Tombstone Tuesday – October 20, 2020 – Clyde John Boatman

Clyde John Boatman was born in Gault, Missouri on July 21, 1894. He was the son of Frank and Allie (Alice Tipton) Boatman. In the 1900 Federal Census, Clyde is found with his parents in Garfield county, Oklahoma. Clyde ( though he is referred to by his middle name in the census, John.) has a sister whose name was Ida, she was born in 1891. By the 1910 Federal Census, Frank and Allie have three children; Pearl Ida, John Clyde, Carl (1905). They live in Hennessey, Oklahoma.

In 1915, Clyde J Boatman married Ada Crites in Kingfisher, Oklahoma. In his World War I draft registration, Clyde states that he lives in Kingfisher, Hennessey, Oklahoma. He states that he is married and that they have one child. He is requesting an exemption. He is fair with light hair and blue eyes.

In the 1920 Federal Census, Clyde and Ada are living in Oklahoma and they have two sons; James (1917) and Glenn (1918). Clyde lists his occupation as common laborer. In the 1928 Enid, Oklahoma directory Clyde and Ada Boatman are found living there.

I have been unable to find Clyde and Ada in California census records but they are in Voter Registration records as early as 1938. They live at the same address in Delhi, California. Ada died on March 31, 1942. In the World War II Draft Registry, Clyde John Boatman list his address as Delhi, California. Clyde J. Boatman married Maude M. Kinder on August 16, 1945 in California.

Beginning in 1948 and every two years there after I find Clyde J. and Maude Boatman in the California voter registration records. They live at 333 N. Marguerite Ave, Alhambra, California.

Sixty one years ago today, Clyde John Boatman died in San Joaquin County, California. He is buried in the Tracy Public Cemetery in Tracy, California.

Rest in peace, Clyde.

Love, Jan

Clyde was the husband of my second cousin three times removed Ada Crites.

Tombstone Tuesday – October 13, 2020 – Mercy Chatterton Francis

Mercy Chatterton was born on November 22, 1662 in New Haven, Connecticut. It is believed that Mercy was the daughter of William and Mary(Clark) Chatterton but since this is an indirect line to me, I have not thoroughly researched this line. I do see data that reflects that William and Mary may have had five daughters; Mercy (1662), Hannah (1663), Mary (1666), Sarah (1667), Susanna (1670).

She married on January 16, 1683 to John Francis after the death of his first wife, Sarah Dix. Sargent John, as he was known, and Mercy had fourteen children; John (1683), Abigail (1684) , James (1685), Siberance (1687), Mary (1689), Thomas (1690), Robert (1692-1695), Robert (1697), Joseph (1698), Daniel (1700), Hannah (1702), Sarah (1704), Prudence (1707), Mercy (1709).

John, Mercy and their family were among the early settlers of Whethersfield, Connecticut.

Two hundred and seventy five years ago today, Mercy Chatterton Francis died on October 13, 1745 in Whethersfield, Connecticut. She is buried in the Whethersfield Village Cemetery.

Rest in peace, Mercy.

Love, Jan

Mercy was the second wife of John Francis. John Francis was the husband of my 7th Great Aunt, Sara Dix .

Tombstone Tuesday – October 6,2020 – Azubah Best Rickwood

Azubah Best was born on April 29, 1850, the daughter of Casper and Mary (Crane) Best in Bayham, Middlesex, Ontario. Casper and Mary had seven children; Mary A (1833), Jane (1835), Dorothy (1837), Henry (1840), Caroline (1846), Edward (1846), Azubah (1850).

In the 1851 Canadian Census, Azubah is listed as two years old. Casper and Mary live in Bayham, Elgin County , Ontario with their six children; Henry, F. Edward, Mary, Dorothy, Caroline, Zubith (Azubah).

In the 1861 Canadian Census, I find Azubah and Edward on a page which states that they are in Bayham but it appears the rest of the family are likely on the page before but none of the family members appear there. I think there is a missing page.

By the time of the 1871 Canadian Census, Azubah is twenty one and living with her father, Casper and three of her siblings, Mary Ann, Henry and Caroline. Casper is a farmer. His wife, Mary died in 1864.

Azubah married James Gilbert Rickwood on July 1, 1874 in in Bayham, Elgin, Ontario. James and Azubah had three daughters; Rachel (1876-1876), Bertha (1878-1879), Viola (1880). James was a blacksmith.

One hundred and thirty nine years ago, Azubah died of Tuberculosis on October 6, 1881 in Bayham, Ontario. She is buried in the Best Cemetery in Bayham, Ontario.

Rest in peace, Azubah!

Love, Jan

Azubah Best Richwood is my first cousin five times removed.

Tombstone Tuesday – September 29, 2020 – Cora Hamacher Densmore

Cora Hamacher was born on March 6, 1872, the daughter of Henry and Sarah Hamacher, born in St. Clair County, Michigan. Henry and Sarah had six children; Elizabeth (1867), Dora (1869), Lydia (1871), Cora (1872), Harriet (1875), Emma (1879). Henry was a farmer and they lived in Cumming, Michigan

Cora married Norman Densmore on April 17,1900 in Bay City, Michigan. Norman states that he is a farmer.

In 1910 Federal Census, Norman and Cora are living in Klacking, Michigan. They have five children; Charles (1901), Norman Jr (1903), John C (1906), Sarah (1908), Lilah (1908). Norman Jr died of Typhoid Fever in July of 1912 at the age of eight years old.

By the time of the 1920 Federal Census, Norman and Cora have moved and are living in Beaverton, Michigan. They have Charley, John C, Sarah, Lila, Thelma (1911), Alfred (1915) listed in this census.

In the 1930 Federal Census, Norman and Cora have moved again. They live in Sheriden, Clare County, Michigan. They have three children who remain at home, they are, Sarah, Lila, and Alfred. By the time of the 1940 Federal Census, Norman and Cora are found living in Sheridan, Michigan. All of their children are grown and gone.

Sixty years ago on September 29, 1960, Cora Hamacher Densmore died at the age of eighty eight years old in West Branch, Michigan. She is buried in Campbell Hills Cemetery in Ogemaw County, Michigan.

Rest in peace, Cora.

Love, Jan

Cora married my second Great Grand Uncle, Norman Densmore.

Tombstone Tuesday – September 22, 2020 – Ensign Ebenezer Phelps

Ensign Ebenezer Phelps was the son of William and Abigail (Mudge) Phelps born on April 2, 1705 in Windsor, Connecticut. William and Abigail had two sons; William Oliver (1702), Ebenezer (1705). Abigail died in 1705. William remarried Ruth Barbar. William and Ruth had four children; Caleb (1708), Samuel (1710), Jacob (1711) and Ruth (1713).

Ebenezer’s parents were among the early settlers of Windsor, Connecticut. He was a farmer. He earned the title of Ensign while serving in the French War of 1755 shortly before his death.

Ebenezer Phelps married Mindwell Eggleston on July 12, 1727 in Windsor, Connecticut. Ebenezer and Mindwell had six children; Mindwell (1728), Abigail (1731), Agnes (1735), Ebenezer (1735/died young), Ebenezer (1741), Sarah (1744), Lucy.

Ensign Ebenezer Phelps died two hundred and sixty six years ago on September 22, 1756 in Windsor, Connecticut. He was buried in the Palisado Cemetery.

Rest in peace, Ebenezer!

Love, Jan

Ebenezer is my first cousin seven times removed.

Tombstone Tuesday – September 15, 2020 – William Henry Best

This photo was shared on the Canadian Fidagrave site .

William Henry Best was the son of Frederick and Elizabeth (Trowbridge) Best, born on October 6, 1837 in Elgin County, Ontario, Canada. Frederick and Elizabeth had ten children; John (1831), Dorothy Ann (1833), William Henry (1837), Catherine (1838) , Martha (1840), Casper (1842), Frederick (1844), Mary Elizabeth (1845), Sarah Jane (1847), Murphy (1851).

In the 1851 Canadian Census, William Henry is fifteen years old and is listed with his parents and and all nine of his siblings listed above.

In the 1861 Canadian Census, William is listed with his mother, Elizabeth, who is a widow. There are six siblings who remain with Elizabeth. He lists his occupation as farm laborer. He is twenty four years old.

A special Thanks to Doug Smith for sharing
this photo on the Canadian Findagrave site.

William Henry married Sarah Neff on September 5, 1869 in Bayham, Ontario.

In the 1871 Canadian Census, William and Sarah are living in Bayham. William is a farmer and they have one infant daughter who is eight months old. Her name is Lilley.

William and Sarah had three children who died short after their birth. They were Margaret Elizabeth Best (1873-1877), William Clarence Best (1877-1877) and John Winsal Best (1878-1879)

By the 1881 Canadian Census, William and Sarah have three living children; Lilley, Cornelius (1872) and Catherine (1876).

One hundred and twenty years ago, William Henry died on September 15, 1900 of paralysis. William Henry Best is buried with the remaining Best Family members in the Best Cemetery in Bayham Township, Elgin County, Ontario.

Rest in peace, William Henry,

Love Jan

William Henry is my first cousin five times removed.

Tombstone Tuesday – September 8, 2020 – Nancy Leete/Leet Boyer

Boyer Plot at Beebe Cemetery

Nancy Leet was the daughter of Jonathan and Deborah (Hendryx) Leete, born on November 24, 1814 in rural New York. Jonathan and Deborah had ten children; David (1808), Victor (1809), Nancy (1814), Daniel (1815), Amy (1819), Lucy (1820), Maynarsia (1820), Lydia (1823), William (1831), Polly (1834). All of the children were born in Caneadea, New York, except the two youngest, William and Polly who were born in Oakland County, Michigan.

While Jonathan and Deborah lived in New York, Jonathan served in the War of 1812. Sometime after the 1830 Federal Census for New York state, the Leete/Leet family left New York and went to Oakland County, Michigan. It appears that this is where Nancy met and married Valentine Boyer.

I do not find either of them in the 1840 Census. I do not find a Michigan Marriage record for them either. They may have married as early as 1834 or 1835. Most records indicate that their first child, Dennison was born in 1835/1836. Valentine purchased land from the Land Management Bureau in 1840 in the area that they were known to have lived in Holly, Michigan. They settled in Rose Township, Oakland County, Michigan.

By the 1840 Federal Census, Nancy parent’s and most of her family moved on to Wabash County, Illinois but Nancy does not appear to be with them. It appears that she remained in Oakland County, Michigan. Her brother, Victor Leet, is found in the 1840 Census in Wabash County, Illinois with his father but some time later he and his family return to the Oakland County area to settle for the remainder of his lives.

The 1850 Federal Census is the first record which shows Valentine and Nancy together as a family and they already have four children; Dennison (1835), Amy (1843), Austin (1847) and David (1850). Valentine is a Farmer.

By the time of the 1860 Federal Census, Valentine and Nancy have six living children; Dennis, Amy, Austin, David, Sarah Ann (1853) and Elizabeth (1855)

In the 1870 Federal Census, Valentine and Nancy have six children who remain at home; Dennis, Amy, Austin, David, Sarah Ann and Elizabeth. Dennis (or Dennison) and Austin have recently returned from serving in the Civil War for the North.

In the 1880 Federal Census, Austin and his son Lennie and David and his family are living with Valentine and Nancy in Holly, Michigan.

One hundred and twenty years ago, at the age of 86 years old, on September 8, 1900, Nancy died in Holly, Michigan. She is buried in Beebe Cemetery in Rose township.

Rest in peace, Nancy!

Love, Jan

Nancy Leete / Leet Boyer is my three time Great Grandmother.

Tombstone Tuesday – September 1, 2020 – Anna Payne Leete

Anne Payne was the daughter of Reverend John Payne(Paine) and Anna Underhill on July 31, 1621 in Huntingdonshire, England. Baptised in the Hail Weston parish where she would also wed William Leete at the age of fifteen on August 1, 1636. They had ten children; Mary (1638), John (1639), Andrew (1643), William (), Abigail (), Caleb (1651), Grataine (1653), Peregrine (1658), Joshua (1659), Anna (1661).

The William Leete Family came to America in on July 13, 1639 landing in New Haven Connecticut members of the Rev. Whitfield’s Company. William Leete was one of the signers of the Plantation Covenant signed while abroad the ship. They settled in Guilford and will was the clerk for the plantation from 1639-1662. William was very prominent in colonial government in Guilford eventually becoming governor of Connecticut in 1678.

Three hundred and fifty two years ago, Anne died on September 1, 1668 in Guilford, Connecticut. She is listed in Findagrave as possibly buried in the Ancient Burial Ground in Hartford Connecticut with her husband , the Governor, William Leete but that seems unlikely to me. He became Governor long after she had died.

She is more than likely buried in the cemetery which was known as the The Village Green Cemetery in Guilford. The cemetery was located at the Village Green on Broad Street located in the center of town at the site of the Guilford Congrational Church which was organized in 1643.

It is in this cemetery where most of her children and their spouses were buried. Joshua Leete ,an infant son who was born in 1659 and died in 1660, is buried there and so was Caleb Leete who died and was buried there in 1673, five years after his mother. Fifteen other Leete family members are known to have been buried here.

It was the town’s cemetery until 1800 when it was decided to obliterate this cemetery and remove the stones. Some of gravestones were removed by families and other have just disappeared through the passage of time. There is no way to know for sure where she is buried. There are no pictures either.

Rest in Peace Anne. I am proud to descend from this family who play such an integral role in the founding of our nation.

Love, Jan

Anne was my ninth Great Grandmother on the paternal side of the family.

September Life …

As usual my September has roared in like a lion with a garden’s abundance that needs to be canned; green beans, tomatoes, peaches and pears. Before I know it, October will be here and along with it the frost that will end the garden for another year.

We have an abundance of butternut squash this year and lots of tomatoes. There is enough green beans for another winter. Canned a half bushel of peaches and made a batch of pear sauce from the pears. The second round of raspberries are in full swing. They will be frozen and I’ll make fresh batches of Jam all winter long. We will eat well again this winter from our small backyard garden.

The peaches as they ripened… and wait to be canned….

A ferry ride across Lake Michigan…..

A visit with our friends ….

a visit and dinner with family…..

And a 60th Anniversary to celebrate…..

All this and more has kept me pretty busy. One day soon, I’ll get back to Genealogy and will get caught up… until then…remember how special this time of the year can be.

Happy Autumn!

Love, Jan

Tombstone Tuesday – August 25, 2020 – Sarah Jane Shull Fisher

Sarah Jane Shull was born in Ohio to Joseph and Susannah (Sharp) Shull on February 7, 1839 in Tuscarawas County, Ohio. Joseph and Susannah lived in York Township, Tuscarawas County, Ohio. In the 1850 Federal Census they had nine children; Elizabeth (1833) , Mary (1835) , William (1836) , Lydia (1838), Sarah (1839), Levi (1842), Samuel (1844), Elijah (1847), Joseph (1849). Joseph Shull Sr. was a farmer.

Sarah Jane Shull became the second wife of Daniel Fisher on February 26, 1859 in Tuscarawas County, Ohio.

In the 1860 Federal Census, Daniel and his new wife, Sarah have three children recorded; Elizabeth (1851), Henry (1855), Emmett (1859). Elizabeth and Henry are Daniel’s children from his first wife Sophia Meyer and Emmett is Sarah and Daniel’s son. Margaret, a daughter of Sophia is not listed in this census but is listed in later census. They live in Union Township, Wells County, Indiana.

In the 1870 Federal Census, Daniel and Sarah have nine children; Elizabeth, Henry W. , Margaret (Sophia daughter) (1855), Emmett (1859), Matilda (1861), Clara (1863), George (1865), Ellmore (Elmer is misspelled/translated) (1866), Rachael (1869).

By the time of the 1880 Federal Census, Daniel and Sarah have nine children; Emmett, Matilda, Clara, George, Elmer, Rachael, Daniel (1872), Della (1874).

Sarah Jane Shull Fisher

This photo was publicly shared by Scott Elzey on Ancestry. He is a Fisher descendant. Thanks so much Scott for sharing this photo. I am guessing that this was likely taken shortly before her death.

By the time of the 1900 Federal Census, Daniel and Sarah are living with Clara and her husband, George E. Platt and their children; Vernie, Earl, Zapphey (Jeffie), Haley.

One hundred and twenty years ago, Sarah Jane Fisher died on August 25, 1900. She is buried in Hoverstock Cemetery in Zaneville, Indiana.

Rest in peace, Sarah Jane!

Love, Jan

Sarah Jane is the second wife of my Daniel Fisher. Daniel is a fifth cousin on the Crites side of the family. Daniel Fisher and Jesse Crites (my third Great Grandfather) married two Meyer sisters, Sophia and Elizabeth. Cousins married sisters, just in case you did not get that! Daniel and Jesse came to Indiana together and settled next to each other in Union Township, Wells County. It appears that these two first cousins remained close their whole lives. So I thought a more lengthy explanation was necessary.