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Tombstone Tuesday – March 14, 2023 – Sarah Hainer Bradt

Sarah Hainer was the daughter of Albert and Catharine (Vollick) Hainer. She was born in 1807 in Grantham, Niagara County, Ontario, Canada. Albert and Catharine had twelve children; Dorothy (1784), Henry (1789), Isaac (1791), John (1796), Deborah (1800), Hannah (1803), Elizabeth (1807), Sarah (1807), George (1809), James 1810), Mary (1812), Catharine (1812).

Albert was a Loyalist from New York State who crossed the border into Canada with his father and brother when it was obvious that the Revolutionary War was eminent. It is believed that the Hainer’s arrive in the colonies in the mid 1700’s. Albert and his family were grateful to England for providing them safe passage and the chance to start over in the colonies. They were Germans who left their homeland due to the harsh conditions and near constant turmoil between regional fractions in the region that they lived in. Albert fought with his father, Henry and brother, Derrick (also known as Richard) with John Butler’s Rangers.

Sarah married John Bradt in about 1830 it is believed. Sarah petitioned the government for a land grant as the daughter of Albert Hainer, a loyalist from Grantham and the wife of John Bradt as of July 12, 1831. Her brother, James Hainer issued a statement of Identification for her. Her request came before the court on February 2, 1832 and she was granted land in Plympton Township, Lambton County, Ontario. Sarah’s first son was baptized at Port Dalhousie at St John’s Church on May 11, 1851 but his birth date was recorded as June 3, 1835. All of the daughters were also baptized at St John’s Church at a later date and all on the same day.

In the 1861 Canadian Census, John and Sarah Bradt are found in Haldimand County, Ontario. None of their children remain at home. John and Sarah are fifty-five and fifty-six years old, respectively. In the 1871 Canadian Census, a John and Sarah Bradt are found in Sherbrooke, Monck, Ontario. This is south west of Montreal which is a good distance from the Niagara area where all their relatives are located. I am doubting that this is the same Bradt family but they are the correct age. I do not see any close relatives nearby. I’ll have to look at this further because I do find them back in the Niagara area later until I find her death record.

John and Sarah had six children based on my research; Sarah Catherine (1831), Elizabeth (1833), John (1835), Permilla (1837), Mary Magdelene (1837), Nancy Jane (1845).

One hundred and forty six years ago, Sarah Bradt died in Welland, Ontario. Her cause of death was listed as “old age.” She is buried at Hillside Cemetery in Ridgeville, Ontario.

Rest in peace, Sarah,

Love, Jan

Sarah Hainer Bradt is my four times Great Aunt. I have 6 DNA connections to this family. Three are through the daughter, Sarah Catherine Bradt Crumb. One Connection is through Elizabeth Bradt Green and two are thru Mary Magdalene Bradt Becken.

Tombstone Tuesday – March 7, 2023 – John Andrew Dolton

John Andrew Dalton was born on December 08, 1900 in Leech, Wayne County, Illinois. He was the son of John and Mary (Anderson) Dalton. John and Mary had eight children ; Lizzie (1891), Henry (1892), Charley (1896), Christopher C. (1898), John Andrew (1899), Florence V (1903), Hester J. (1907), Hazel T (1909). They live in Leech, Wayne County, Illinois where John Sr is a farmer.

In the 1900 Federal Census, John and Mary are found in Leech, Wayne County, Illinois. They have five children; Lizzie, Henry, Charley, Clarence (Christopher) and Andrew (John). By the 1910 Federal Census, John and Mary have moved to Romine, Marion County, Illinois and they have seven children children; Henry, Christopher, Charley, Andrew, Florence, Hester, Hazel. Lizzie has married and is no longer at home. They also have Lewis Anderson living with them. He is Mary’s brother. He is likely helping out as a farm laborer.

In the 1920 Federal Census, a nineteen year old, John Andrew, listed as Andrew is living with his parents. They are recorded in Marion County in the town of Romine, Illinois. Andrew list his occupation as a Farm Laborer. Also listed at home are Chris, Florence, Hester, Hazel, a Grandson, (Earl) Lee Hizlip (son of Lizzie who died in 1919), Lou Anderson and a daughter Pearl Burkitt who is nine years old.

On July 8th, 1922, Andrew (John ) married Floy Henson in Marion County, Illinois.

In the 1930 Federal Census, Andrew and Floy are found in Salem, Illinois. Andrew is an Inspector for the railroad. Andrew and Floy have three children ; Lorene V (1922), Johnie G. (1924), Thelma M. (1927).

In his 1941 registration for the draft of WWII, John declares that he lives at 506 South Hamilton Street, Salem, Illinois. He list his brother Chris as next of kin. He was born in Fairfield, Illinois on December 8, 1900. He was self employed. He registered on February 6, 1942.

In the 1950 Federal Census, John Andrew and Floy are still in Salem, Illinois. John lists his occupation as truck driver. He is self employed and hauls freight and is for hire for moving personal property. John and Floy have three children listed ; Frances J. (1937), Ronnie D. (1940), and Charles L. (1941).

I also found a Lawrence Dalton who was reportedly the son of John A. and Floy Dalton who was born in 1932. This information is pulled from Lawrence’s obituary. In the obit all of the siblings are listed as well as John Andrew. If I had found the 1940 Federal Census then he would have been listed.

Sixty-five years ago on March 7, 1958, John Andrew Dalton died in Salem, Illinois. He was buried in Paradise Cemetery in Salem. Illinois.

Rest in Peace, John Andrew!


Jan Smith

John Andrew is a second cousin 3 times removed through the Leet/ Leete Family line. I have two DNA connection with this line of the family. One is thru Hester Dalton and the other is thru Florence Dalton both of whom are sisters to John Andrew. These connections are at the fourth cousin level.

Tombstone Tuesday – February 21. 2023 – Dora May Hurd

Dora May Hurd was born on September 22.1877 in Vienna Township, Genesee County, Michigan. She was the daughter of Sawyer and Mary Etta (Toogood) Hurd. Sawyer and Marietta Hurd had seven children; Walter R. (1859), Hattie (1861), Dayton ,(1864), Ada (1866), Charles (1869), George (1875), Dora M. (1877). All of whom are pictured below when they were adults.

Sawyer and Mary Etta Hurd’s adult children – Back row L to R: Dora May, Hattie, Ada Middle Row L to R: Walter, George Front Row L to R: Dayton, Charles

In the 1880 Federal Census, Dora is two years old and living with her parents and six siblings in the township of Vienna, Genesee County, Michigan. In the 1900 Federal Census, Dora lives with her Mother who is a widow. Dora lists her occupation as a livery keeper.

Dora married Alvin Elgin Best on May 31, 1906 in Clio, Michigan. In the 1910 Federal Census, Dora and Alvin Best are living in Birch Run, Michigan. They have a one year old daughter, whose name was recorded as Jane but I later learned her name was Genevieve(1909). Alvin is a merchant who runs a General Store. By the 1920 Federal Census, Alvin and Dora have three children; Genevieve (1909), John Sawyer (1913), Max Elgin (1918). Alvin died on on December 10, 1928.

In the 1930 Federal Census, Dora is living in Flint with her three children; John, Max and Genevieve. Dora is a clerk for a Power Company. They live on Edwin Street in Flint’s 7th Ward. Genevieve is a Public School Teacher. In the 1940 Federal Census, Dora has married Ernest Helfrich. They have moved to Birch Run, Michigan.

Eighty two years ago on February 21, 1941 Dora May Hurd died. She died after having a ruptured appendix. She is buried in Pine Run Cemetery in Vienna Township, Genesee County, Michigan.

If you look closely, you will notice that the tombstone with the flags is for Captain Robert L Hurd, a Rev War Veteran and member of the New Hampshire Legislature for several terms. He is Dora’s Great Grandfather.

Rest in peace Dora!

Love Jan

Dora is the wife of my third Great Uncle making her my third Great Aunt on the Maternal side of my father’s family. I have two second cousins twice removed identified thru DNA from this family. One cousin through Genevieve and one cousin through Max Elgin.

Thanks to all those on Ancestry who shared pictures of this Hurd family and to those on who share tombstone pictures.