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Tombstone Tuesday – July 23, 2019 – Harvey Hainer

HarveyF Hainer

Harvey Franklin Hainer was the son of Colin Harvey and Ethel (Matthews) Hainer born on September 9, 1933 in Ontario, Canada. Colin and Ethel had two children, Harvey F and Elizabeth L. Harvey and his parents lived on Ambrose Street in St. Catharines  according to voter registration lists which show both his parents in 1945 and 1949.

Harvey Franklin Hainer served in the Royal Canadian Air Force according to his tombstone but I did not find records in for Canadian Military. He may have served during the time of the Korean Conflict. I also was unable to determine the exact date that Harvey married Marina (Mori) Shearer.

Harvey and his wife, Mori, lived on Ida Street, St. Catharines, Ontario.  Harvey and Mori had two children according to information extracted from their Obituaries. Their children were Harvey and Debbi. According to a school year book Harvey Jr was born in 1954. Debbi appears to have been born after Harvey.

In a 1963 voter registration directory, Harvey Franklin’s occupation was a machine operator. In 1968, his occupation is listed as operator. In 1972, Harvey is a tool grinder and they still lived on Ida Street.

Ten years ago today, on July 23, 2009, Harvey Franklin died in St. Catharines, Ontario. He is buried in Maple Lawn Cemetery.

Maple Lawn Cemetery

Maple Lawn Cemetery

Maple Lawn Church

Maple Lawn Church

Rest in peace, Harvey,

Love, Jan

Harvey Franklin is my third cousin once removed.

Tombstone Tuesday – July 16, 2019 – Mary McCormick Cameron

Mary McCormickCameron

Mary McCormick was the daughter of Thory and Christina Margaret (McKinnon) McCormick born in Glengarry County, Canada in 1800. Her father’s name was taken from the Canadian marriage record for Mary McCormick and William Cameron listed below. It was hand written and difficult to read but Thory is what it looked like.

On October 3, 1820, Mary married William Cameron at St Raphael Catholic Church in Glengarry County, Ontario. Mary and William may have had as many as fourteen  children which I find listed in Ancestry, but I had eleven listed previously from my Mother-in-Law’s research; William, Mary, Allan (1825-1825), Catherine, Jennette, Anne, Christine, Donald Daniel , John, Margaret, Isabelle, Ellen, Grace, Charles.  The birth years of many are conflicted so I left them out of this blog.  They lived in Charlotteburg, Ontario.

The exact year that Mary and William came to Michigan is unknown.  Charles  Cameron’s 1914 Michigan Death records indicate that he was born on Goderich, Ontario in 1846. Mary’s husband died and was buried in the Kenockee Cemetery in Emmett, Michigan in 1858. I looked for immigration records and border crossings but did not find any.

In the 1860 Federal Census for St Clair County, Michigan, Mary is living in Emmett, Michigan with her son and her children. John (1835) is twenty five and listed as head of household. Mary is a fifty-nine year old widow with eight underage children ;  Christine (1834) is next 26, Margaret (1837) is 23, Isabelle (1839) is 21, Daniel (1841) is 19, Ellen (1843) is 17, Grace (1844)is 16 , Charles(1845) is 15 and William (1852) is listed as 8 years old.

In the 1880 Federal Census, Mary is living with her son William and his wife, Mary and their nine children in St Clair County, Michigan. She is eighty one years old. Living next door is Daniel Cameron and his wife Mary.

One hundred and thirty-three years ago today, July 16, 1886, Mary died at the age of eighty-nine. She is buried in the Kenockee Cemetery in Emmett, Michigan. A St Clair County death register indicate that Mary was 89 years old when she died of old age which would mean that she may have been born as early as 1797 but her stone states that she was born in 1800.

Our Lady of Mt Carmel Kenockee Cemetery

Rest in Peace, Mary,

Love, Jan

Mary McCormick in the fifth Great Grandparents of my sons, on their fathers side of the family. During the research for this blog I saw many conflicts when it came to dates and family members. I added what I felt was most probably true. If you find discrepancy and can show me sources for your information I will go back and make the necessary changes.




Tombstone Tuesday – July 9, 2019 – Robert Allen Hart

Robert AHart

Robert Allen Hart was born on December 31, 1898. He was the son of Robert Richard and Etta May (Haines) Hart. He was born in Mount Carmel, Illinois.  In the 1900 Federal Census, Robert Allen (1898) and his sister Katherine(1896)are listed with their parents in Mount Carmel, Illinois. The elder, Robert R. Hart,  is working for the Railroad in Mt Carmel, Illinois. In the 1910 Federal Census, Robert lives with his parents and seven siblings; Robert (1898), Rolla (1901), Elner (1902), Maude (1904), Zura (1905), Bessie (1907), James (1908), Etta (1910).

Robert Allen Hart enlisted with the 16th Illinois Infantry on May 13, 1917. He served during World War I and was honorably discharged on May 12, 1919.

Robert Allen married Grace Goodson on November 19, 1919 in Princeton, Indiana. In the 1920 Federal Census, Robert is 21 years old and he is listed with his 20 year old wife, Grace. He lists his occupation as laborer in a button factory. They live on West Fifth Street in Mt Carmel, Illinois. Findagrave seems to indicate that Grace and Robert had a daughter born in 1920. Her name was Madeline Kristine Hart. She died in 1927. It seems that Grace and Robert split sometime after their child’s death.  I am unable to find a divorce record for Grace and Robert, I do find that Grace Goodman Hart marries a Wallace McCarthy in 1928 in Illinois.

Robert Allen married Estella May Weaver on May 10, 1930 in Muscatine, Iowa.



On December 17, 1935, Robert Allen became a Prison Guard at the Iowa State Penitentiary at Fort Madison in Iowa.

Robert AllenHart

In the 1940 Federal Census, taken on April 25, 1940, Robert and Estella are living at Fort Madison, Lee County Iowa.

Robert AllenHart

Seventy nine years ago today, Robert Allen died at the Sacred Heart hospital the day after he received a gunshot wound in the neck while attempting to thwart a prison escape. The following is a newspaper article detailing the event.

Mason City Globe Gazette (Mason City, Iowa) July 25, 1940

2 Men Confess Guard’s Murder in Penitentiary

Haenze and Sullivan Sign Statements in the Killing of Robert Hart”

Des Moines, (AP) R. W. Nebergall, chief of the Iowa bureau of criminal investigation, announced Thursday that Lowell Haenze, 27, and Ivan Sullivan, 28, have confessed to the murder of Fort Madison penitentiary Guard Robert Hart, killed when the pair made an aborted attempt to free another convict several weeks after their own escape.

Haenze, Sullivan and another convict, Estes, broke thru the electric fence at the rear of the prison on June 22.

Hart was fatally shot on July 8 when two or three men came to the prison fence, threw over a shotgun and a pair bolt cutters and attempted to free another convict, William Cunningham. Cunningham committed suicide by firing a shotgun charge into his head when he was thwarted in an attempt to break through the fence. Hart was patrolling the high prison fence and fired on Cunningham and the other men before he was felled by a bullet in the neck. Nebergall said that both Sullivan and Haenze had signed statements admitting they were a party that attempted to free Cunningham and that they fired at the guard.

Nebergall said the statement was obtained by prison officials at Fort Madison working with State Agents Delbert Murray and Robert Gregson, the Lee County Sheriff and County Attorney. He declared that officers were not yet satisfied with what part that Estes may have played in the second escape attempt. He is currently still at large.  A woman who figured both in the escape of Haenze, Sullivan and Estes and in the second attempt has been arrested in Missouri, but Nebergall said that he had no details on her arrest. “


Robert Allen Hart was buried at the Oakland Cemetery on July 11, 1940 with full military honors.

Rest in peace, Robert!

Love, Jan

Robert Allen Hart is my third cousin two times removed.

Tombstone Tuesday – July 2, 2019 – Madge Louise Hainer Buchner


Madge was born on March 21, 1894 in Maquoketa, Iowa. She was the daughter of Charles Edward and Harriet Louiza (Griffin) Hainer. Charles and Harriet had seven children; Zora Meryl (1888), Verva Irene (1890), Madge Louise (1894), Helen Hannah (1899), Ford Albert (1902), Sybil Elizabeth (1904), Maxine Claire (1908). In the 1900 Federal Census, Madge is 6 years old and attending school. Charles, Harriet and four of their children are living in Fairfield, Iowa. Charles is a farmer. Allen Fowler is also living with the family and is listed as a servant. In the 1920 Federal Census, the Hainers are listed in Waterford, Iowa. Madge is sixteen. Charles and Harriet have six children living with them. They also list Henry Lockey who also lives with them. He is listed as a servant.

Madge married Harold G Buchner on August 26, 1914 in Clinton, Iowa. In the 1915, Iowa Census, Harold lists his occupation as furniture salesman. And both Madge and Harold list that they are married and live in Maquoketa, Iowa. Harold lists his total earnings for 1914 as 720.00. Madge is a housewife. Each of them filed an individual census card with the State of Iowa.


She and Harold are found in the 1920 Federal Census in Maquoketa, South Fork Township, Iowa on Niagara Street. They have two children; George (1915) and Betty(1916). They also list Rosanna Schafer who lives with them and is working as a servant. She is twenty years old. Harold is selling insurance. In a 1922 death record, Harold and Madge lost a daughter who was born prematurely on January 4, 1922 and lived just a few hours.


Death Certificate of a daughter born on January 4, 1922 to Harold and Madge Buchner


Madge, George and Betty about 1924

In the 1925 Iowa Census, Harold and Madge are listed in Maquoketa, Iowa. The have three children; George, Betty and Ann (1920) who must have been born after the 1920 Census was taken. They have Bertha Schay living with them and is listed as a servant. Ann died in 1926 at the age of six.

Anna Louise Buchner

In the 1930 Census, they live in Maquoketa, Iowa on Niagara Street. Harold and Madge have two children listed George and Betty who are now teenagers. Harold is an undertaker. In the 1940 Census, Madge is divorced. Madge remains in the Niagara Street residence. She and her son George are living there with two boarders; John Johnson and Joiner Fredricks.

Madge Louise Buchner died sixty nine years ago on July 2, 1950. She was fifty six years old. She is buried in Mount Hope Cemetery in Maquoketa, Iowa.


Rest in peace, Madge!

Love, Jan

Madge is my third cousin two times removed.