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Tombstone Tuesday – August 25, 2020 – Sarah Jane Shull Fisher

Sarah Jane Shull was born in Ohio to Joseph and Susannah (Sharp) Shull on February 7, 1839 in Tuscarawas County, Ohio. Joseph and Susannah lived in York Township, Tuscarawas County, Ohio. In the 1850 Federal Census they had nine children; Elizabeth (1833) , Mary (1835) , William (1836) , Lydia (1838), Sarah (1839), Levi (1842), Samuel (1844), Elijah (1847), Joseph (1849). Joseph Shull Sr. was a farmer.

Sarah Jane Shull became the second wife of Daniel Fisher on February 26, 1859 in Tuscarawas County, Ohio.

In the 1860 Federal Census, Daniel and his new wife, Sarah have three children recorded; Elizabeth (1851), Henry (1855), Emmett (1859). Elizabeth and Henry are Daniel’s children from his first wife Sophia Meyer and Emmett is Sarah and Daniel’s son. Margaret, a daughter of Sophia is not listed in this census but is listed in later census. They live in Union Township, Wells County, Indiana.

In the 1870 Federal Census, Daniel and Sarah have nine children; Elizabeth, Henry W. , Margaret (Sophia daughter) (1855), Emmett (1859), Matilda (1861), Clara (1863), George (1865), Ellmore (Elmer is misspelled/translated) (1866), Rachael (1869).

By the time of the 1880 Federal Census, Daniel and Sarah have nine children; Emmett, Matilda, Clara, George, Elmer, Rachael, Daniel (1872), Della (1874).

Sarah Jane Shull Fisher

This photo was publicly shared by Scott Elzey on Ancestry. He is a Fisher descendant. Thanks so much Scott for sharing this photo. I am guessing that this was likely taken shortly before her death.

By the time of the 1900 Federal Census, Daniel and Sarah are living with Clara and her husband, George E. Platt and their children; Vernie, Earl, Zapphey (Jeffie), Haley.

One hundred and twenty years ago, Sarah Jane Fisher died on August 25, 1900. She is buried in Hoverstock Cemetery in Zaneville, Indiana.

Rest in peace, Sarah Jane!

Love, Jan

Sarah Jane is the second wife of my Daniel Fisher. Daniel is a fifth cousin on the Crites side of the family. Daniel Fisher and Jesse Crites (my third Great Grandfather) married two Meyer sisters, Sophia and Elizabeth. Cousins married sisters, just in case you did not get that! Daniel and Jesse came to Indiana together and settled next to each other in Union Township, Wells County. It appears that these two first cousins remained close their whole lives. So I thought a more lengthy explanation was necessary.

Tombstone Tuesday – August 18,2020 – Thomas Edward Winchester

I searched and search through my 9000 plus family tree and found three people who appeared to have died on August 18. SO I thought I was in good shape for this weeks blog. The first one I started to research was William Winney. I soon determined that his death occurred on September 18, 1919 not August 18, 1919. Ops …that is what happens sometimes when you are working from an ever changing “working” tree. The next one was Olive Lydia Thompson and I soon found out she died on August 12, not the 18th. I really need to work on cleaning this tree up a bit this winter. I have many names who have just the year of death and no exact date…but that is a winter job also that I need to focus on. I see that I really have some clean up to do. The summer has too many garden jobs to do right now.

The last person was Thomas Edward Winchester. He is a son of Charles A. and Gladys (Boyer) Winchester. He was born in Oakland County, Michigan on May 6, 1949. He died on August 18, 2007 at the age of 58 years old in Wellston, Michigan where he had lived for quite sometime.

Unfortunately because his life and death were so recent there is very little public information about him. I have become very close to his youngest sister, Nancy. I will talk to her soon and add more to this blog.

Rest in peace Thomas! Your life was cut short way too soon.

Love, Jan

Tom is my 3rd Cousin once removed.

I almost did not write this because there was so little information to share and the information is so recent but I did finally decide to go ahead with it. Some weeks there is a lot of information and some weeks there is very little.

Tombstone Tuesday – August 11, 2020 – John Hood

John Hood was born in London, England on January 9,1799. As of this writing John Hood’s parents are not known. He married Hannah Tickner on September 19,1824 at Saint Mary’s Church in Newington, Southwark, England. They had nine children who were all born in England according to families’ arrival documents when they came to America in 1848. Their children were; George (1825), Mary (1827), Robert (1828), John (1830), Hannah (1833), Joseph (1835), Ellen (1837), Mariah (1839), Alfred (1841). In the Christening record in 1828 for their daughter, Hannah, John and Hannah were listed as Inn Keepers in Surrey. In the Christening record, in 1843 for Alfred, John’s occupation has changed and is now listed as a Wheelwright.

This is the 1851 Census region of St George Parish in Southwark, Surrey, England where the Hood Family originated from.

In the 1841 London Census, John and Hannah are found in St Georges Parish, in Southwark, Surrey, England. He list his occupation as Wheelwright. His oldest son, George, is sixteen and with his father. Mary, the daughter listed on the passenger list is not listed wit the family in the 1841 English Census.

John and Hannah immigrated to the United States arriving on November 7, 1848 according to Castle Garden and Ellis Island records. They left through the Port of London aboard the ship Devonshire arriving in Port of New York. All nine children are listed including Mary.

Two years after arriving, in the 1850 Federal Census, John and his family have settled in Eel River Township of Allen County, Indiana. John and Hannah have seven children who remain at home; George, John, Hannah, Joseph, Ellen, Maria, Alfred. John is a farmer and George is a wagon maker.

In the 1860 Federal Census, John and Hannah remain in Eel River Township, Allen County, Indiana. They have five children who remain at home; George, John, Joseph, Mariah, Alfred. John lists his occupation as farmer. The three oldest sons are adults and are working together making wagons and wheels. They list their occupation as wagon makers. Alfred has complete his schooling and is a farm laborer likely helping his father.

In 1870 Federal Census, John and Hannah live in Eel River, Allen County, Indiana. They have one adult daughter who remains with them, thirty year old Mariah. The older children have married and are on their own. John Jr. fought in the Civil War and died in the Battle of Nashville in 1864.

One hundred and forty three years ago today, John Hood died in Eel River Township, Indiana. He was buried in Eel River Cemetery in Allen County, Indiana next to his wife who died three years earlier.

Rest in peace, John!

Love, Jan

John Hood was the Father-in-law to my three times Great Aunt, Sarah Elizabeth Smith Hood.

Tombstone Tuesday – August 4, 2020 – Anthony O’Malley

Anthony O’Malley was born on October 12, 1829 in Balleycastle, Mayo County, Ireland. He was the son of William and Mary (Finnerty) O’Malley.

An Anthony “Malee “ arrive in the United States through Ellis Island on June 24, 1852 having sailed on the ship “Repeater” which departed Liverpool, England. The 1900 Federal Census states that he arrived in the United States in 1850 which matches this record. He states that he has been in the country for 50 years and is a Naturalize citizen.

The next record that I find for Anthony is his marriage record on April 12, 1866 in Emmett, Michigan, Anthony O’Malley married Isabella Cameron. I search through the 1860 Federal Census for him but I did not find him. I did discover a very large Irish population in the community in Emmett where Isabella Cameron and her family lived.

In the 1870 Federal Census, Anthony is listed with a wife whose name if Gertrude O’Malley (We know it is Isabella) and they have three children, William (1867), Mary (1868) and Charlotte(1869) (which I later determined was really Charles)

In the 1880 Federal Census, Anthony and Isabella live in Speaker, Sanilac County, Michigan, They have eight children; William, Mary , Charles (1869), John (1871), James (1873), Peter (1875), Anthony Jr. (1877), Margaret Ellen (1879).

Anthony O’Malley Family taken in 1906 in Irish Town near Emmett, Michigan.

Anthony O’Malley Family taken in Irish Town in 1906 – Anthony, Isabella, William, Mary, Charles, John, James, Peter, Anthony Jr, Margaret Ellen.

By the 1900 Federal Census, Anthony and Isabella have five children who remain at home. All of these children are adults. They list their occupations as Farm Laborers.

One hundred and twelve years ago today, Anthony O’Malley died in Speaker, Sanilac County, Michigan.

Rest in peace, Anthony!

Love, Jan

Special thanks to O’Malley family members for sharing family photos on Ancestry.

Anthony O’Malley was my first husband’s two times Great Grandfather and three time Great Grandfather of my two sons.