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Tombstone Tuesday – February 27, 2018 – Anna M. J. Trollinger


Anna Trollinger was born on September 30, 1865, in Pennsylvania, the daughter of Isaac and Margaret (Hamilton) Trollinger. In the 1900 Federal Census, I found an entry which seemed to indicate that Isaac and Margaret had five children but only one was still living in 1900. This family was difficult to find in the earlier Census records.

Anna Trollinger married William Walter Kitzer in 1885. In the next available Census, 1900 Federal Census, Anna and William have seven children living with them; Anna (1886), Estella (1888), Rebecca (1889), William (1892), Harry (1894), Margaret (1895), Jacob (1897)

In the 1910 Census, Anna and William have eight children; William (1892), Harry E (1894), Margaret (1895), Jacob H (1897), John Doleman (1901), Gilmore Roy(1903), Blanche E (1905), Charles A.(1910). The oldest girls. Anna, Estella, and Rebecca have likely married and no longer live at home.

In the 1920 Census, Anna and William have the six youngest children living with them and Margaret L. Wall. Margaret is married according to the Census. In the 1930 Federal Census, they are living in Lower Burrell, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania. They have three adult children living with them and a grandson. Roy is twenty-seven, Charles is twenty and Margaret is a thirty-five-year-old widow and her son, Ralph Wall,  who is nine years old. Margaret died fairly young and her death record indicates that she had Epilepsy, a medical condition which at the time would have been difficult to manage as a young widow with a child.  They have a lodger, William Kane living with them too.

Anna MJ Kitzer

Anna died seventy-eight years ago today on February 27, 1940, in Pennsylvania. She is buried with two daughters and her husband in the Plum Creek Cemetery in Allegany County, Pennsylvania.


Anna Trollinger Kitzer is the Mother-in-law of my first Great Grand Aunt, Dorothy Emeline Losee.

Rest in peace, Anna!

Love, Jan



Tombstone Tuesday – February 20, 2018 – Daniel Overly


Daniel Overly was born in 1836 in Noble County, Indiana to Thomas and Emeline (Asher) Overly. Thomas and Emeline had eleven children; Daniel (1836), Martin (1837), Isaac (1838), Matilda (1839), Mary Ann (1842), Samuel (1844), Thomas(1846), Dedimus(1849), David (1854), William (1858), George (1860).

In the 1850 Federal Census, Emeline and six of the children are found in Lafayette township, Allen County, Indiana, including a thirteen-year-old Daniel. In the 1860 Federal Census, Daniel is still living with his parents in Allen County, Indiana. He lists his occupation as a laborer.

Daniel enlisted as a Private in the 5th Calvary, Indiana Company D on November 29, 1864. He was severely wounded in the Stoneman Cavalry during the Atlantic Campaign. He was honorably discharged at the end of the conflict.

Daniel and Sarah Jane Sargent married in LaPorte County Indiana on September 8, 1866.

In the 1870 Federal Census, Daniel and his family are found in the 5th Ward of Fort Wayne, Indiana. He and Sarah, who are mistakenly recorded as Everley instead of Overly, have one daughter, Mary who is three years old. His occupation is translated as a farmer in the database but when looking at the census record it almost looks more like “teamer”.  In the 1880 Federal Census, Daniel and Sarah Jane now have two children; Mary (1867) and Harry (1872). Daniel’s occupation is listed as a laborer.

In the 1900 Federal census, Daniel and Sarah have been married 34 years. They have had three children of which two are still living. Harry is twenty-six and lives at home.  His occupation is listed as a day laborer. Daniel is sixty-four years old and his occupation is well digging and he is self-employed. They have Thomas Overly living with them. Thomas is Daniel’s brother but he is listed as a border. In the 1910 Federal Census, Daniel is listed in the Marion Branch of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers in Grant County, Indiana.

Daniel was admitted to the hospital in Marion, Indiana on September 22, 1908. The records state that he is disabled and blind in his left eye. He has had a fractured right hand and ankle. I believe this to be old wounds that he sustained in the war. He is also listed as senile. He was living in Fort Wayne with his wife prior to coming to this hospital. He is receiving ¼ of his pension and his wife who lives in Fort Wayne is receiving the remainder. His occupation was listed as Well Digger. This information comes from his admittance papers at the hospital.



One of the buildings at the Marion Hospital for Disable Veterans – By Rosenthal, James W., creator –, Public Domain,


One hundred and six years ago today, Daniel died at the Marion Home for Disabled Soldiers of heart failure. He was buried in the Marion National Cemetery on February 23, 1912.


The following is an Obituary which was published on page six of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette on February 28, 1912.

Another pioneer resident and veteran of the civil war, one Daniel Overly, aged 76 years, a lifelong resident of Allen County, and a veteran of the civil war, died at the soldiers’ home at Marion, Ind., February 20, and was buried in the National Cemetery in Marion February 23. His widow and son Harry, and daughter, Mrs. James Wells, attended the funeral.

Daniel Overly enlisted in Company D. Fifth Indiana cavalry, in 1863, during the critical period of the war. He was severely wounded in the Stoneman cavalry raid in the Atlantic campaign and was honorably discharged at the end of the war. He was married in 1865 to Sarah J. Sargent, who survives him. Mr. Overly was one of the pioneer well diggers of Fort Wayne and Allen County and was a brave soldier. Peace unto his ashes.

Rest in peace, Daniel. He is my first cousin 4X removed.

Love, Jan

Tombstone Tuesday – February 13, 2018– Mae Eveleen Boyer Losee


Mae was the daughter of Austin and Mary Francis (White) Boyer. She was born on October 29, 1883, in Clio, Genesee County, Michigan.


MaeEBoyer - Baby

Mae Eveleen Boyer – October 29-1883

Austin and Mary Boyer had four children; Mae E. (1883), Henry (1887), Glenn Harold (1896), Austin Rex (1905).




Mae Eveleen and Henry Boyer – 1890


The Austin Boyer family lived in Thetford, Michigan in the 1900 Federal Census. Mae was sixteen and attending school.



Mae Boyer  -1902


Mae married George S. Losee on October 29, 1902, at the age of eighteen. George and Mae had five children; Lester (1903), Lillian (1905), Wallace Austin (1907), Mary Florence (1911), Ernest B. (1913).



A Boyer family gathering at the home of Austin and Mary Florence.  Photo thought to be in early 1908. Austin is standing next to Mae who is holding the baby,  Wallace( born in 1907)  Austin died in June of 1908. 


n the 1910 Federal Census, George, and Mae have three children, Lester, Lillian, and Wallace. They also have Merton Losee, George’s28-year-old brother living with them. They live in Thetford, Michigan.

One hundred and four years ago today on February 13, 1914, Mae Eveleen died at the age of 31. She had gone out to the clothesline to hang up some laundry.  After a period of time had elapsed, Mae’s daughter, nine-year-old Lillian, realized that her Mother had not come back indoors so she went looking for her. She found her dead in the yard slumped over the laundry basket of wet clothes.

Mae Eveleen Boyer Losee is my Great Grandmother on the maternal side of my father’s family. Makes me sad to think that she died so young and that my Grandmother grew up without her Mother. Mary Florence Boyer who was a widow by 1914, ran a boarding house in Flint. She raised Lillian, her sister (Mary) Florence and Ernest Losee after her daughter’s death. George Losee eventually remarried and the boys, Lester, Wallace and eventually Ernest lived with their dad and his new wife Alice on the farm. Lillian and Florence lived with their Grandmother, Mary Florence until they married years later.

Mae Eveleen Boyer Losee is buried in Thetford Cemetery, Vienna  Township, Genesee County, Michigan.


Rest in Peace, Mae!

Love, Jan


Tombstone Tuesday – February 6, 2018 – John Sawyer Best


John Sawyer Best was the son of Alvin and Dora May(Hurd) Best. He was born in Birch Run Michigan on February 16, 1913. John and Dora Best had three children; Genevieve (1909), John (1913), Max (1918). In the 1920 Census, Alvin and Dora and their three children live in Birch Run, Michigan. Alvin works in a Grocery Store. John is six years old and attending school. By the 1930 Federal Census, Alvin has died and Dora has moved the family to Flint where she is working as an office clerk for a power company. John is now sixteen and attending high school.

John Sawyer married Gretchen A Appel on June 25, 1938, in Saginaw, Michigan. I am unable to find John and Gretchen in the 1940 Federal Census, two years after they were married. John was an Engineer for the Dow Chemical Company and they lived in Midland, Michigan at 421 Oak Street according to the 1958 Midland Directory.

Forty-two years ago today, John Sawyer Best died, leaving Gretchen and five children and their families.  John was buried at Midland City Cemetery located in Midland, Michigan.

Midland Cemetery

John is my first cousin three times removed from my paternal Grandmother’s side of the family.  I am unable to obtain the names of the children because they are all living and privatized in the family trees available online (as they should be).

Rest in Peace, John.

Love, Jan