, New York Directory, there is an entry for Mrs Ethel MacAluso . It states that she is clerk for Allen Carpet Cleaning at 566 Fargo Avenue.

George and Ethel had two sons; Steven and Donald.

Ethel E MacAluso is listed in Public records in 1992 living at 5929 Robinson Road, Lakeport, New Yor

In 2002 Ethel is listed at 2300 Maple Road in Buffalo, New York.

Ethel’s Obit from The Syracuse Post-Standard on Sunday, February 25, 2007 as found on Findagrave.

Ethel E. Macaluso, 89, of Liverpool, went to be with the Lord this past Friday, February 23. Born in Buffalo, she was the mother of Rev. Steven MacAluso and Donald MacAluso. She was active in the activities and ministries of Liverpool Community Church, where her son is pastor. She is also survived by her grandchildren, Elizabeth, Abigail, Rachel, Anita, Mathew and Patrick; three nephews, Jerry, Wayne and Eugene Boyer; and two nieces, Neva Boyer Kratz and Myra Boyer. A memorial service will be held in her honor at 1 p.m. March 17, 2007, at Liverpool Community Church, 800 4th St., Liverpool. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Liverpool Community Church Reception Fund.”

Fourteen years ago, Ethel died in Liverpool, New York at the age of eighty-nine. It is unknown as of this time where she is buried but someone has put an entry in Findagrave for her. When I can find where she is buried, I will update this page.

Rest in peace, Ethel,

Love Jan

Ethel is my second cousin two times removed.

Tombstone Tuesday – February 16, 2021 – James “Richard” Medley

James Richard Medley was born on December 22, 1865 in Illinois. He was the son of John W and Julie Ann (Bradley) Medley. John and Julia Ann Medley had nine children; Henry (1859), Richard Bryant (1861-died before 1865), James Richard (1865), William Joseph (1868), Edward (1870), David (1873), Nona (1876), Fredrick Kinman (1879), Lulu Ellen (1881).

In the 1870 Federal Census, John and Julie Ann live in Lone Oak, Missouri. They have three children living with them; Henry, James Richard, William J. They also have a R. Ann Medley who is thirty eight and Lucy Griffin who is nine living with them too. In the 1880 Federal Census, John and Julie live in New Home, Missouri. They have seven children; Henry, Richard, Joseph, Edward, David, Nona M and Fredrick. They also have a niece living with them. She is Julia Pritchett. She is eighteen years old.

Richard Medley and Nora David Marriage Record

On May 11, 1885, Richard Medley married Elnora (Nora) Davis in Bates County, Missouri. In the next available Federal census in 1900, Richard and Nora are found in New Home, Missouri. Richard and Nora have six children; Mary Effie (1886), Iva (1887), Harley (1890), Ila D. (1893), Lomer (1896), Florence (1898). Richard is a farmer. By the 1910 Federal Census, Richard and Nora are living in Lone Oak, Missouri. He is still employed in farming. They have five children who remain at home. They are Harley, Ila D. Lomer. Flossey, and Clona (1901).

By the 1920 Federal Census, Richard is fifty-four years old and Nora is fifty- three. Clona remains at home. She is translated in this Census as Elona. Richard lists his occupation as farming and they still live in Lone Oak, Bates County, Missouri. In the 1930 Federal Census, Richard and Elnora have two children and two grandchildren living with them; Lomer, Clona, and Doris and Juanita Weddle.

In the 1940 Federal Census, Richard and Nora are now in their seventies and have Lomer who is forty four and Clona who is thirty nine living with them.

Seventy years ago on February 16, 1951. Richard James Medley died. He is buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Butler, Bates County, Missouri.

It is incredible sad that he and his wife Nora buried 5 of their seven children and four of their grandchildren before they died many years later. ( A blog for another time.)

Rest in peace Richard!

Love, Jan

Richard’s wife Elnora (Nora) is my first cousin 3 time removed.

Tombstone Tuesday – February 9, 2021 – Whitfield John Hainer

Whitfield John was born on February 26th, 1868 in Toronto, Canada. He was the son of Charles Henry and Jane (McCormick) Hainer. Charles and Jane had seven children; Charles D (1854), Edwin Alonzo (1856), Levi Wesley (1863), John Albert (1861), William Henry (1863), Mary Ellen (1865), Whitfield John (1868)

Whitfield married Elizabeth M Lick on December 12, 1900 in Oshawa, Ontario. Whitfield and Elizabeth had three children; Harold Clyde (1902), Dorothy (1904), Murray Mitchell (1907). Whitfield Hainer arrived with his family in the United States in 1911. In the 1915 Rhode Island Census, Whitfield and his family are listed in Providence, Rhode Island. It states that he is an inventor of machinery. Whitfield is an Investment Banking Manager for an Investment Securities firm by the 1920 Federal census. He has submitted his Declaration of Intention Naturalization papers on August 7, 1919. In the 1920 Federal Census, Whitfield and Elizabeth live in Providence, Rhode Island at 227 Sackett Street .

In the 1922 Providence Rhode Island Directory, there is an entry for Whitfield and Harold which states that they have gone to Richmond Virginia. It appears that Elizabeth Hainer and Murray Hainer have returned to Ontario in 1922. I see no evidence that they returned the United States. I also find Harold C Hainer is in Oshawa, Ontario by 1931 when he marries Edythe Josephine May George on May 23, 1931. I do not find a divorce record for Whitfield J. Hainer and Elizabeth but I never see her in the United States after 1922. When she died, she was buried in Canada and later her son Harold and his wife are buried with her.

In June of 1923, Whitfield Hainer submitted his Petition for Citizenship. He states that he and his family traveled by train to the United Stated and entered thru the port of Niagara on March 28, 1911. They lived in Virginia until 1919 at which time the family moved to Providence, Rhode Island. (this is a bit misleading because they show up in a Rhode Island state census in 1915) His petition was submitted on the 27th of June in 1923. It was witnessed by John T Kermodle and William T Waters.

Whitfield J Hainer married Mildred L Atkinson on July 19, 1926 in Pinellas, Florida. Beginning in the 1936 Orlando Florida directory, Whitfield and his new wife are listed. They are listed together until he dies in 1943. He lists his occupation as “Author” in the early directories but later he lists himself as retired. In the 1938 City of Orlando Directory, Whitfield and his second wife Mildred are living at 500 40th Street. In the 1940 Census, Whitfield and Mildred listed in Orlovista, Florida.

Seventy eight years ago Whitfield died on February 9, 1943 in Orlando, Florida. He is buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Orange County, Florida.

Rest in peace, Whitfield!

Love, Jan

Whitfield Hainer is my second cousin three time removed.

Tombstone Tuesday – February 2, 2021 – Dudley C. Hainer

Dudley C. Hainer was born on August 3, 1878 in Stanfordville, New York. He was the son of Edwin and Margaret (West) Hainer. Margaret died in 1887. Edwin married his second wife, Harriet Brazier in 1889. Edwin and Harriet had two children so Dudley had two half siblings; Winona Pearl (1891) and Albion E. (1899). In the 1880 Federal Census, Dudley is listed with his parents, Edwin and Maggie and his Uncle John Hainer. Dudley is one year old.

In the 1900 Federal Census, Dudley is a boarder in the Brazier Household in Brooklyn, New York. His occupation is clerk. He is twenty one years old. They live at 258 Hooper Street. By the time of the 1910 Federal Census, Dudley list his occupation as an Clerk and Bookkeeper in the Iron Works Industry. He is thirty one years old and lives in a boarding house in Brooklyn’s 19th Ward. The boarding house is listed on Mercey Street. There are 23 men of all ages who rent rooms in this boarding house.

Dudley Hainer registered for the WW1 draft on September 12, 1918. He states that he lives on 395 Monroe Street in Brooklyn. He is married because he lists Lily Hainer as his person of contact. I never found a marriage records for Lily Meyer and Dudley Hainer. Dudley is forty years old.

Less than two years later in the 1920 Federal Census, Dudley and Lily are found living with her parents, William and Mary Meyer. He is a bookkeeper for a produce market. By 1923, Dudley and Lillie have moved to New Jersey. They live at 85 Boulevard in Summit, New Jersey according to the local directory. In the 1930 Federal Census, they remain in Summit living with the Meyers, William and Mary. No one in the family appears to be working at this time which was in the middle of the Great Depression. .

In the 1940 Census, Dudley is listed as head of house hold. He appears as a clerk/bookkeeper for a produce, eggs and dairy company. He and Lilly are 50 years old and Lilly’s 85 year old widowed father is living with them. Lily’s Mother, Mary, has died.

While registering for the draft for WW2, Dudley reveals that he and his wife Lily remain in Summit, New Jersey and that he works in New York. He is sixty-four years old

On April 22, 1952, Dudley and Lily departed New York bound for England via the SS Queen Elizabeth. They state that they will be staying seven weeks. Dudley states that he has retired. On June 08, 1953, Dudley and Lily Hainer returned home sailing on the SS Queen Mary returning from Cherbourg, France.

Sixty three years ago, on February 2, 1958, Dudley Craig Hainer died in Summit ,New Jersey. I do not know at this time where he is buried I find a death listing but no death record or a burial location so I can not find a tombstone so far. I’ll keep an eye out for it and post when I find one.

Rest in peace, Dudley!

Love Jan

Dudley Hainer is my third cousin 2 times removed

Tombstone Tuesday – January 26, 2021 – Henry William Fisher

Henry William Fisher was the son of Daniel Fisher and his first wife Sophia Myers. He was born in Wells County, Indiana on March 17, 1853. Daniel and Sophia Fisher had three children before Sophia died in 1857. Their children were: Elizabeth (1851), Henry William (1853), Margaret (1855). Daniel was a farmer in Wells County, Indiana.

After the death of his first wife, Daniel remarried, Sarah Jane Shull in Tuscarawas County, Ohio. By the 1860 Federal Census, Daniel and Sarah have three children listed with them; Elizabeth, Henry Wm and Emmet (1859). Elizabeth and Henry Wm are Daniel’s from his first wife and Emmet is Daniel and Sarah’s son. There is no mention of Margaret. They live in Union Township, Wells County, Indiana. Daniel is a farmer.

By the time of the 1870 Federal Census, Daniel and Sarah are listed in Markle, Indiana. They have nine children; Elizabeth, Henry Wm, Margaret, Emmett, Matilda (1861), Clara (1863), George (1865), Ellsworth (Ellsmore) (1866), Rachel (1869). Notice that Margaret is listed. Henry and Emmett are listed as no longer in school and helping his father on the farm.

On January 23, 1879, Henry Wm Fisher married Flora J Crites in Tuscarawas County, Ohio. Henry and Flora are second cousins. Each of them are descendants of Jacob Crites and his wife Elizabeth Kintner. Henry is the grandson of Elizabeth Crites Fisher and Flora is the granddaughter of Andrew Crites, Elizabeth’s brother. They returned to Wells County Indiana after they married in Ohio and settled in Union Township, Wells County, Indiana. This is where they lived and raised their seven children; Maude (1879), Mable (1883), Royal (1886), Von Earl (1888), David H. (1890), Frank D. (1890), Chauncy A. (1898)

In the 1880 Federal Census, Henry Wm and Flora live in Wells County and they have one daughter whose name is Maude. By the time of the 1900 Federal Census, they have five children; Mable, Royal, Earl V, David H and Chauncy. (Frank D is not shown in the census.)They live in Lafayette Township Allen County, Indiana.

In the 1910 Federal Census, Henry and Flora have three children and a grandchild living with them; Maud (Fisher) Dennis, Von Earl, Chauncy and Elda Dennis(1901). Maud is a widow. And the census states that Flora has had six children and that two have died so she had four living children. Earl is helping his father on the farm. They remain in Lafayette Township, Allen County, Indiana. I noticed that David and Elizabeth Dennis are next door neighbors in the 1910 census. Wonder if they are Maud’s Inlaw’s? Good question for another blog.

At the time of the 1920 Federal Census, Henry Wm and Flora live on Center Road in Lafayette Township, Allen County, Indiana, Henry is 66 years old and Flora is 61 years old. They have one adult son and two grandchildren living with them; Frank D Fisher (whose wife has died) and his children, Mable Pauline (1911) and Glenn Leroy(1913).

In the 1930 Federal Census Henry Wm is 77 years old. The Census indicates that he is Harvey Fisher and that he is a widow but his wife Flora is listed with him, she is 71 years old. They live in Fort Wayne Indiana on Broad Street.

Eighty seven years ago on January 26, Henry William Fisher died in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He is buried in Hoverstock Cemetery in Zanesville, Indiana. I do not have a tombstone picture for Henry William. I have may Ancestors buried in this cemetery so the next time I go there I will get a picture and add it to this blog and to Findagrave.

Hoverstock Cemetery – Zanesville, Indiana

Rest in peace, Henry William!

Love, Jan

Henry William is the older half brother of Daniel B Fisher from last weeks post. He is my first cousin 4 time remove as is his wife Flora J Crites.

Tombstone Tuesday – January 19, 2021 – Daniel B Fisher

Photo from Findagrave

Daniel B Fisher was born on March 26, 1871 in Union City, Indiana. He was the son of Daniel Fisher and Sarah Jane Shull. Daniel and Sarah Fisher had ten children; Ellsworth (1858), Emmet Edward (1860), Matilda (1861), Clara (1863), George Albert (1865), Elmer (1866), Rachel (1869), Daniel Bert (1871), Della (1875), Mary E. (1876). Daniel was a farmer.

By the time of the 1880 Federal Census, Daniel B Fisher was and eight year old. He is living with his parents and six of his siblings; Emmet, Matilida, Clara, George, Elmer, Rachel, Daniel B. The elder Daniel is a farmer and the children are attending school eith the exception of four year old Daniel B.

The next records I find on Daniel is his marriage record in Wells County Indiana to Asenath Savilla Plasterer on Sept 19, 1897 in Zanesville, Indiana. Daniel and Savilla had seven children; Leland Herbert (1898), Nellie Bell (1899), Edna Merle (1903), Rollyn P (1905), Truman Shull (1908), Raphael E. (1911), Edward Dale (1914).

Special thanks to Shirley Beeching for sharing this photo on Ancestry in 2014.

By the time of the 1900 Census, Daniel and Savilla have two children living with them in Zaneville, Indiana. The children are Leland and Nellie. In the 1910 census, They have five children; Leland, Nettie, Edna, Rolland and Truman. Daniel is remains a farmer in Union Township, Wells County, Indiana.

Savilla Fisher died on March 22, 1918 in Huntington Indiana leaving Daniel with seven children.

Daniel and the children are found in the 1920 Federal Census. They live in Union Township, Huntington County, Indiana. Leland and Nellie are twenty one and twenty years old. Leland is helping his father on the farm. Nellie and Edna are no longer in school. They are likely running the household since their Mother has died. The remaining children are attending school except Edward who is still too young.

By the time of the 1930 Federal Census, Daniel is living with two of his sons in Huntington, Indiana. In the 1940 Federal Census, Daniel lives along in Huntington, Indiana. He is sixty nine years old.

Sixty eight years ago Daniel B. Fisher died on January 19, 1953. He is buried in Union Cemetery in Huntington, Indiana with his wife, Asenath Savilla Fisher.

Rest in peace, Daniel Bert!

Love, Jan

Daniel Bert is my first cousin four times removed.