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Tombstone Tuesday – June 23, 2020 – Glenn H Boyer

Glenn Harold Boyer was the son of Glenn H and Elizabeth M. (Klier) Boyer. He was born in Genesee County, Michigan on June 26. 1922.

This photo is of Lester Losee, Florence Losee, Mary Florence Boyer holding Glenn H Jr, Glenn H Sr. and Elizabeth Boyer. I do not know who the woman is standing behind Mary Florence. This was taken in the summer of 1922.

Glenn and Elizabeth had four sons; Glenn H. (1922), Kenneth C. (1924), Ralph W. (1928), Keith H.(1930). In the 1930 Federal Census the family was found in Flint Michigan, living at 422 Grace Lawn Ave. Glenn Boyer Sr. was a machinist for the Auto Industry. Glenn Sr was a veteran who served in World War I.

In the 1940 Federal Census, Glenn Jr. remains at home with his parents and brothers. He is in his last year of high school. They also have a nephew, Walter Klier, living with them. Glenn register for the Draft for WWII on June 30, 1942 in Flint ,Michigan. He was an employee at the Schipicasse Store at that time. Glenn enlisted into the Navy a little over a year later, on August 14, 1943. He served for over two and a half years being discharged on April 21, 1946.

Glenn appears on a inbound passenger list from the SS Evangeline on August 12, 1948. It was a cruise from New York to the Bermuda and Nassau occurred from August 4th to August 12th. He reported that his address was 135 Caracas Ave, Hersey, Pennsylvaina.

Glenn married Jane M Holden in 1949 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvaina. They had three daughter ; Gail, Shirley, Darlene.

I wish I had more information about Glenn’s life but since it is so recent the information is just not available with out direct contact with his family. Hopefully one day we can reconnect.

Glenn died ten years ago today. He is buried in the Brigadier General William C Doyle Memorial Cemetery in Arneytown, Burlington County, New Jersey.

Rest in peace, Glenn!

Love, Jan

Glenn is my first cousin 2 times removed. I think that I had contact with his daughter Darlene really early in my research. I think it was her husband who was doing the research?? I cant remember. I have lost touch with them.

Tombstone Tuesday – June 16, 2020 – Ethel M. Conner Boyer

Ethel Conners was born on September 6, 1893, the daughter of Henry W. and Bertha (Fisher) Conners in Big Rapids Michigan. In the 1900 Federal Census, Henry and his wife are found in Austin, Michigan. They have four children; Viola (1890), Ora (1892), Ethel (1893), Gertrude (1896). Henry is a farmer who came to Michigan from Canada in 1866. Henry is a naturalized citizen. His wife Bertha came from Germany in 1882 at the age of eighteen. Ethel is six years old at the time of the census and is attending school.

In the 1910 Federal Census, Ethel M. is sixteen years old. Her older sisters, Viola and Ora list their occupation as servants for a private family. Ethel does not list an occupation nor does it appear that she is still in school. Henry and Bertha now have eight children; Viola, Ora, Ethel, Gertrude, Arthur (1901), Earl (1903), Foster (1906), Leslie (1908). Henry list is occupation as Farmer.

In the 1920 Federal Census, Ethel is living in a boarding house on East Dayton Street in Flint, Michigan. She is a machinist in an automotive factory. Ethel M. married Clarence W Boyer on September 3, 1921 in Howell, Michigan.

By the 1930 Federal Census, Ethel and Clarence remain in Flint. Clarence is a machinist for the auto industry. Ethel is a housewife. Ethel and Clarence have a daughter Helen who was born in 1926 and a son, David who was born in 1929. They also have Leslie Connor, listed in the census. He is Ethel’s brother and is listed as a boarder. They lived on Brand Court. At this time I should state that I have seen the “Conner” name spelled with both an “or” and an “er” and I have seen Ethel’s Middle name listed as May and Mae. All these discrepancies have been in Census records or hand written records where the person writing may have written it in error or not verified it.

In the 1940 Federal Census, Ethel and Clarence are living on Brand Court in Flint, Michigan. Clarence still works for the auto industry. They have two children; Helen and David. They have a seventy-nine year old widow, Haniette Sears living with them. It states that she is a friend from Tuscola County, Michigan. Clarence died in 1946.

I wish I knew more about Ethel from the time her husband died in 1946 and her death 43 years later.

Thirty one years ago today, June 16, 1989, Ethel M. Boyer died in Argentine, Genesee County, Michigan at the age of ninety-five years old. She is buried in Beebe Cemetery in the Boyer plot.

Beebe Cemetery
Boyer Family plot is under the pine trees at the top of the hill.

Rest in peace, Ethel!

Love, Jan

Ethel Conner Boyer is the wife of my first cousin three time removed, Clarence W. Boyer.

Tombstone Tuesday – June 9, 2020 – Almira Elizabeth Leet Skank

Almira Elizabeth was born on November 21, 1835 in Groveland, Oakland County, Michigan. She is the daughter of Victor and Mary (Stephen) Leet. Victor and Mary Leet had three children; Almira (1835), Thomas (1838), and Jacob (1844).

In the 1840 Federal Census, Victor Leet, his wife and a son and a daughter who are both under five years of age are found in Wabash, Illinois. Victor’s parents, Jonathan and Deborah Leete / Leet moved to Wabash, Illinois with several of their children between 1834 Michigan Census and the 1840 Federal census. Jonathan received a land grant in Illinois as a result of his service in the War of 1812. Most of the children of Jonathan and Deborah and their families also went to Illinois at least for a period of time. One daughter, Nancy Leet Boyer remained in Michigan. It appears that Victor and his wife return to Michigan. I do not find them in the 1850 Federal Census in either Illinois or Michigan.

Almira Elizabeth married William Shank on January 12, 1859 in Oakland County, Michigan. In the 1860 Federal Census, William and Almira are living in Walled Lake, Michigan. They have one child whose name is Frank and he is six months old. Also listed in this Census there appears to be Mary Lut which I believe is Leet. The Census seems to imply that she is ten years old. The only 10 year old Mary Leet that I can find is the daughter of Ashel and Emeline Grace Leete from Ionia County, Michigan. She is listed with her parents in the 1860 Census. So this data is a bit bit confusing. Most other researchers believe that Mary Stephen Leet, Almira’s mother died in February of 1850 at the age of 43. I can not at this time confirm this but Victor Leet and his son, Thomas are listed in Milford without his wife in the 1860 Federal Census. Could this be Mary (Stephen) Leet and the age is transcribed wrong? Maybe she is ill and living with her daughter? Or could this be an “unknown to me ” niece or cousin who actually is 10 years old. More for me to investigate.

In the 1870 Federal Census, William and Almira live in Brighton, Michigan. They have two children; Albert (1861) and Frances (1867). Almira’s father, Victor Leet, is now living with them. And appears to remain with them for the remainder of his life. In the 1880 Federal Census, Almira and William remain in Brighton with their son and daughter, Albert and Frances and Victor Leet.

In the 1900 Federal Census, William and Almira live in Milford, Michigan. In the 1910 Federal Census, Almira remains in Milford and her nineteen year old granddaughter is living with her, Anna E. Cooley. She is a widow. She has had three children one of whom (Frank) has died. I do not find a death certificate for her son, Frank. It is my belief that he died as an child.

Almira Elizabeth Leet Skank’ s Death Certificate

Ninety three years ago on June 9,1927, Almira died in Livingston County, Michigan at the age of ninety one years old. She is buried with her husband in Milford, Michigan at the Oak Grove Cemetery.

Rest in peace Almira!

Love, Jan

Almira Elizabeth Leet Skank is my first cousin four times removed

Tombstone Tuesday – June 2, 2020 – Henry Fisher

Henry And Elizabeth (Crites) Fisher Gravestone

Henry Fisher was born on December 23, 1796 in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Henry left Pennsylvania settling in Dover, Ohio before 1822 when he married Elizabeth Crites on March 12, 1822. Henry and Elizabeth had ten children; John (1822), Daniel (1826), Solomon (1828), George (1830), Joseph (1832), Anna (1835), Elizabeth (1839), Lydia (1840), Henry (1843), Mary (1845).

By the 1830 Federal Census, the Fisher Family is living in York Township, Tuscarawas County, Ohio. They have three sons, presumably, John, Daniel and Solomon listed on the census. In the 1840 Federal Census, Henry has three sons who are age ten to fourteen and two sons who are six to ten. He has three daughters under five and a female over twenty (this must be a sister/niece of either Henry or Elizabeth because Elizabeth is the youngest Crites daughter in her family.) and his wife is between thirty and thirty-nine. There are eleven in the household in 1840.

In the 1850 Federal Census, Henry and Elizabeth have seven children living at home. They live in York Township, Tuscarawas County, Ohio. The children listed in the census are Solomon, George, Joseph, Ann, Elizabeth, Lydia, and Henry. (no sign of Mary) John and Daniel have married. John remains in the York Township near his parents but Daniel has move to Wells County, Indiana. In the 1850 Non-Population Schedule taken on the 30th of July 1850. Henry has seventy acres improved and 74 acres of land that are not improved at an estimated valve of $4000.00. He has five horses, five milking cows, 8 cattle, 28 sheep, 14 pigs, 200 bushels of wheat, 100 bushels of rye, 300 bushels of corn and 160 bushels of oats.

In the 1860 Federal Census, Henry and Elizabeth have four children living with the, Elizabeth, Lydia, Henry and Margaret H. Could the census taker be mistaken…Is this Mary who should have been listed in the previous census or a Granchild who really is five). If it is Mary then the age is wrong she would have been fifteen. Henry Critz is living with them too. He is he is the older brother of Elizabeth.

In the 1870 Federal Census, Henry and Elizabeth are seventy-five and seventy-four years old. They have a daughter Elizabeth living with them and two grandchildren, Barbara (1851) and Jacob (1854). Under the comments they list that Elizabeth is insane. She never marries. They also have Henry Crites living with him and he is a brother to Elizabeth. He lists his occupation as farm Labor. Henry Fisher’s is farmer who owns his farm and the Value is listed at $3320. On the US Non- Population Schedule taken on June 22, 1870, Henry Fisher had 2 horses, 5 pigs, 2 milk cows, 60 bushels of wheat, 200 bushels of corn and 250 bushels of oats.

The 1880 Federal Census, which was taken on the 15th of June 1880, show that Henry is a widower. His wife died on March 30, 1880. His adult daughter lived with him and two grandchildren, Jennie and Jacob.

One hundred and thirty eight years ago, on June 2, 1882, Henry Fisher died in York Township, Tuscarawas County, Ohio. He is buried in Crooked Run Cemetery in Dover, Ohio.

Crooked Run United Methodist Church and Cemetery

In Henry’s Will, he names George as his executor and divides his will nine ways which tells me that Mary must have died. He states that if George takes in Elizabeth for the remainder of her life than he get her share to assist in taking care of her. George handles the execution of Henry’s Will through the probate process.

Rest in peace, Henry!

Love, Jan

Henry was the husband of my five times Great Aunt.