Tombstone Tuesday – April 26, 2022 – Barbara Z (Hilliard /Willard) Kinnaman

Barbara (Hilliard) Willard was born on November 19, 1785 in Stokes, Pitt County, North Carolina. She was the daughter of Johann George and Susannah Catherine (Appel) Willard.

Barbara married Walter Kinnaman. in Stokes, North Carolina on March 14, 1808. Walter and Barbara had ten children; Hiram L. (1809), Samuel (1813), Susannah (1813), Richard (1815), Margaret (1818), Solomon (1818), Henry (1820), Andrew (1822), Hannah (1824), Barbara (1826). Walter and Barbara left North Carolina in 1816 and settled in Montgomery County, Ohio. They moved on to Madison County, Indiana by the 1830 Federal Census and remained there until shortly after the 1850 Federal Census. This information was extracted from a Kinnamon Family book in the chapter about the John Thomas Kinnamon Family. John Thomas is Walter’s father.

In the 1850 Federal Census., Barbara is found in Madison County, Indiana with her husband, Walter. They have six other Kinnaman family members listed with them. Walter is 71 years old and Barbara is 66. There is a 32 year old Edmund and a 23 year old Barbara listed. Barbara is likely their youngest daughter. Could Edmund really be Solomon or Solomon Edmund? The age would be correct and I do not know if Solomon had a middle name. The younger children listed are Richard’ s children according to the Kinnaman Family in America book. Is Richard’s middle name Edmund? I find no records for an Edmund or Edmond Kinnaman. The children recorded are John (1835), Henry (Wm- 1840), Lucinda (1844) and Susan (1847).

One hundred and sixty-six years ago today Barbara Kinnaman died in Flora, Clay County, Illinois. She is buried in Elmwood Cemetery.

Rest in peace Barbara!

Love Jan

Barbara was a challenge this week to my research skills. She is listed as a Hilliard, Williard and Willard in various records. The Kinnamon name is also an issue at times it is Kinnamon, Kinnaman and Kinnimin. I had my work cut out for me. Barbara is the paternal grandmother to the wives of two of my Smith Great Uncles. Yes…this is quite a stretch but it was what I had to work with this week.

Tombstone Tuesday – April 19, 2022 – Addie Mae Densmore Anderson

Addie Mae Densmore was born on October 12, 1890 in Cottrellville, Michigan. She was the first daughter born to Charles and Mary Morgan (Hayner) Densmore. Charles and Mary had eleven children; Addie Mae (1890), Nomer (1893-1893), Charles Ray (1894), Elizabeth (1897), Dorothy (1901), Jay Morgan (1903), John Reynolds (1905), Harry Hayner (1908), Mary Kathryn (1910), Alan Glen (1912) and Alvin Chester (1912-1912).

In the 1900 Federal Census, Addie is nine years old. She live in East China with her parents, Charles and Mary Densmore and her brother Charles Ray(1895) and sister Elizabeth (1897). They had two boarders living with them who were not related.

My mother told me that the year that Andrew (a Norwegian immigrant sailor) and Addie met, Addie was a eighteen year old “milk maiden” who worked for a local dairy farmer. She drove a wagon drawn by horses around town and delivered milk to businesses and homes. Andrew was not “home” very much but when he was, he boarded at the home of his employer, Captain Gus Englehart. Gus frequently employed and sponsored Norwegian sailors as crew members for his ships. One day when Andrew was not at sea, he caught the attention of Miss Addie as she delivered milk. Soon after that Andrew spent every minute that he was on shore with Addie and the Densmore family. Addie married Andrew Anderson in Windsor, Ontario on December 9,1909. Addie and Andrew spent their first winter of their marriage on a ship in the Chicago Harbor where they “Wintered Over”. Andrew and his crew took care of the ship and Addie was the cook.

Charles Densmore Family – 1915
Back row L to R: Jay Morgan, Elizabeth, Ray Charles, Addie, Dorothy
Front Row L to R: Mary Kathryn, Mary Morgan, Harry Hayner, Charles holding Allen G, John Reynold

In the 1910 Federal Census, the newly married couple, Addie and Andrew, are found with Charles and Mary Densmore. Charles lists his occupation as a farm laborer. Andrew lists his as a wheelman on a Lake Steamer. They live in Cottrellville, Michigan. Living with them are Charles and Mary ‘s children ; Ray C, Elizabeth, Dorothy, Morgan (Jay), John, Harry, Mary Katheryn.

1920 Photo of Addie holding Robert, Olga and Ray with their new car which Addie learned how to drive as soon as she could.

By the 1920 Federal Census, Andrew and Addie Anderson are now living in Marine City, Michigan. They have two children; Olga (1912) and Ray (1917). Andrew has stopped sailing and he now an Operator in the local power station used to power the electric rail line that runs from Port Huron to Detroit.

By the 1930 Federal Census, Andrew and Addie had seven children six of whom were living at home; Ray, Robert (1920), Andrew (1922), Charles (1925), Leah (1928), Herbert (1930). Andrew has remained employed by the Electric Interurban Rail Line.

In the 1940 Federal Census, Andrew and Addie still live at 272 N Elizabeth Street in Marine City. Ray(23) is working as a Machine operator, Robert W (20) is sailor who is currently not assigned to a ship, Andrew F (18) is looking for employment. The remain children are all attending school ; Charles H, Leah M, Herbert W, and John H (1932).

Andrew Anderson Family – 1937

Back Row L to R : Andrew F, Robert Wesley, Ray D. Charles H.
Front Row L to R: Addie, John H. Andrew, Leah, Olga, Herbert.

Sixty seven years ago today, Addie died of Breast Cancer. She was buried in the Rose Hill Cemetery in East China, Michigan.

Rest in Peace, Addie!

Love you, Jan

Addie was my Grandmother, my Mother’s Mother. I never knew her because she died when my mother, Leah (Anderson) Smith was about 5 months pregnant with me. I have a lot in common with my Grandma Addie. She was an avid sewer and so am I. She and Andrew were avid gardeners. In the 1920s and 1930’s, you needed to be gardeners to feed a family of eight children. I, too, love gardening and canning. I do not need to, as much as I want to. I love knowing that I grew it. I love the taste of my home grown produce all season long but especially in the winter when I open that jar! My parents never gardened. I learned to garden from a wonderful old gardener who was my neighbor for five years when I was in my twenties. Lyal was nearly ninety when he set out to teach me how to garden. That was a special time for me. My children were small and we were just getting by and the garden produce was a big help.

Grandma Addie speaks to me and through me everyday. It is a very special bond that we have. Love you, Grandma Addie!

Tombstone Tuesday – April 5, 2022 – Carlton Eugene Barkham

Carlton Barkham was born in Holly, Michigan on November 10, 1875. He was the son of James and Mary (Thomas) Barkham. James and Mary had four children; Myrtie (1867), Harry (1869), James (1872), Carlton (1875). In the 1880 Federal Census, James and Mary are found in Holly Michigan where they are recorded with four children; Myrtie (1858), Harry (1859), James (1867), Carlton Eugene (1875). James is a Miller by trade.

Carlton (Carl) married Louise Crawford in 1899 according to the 1900 Federal Census, though I do not find the marriage record. They live in Grayson, Texas. Like his father, James, Carl is also a Miller. He and Louise have one son who is 11 months old, Carl C born in 1899. They are renting a home on South Throgmorton Street .

In the 1910 Federal Census, Carl and Louise remain in Texas. They now own their home on East Cherry Street. They have two children; Carl C and Agnes (1905). They also have Louise’s parents living with them Dwight Crawford (1846) and Julia Crawford (1853). Carl is a Miller in a Flour Mill.

By the 1920 Federal Census, Carl and Louise have five children; Carl, Agnes, Hazel (1914), Dorothy (1917), Doris (1917). They remain at the East Cherry Street home in Grayson, Texas . He still works at the flour mill as a Miller. In the 1930 Federal Census, Carl and Louise are still found at East Cherry Street and they have four of their six children who remain at home; Hazel, Dorothy, Doris and James (1923). They also have Louise’ s mother living with them, who is a seventy seven year old widow. She is listed as D.H. Crawford but in a previous census her name was Julia.

Ninety years ago today, Carlton Eugene Barkham died of Pneumonia in Sherman Texas. He was buried in the West Hill Cemetery in Sherman, Texas.

Rest in peace, Carlton!

Love, Jan

Carlton is the first cousin of the man who married my 2X Grand Aunt, Gladys Losee. ( is a bit out there but the date was right and I could find data!)

Tombstone Tuesday – March 29, 2022 – Lucinda Keely Clark

Lucinda Keely Clark

Lucinda Keely was born on January 23, 1836 in Huntington County, Pennsylvania, the daughter of Sebastian and Catherine (Shultz) Keely. She had a twin sister, Sattia. Sabastian and Catherine had seven daughters and two sons; Margaret (1830), Harriet (1831), Sarah (1833), James (1838), Sattia (1836), Lucinda (1836), Catherine (1841), Henry (1844), Marie (1847).

Keely Sisters – Sattia, Sarah, Marie, Margaret, Lucinda
( This photo was shared by Sue Allen on Ancestry/Findagrave. )

In the 1850 Federal Census, Sabastian and Catherine are found in Wooster, Ohio with with eight children; Margaret, Harriet, Sarah, James, Sattia, Lucinda, Catherine, Henry and Maria. Sabastian lists his occupation as Merchant. Also living with them are two clerks ; A. B. McCurdy and B. F. Purdy.

Lucinda married Charles Clark in Wells County, Indiana on October 30, 1855. Charles and Lucinda had three children; May (1859), Nellie (1864) , Edgar (1866)

In the 1860 Federal Census, Charles and Lucinda are in Bluffton, Indiana. They have one daughter, May who was born in 1858. Charles is a carpenter. In the 1870 Federal Census, Charles and Lucinda have two children; Nellie and Edgar. Their daughter, May, must have died but I do not find a record of it. Charles continues to do Carpenter work.

By the 1880 Federal Census, Charles and Lucinda and their children are in Alameda, Oakland County, California. Charles is still a carpenter. By the 1900 Federal Census, Lucinda is a widow . She is living with her daughter and her husband, Jefferson Meyer. Nellie and Jefferson Meyer have two sons; Karl (1884) and Jefferson (1889).

Lucinda Clark’s Death Certificate

One hundred and seventeen years ago today, Lucinda Keely Clark died in Richmond, Indiana of acute Bronchitis. She was living at the home of her daughter’s. She was buried in Earlham Cemetery located in Richmond, Indiana.

Earlham Cemetery, Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana

Rest in peace, Lucinda!

Love, Jan

Lucinda is the wife of my first cousin four times removed Charles Clark.

Tombstone Tuesday – March 22, 2022 – Frank Lorenzo Pettit

Frank Lorenzo Pettit was born March 31, 1878 in Richfield Center, Genesee County, Michigan. He was the son of James Sanford and Elva P (Davis) Pettit. James and Elva had seven children; Delphine (1872-1892), Carrie (1874-1892), Cora (1876), Frank (1878), Edna (1881), Edythe (1883), Oscar (1887). In the 1880 Federal Census, Sandford and Elva are found in Richfield, Michigan with four children; Delphine, Carrie, Cora and two year old Frank. Sanford list his occupation as Farmer but he is disabled and list the cause as Heart Disease. Sandford is 34 years old. In the 1990 Federal Census, Frank remains at home and he is 22 years old. James Sandford and Elva list three children living with them; Franks, Oscar and Edith. The census states that Elva has had seven children five of whom are living. James appears to be working full time and has recovered from the heart issues that were reported in the previous Federal Census.

Frank married Alice Oatman on September 4, 1909 in Otter Lake, Lapeer County, Michigan. In the 1910 Federal Census, Frank and Alice are working for Nelson Nichols in Pontiac, Michigan. Franks occupation is listed as nurse and Alice’s is listed as housekeeper. There are several boarders also listed in the census record. On September 12, 1918, Frank register for the WWI draft. He stated that he was forty years old and he worked for himself as a Day Laborer and Farmer. He stated that he was tall and slender with dark blue eyes and red hair. Alice is his next of kin contact. He states that they lives in Otter Lake, Genesee County, Michigan.

By the 1920 Federal Census, Frank and Alice have one son who is seven years old, Carlton (Golton) . On March 28, 1929 Golton Pettit died from an apparent Suicide attempt on March 26 in Marathon. Michigan. In the 1930 Federal Census, Frank and Alice remain in Marathon, Michigan. Frank is a farmer. In the 1940 Federal Census, Frank and Alice are still found in Marathon, Michigan and they have a daughter, Mary A. Pettit. In his 1942 WWI Draft record, Frank is sixty four years old. They live in Otter Lake, Michigan.

Seventy two years ago today, Frank died in Caro, Tuscola County, Michigan. He was a widower. He is buried Watertown Township Cemetery in Tuscola County, Michigan.


Rest in peace, Frank!

Love Jan

Frank is distantly related to me thru the marriage of my two times Great Grand Aunt Ester Losee to Myron Pettit.

Tombstone Tuesday – March 15, 2022 – William Silverthorn

William Silverthorn was born in Sussex County New Jersey in 1748 the son of Thomas and Johanna (Newman) Silverthorn. Thomas and Johannah had ten children; Thomas (1746), Oliver (1747), William (1748), Henry (1750), Nancy (1752), Rebecca (1754), Winnifred (1756), Mary (1758), George (1760), John (1762).

William married Jane Bartlow in Sussex, New Jersey in 1767. William and Jane had six children; John (1770), Elizabeth (1771), Thomas (1775), James (1778), Abraham (1780), Isaac (1788).

In 1770 William and Jane lived in Hunterdon, New Jersey. William Silverthorn served in the Pennsylvania Militia in the Revolutionary War from 1780-1783. He remained Militia Rolls for Montgomery County, Pennsylvania for April 17, 1786 under Captain Andrew Buskirk’s Company, Second Battalion, Montgomery County Militia.

In US Quaker Meeting Records, William, Jane and their children are recorded as attending the Monthly Quaker meetings in April and June of 1790. One record reveals that Wm and his family left Hunterdon, New Jersey and the other records shows the family in Westland Pennsylvania in July of 1790.

In the 1800 Federal Census, William and his family are found in Springfield Township, Erie County, Pennsylvania. He and Jane have three children who still live at home ; Abraham, Isaac and Elizabeth. In the 1810 Federal Census, William and Jane are found in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Two hundred and nine years ago on March 15, 1813, William Silverthorn dies at the age of 65. He is buried in East Springfield Cemetery in East Springfield, Pennsylvania.

Rest in Peace William!

Love, Jan

William is my six times Great Uncle on my paternal side of the family.

Tombstone Tuesday – March 8, 2022 – Francis Jay Reynolds

Francis Jay Reynolds was born on October 11, 1881. He was the son of Charles and Jemina “Belle” (Johns) Reynolds. Charles and Belle had six children; Ida (1868), Franklin (1870), Ella (1876), Fred (1879), Francis (1881) and Minnie (1886). Due to the loss of the 1890 Federal Census, the first census that Francis Jay is found in is the 1900 Federal Census. He is already 18 years old. He is a farm laborer, also listed in the census is his sister Minnie. The census states that his mother, Jennie, has had 8 children , five of whom are living in 1900. The older children in this family have married and moved on.

Jay (Francis) Reynolds married Kate Campbell on November 30, 1904 in Allegan, Michigan. In the 1910 Federal Census, Jay and Kate are living in Martin, Michigan. They have two children; Clyde (1906) and Dorothy (1909). Jay states that his occupation is a Shoe Shiner at the local railroad station. They rent a home and have been married for five years. Kate, Jay’s wife, died in 1914 of TB.

Jay registers for the draft for WW1 on Sept 12,1918. He is currently living at 314 E Franklin St, Ostego, Michigan, He is thirty-six years old and works for Mac Sim Bar Paper Company as a Beaterman. He lists his closest relative as his father Charles E Reynolds who live in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Out of curiosity I looked up what a Beaterman did at a paper mill. They were in charge of the machinery used to make wood shavings into pulp. They ensured that the pulp was the correct consistency for making paper. Mac Sim Bar Paper Company open in Ostego, Michigan in 1906 and continued operation for 98 years. It was later operated under the name of Rock-Tenn Company until it closed in 2004.

In the 1920 Federal Census, Jay is a boarder in Ostego living in the home of George R Davis. His daughter Dorothy, is living with her Grandmother Annie Campbell and Annie’s Son John in the 1920 Federal Census. This is likely another case where an adolescent daughter was not allowed to live with her father. Clyde A Reynolds is living with an Aunt and Uncle, Jennie and Frank Warrant.

By the 1930 Federal Census, Dorothy is twenty-one years old and living with her father again. By the time of the 1940 Federal Census, Francis Jay and his son Clyde are living together on 117 East Oeleane Street in Otsego, Michigan. Jay Reynolds register for the WWII draft in 1942. He was employed by the City of Ostego in the state of Michigan.

Sixty-eight years ago today, March 8, 1954, Francis Jay Reynolds died in Ostego, Michigan. He is buried with his wife and several children in East Martin Cemetery, Martin, Michigan.

East Martin Cemetery, Allegan County, Michigan

Rest in peace, Jay!

Love , Jan

Francis Jay was my first cousin 3 times removed.

Tombstone Tuesday – March 1, 2022 – Rachel Parker Silverthorne

Ashton Parish, Wiltshire County, England

Rachel Parker was christened on June 6, 1594 at Castle Eaton, Wiltshire County, England.

Marriage record of Anthonie Silverthorne and Rachel Parker – November 28, 1620

She married Anthony Silverthorne on November 28, 1620 in West Ashton, Wiltshire, England. They had six children; William (1621-1621), Anthony (1623), Ann (1825), Mary (1827), Anstance (1630-1630), William (1630). Anthony, Ann, Mary and William (the twin) survived into adulthood.

William and Anstance Silverthorne (twins) birth record. – March 1, 1630

In the Ashton parish record, you find the christening records for the twins, William and Anstance on March 1, 1630 and Rachel’s burial record about 10 lines down in the Burial section is also recorded on March 1,1630. Obviously, Rachel died giving birth to these two twins, Anstance and William. Anstance died shortly after birth. Rachel was buried in ” St. Mary the Virgin Churchyard” in Steeple Ashton, Wiltshire, England and so are her children William (the first born in 1621) and Anstance (1630).

Rachel Silverthorne burial records – March 1, 1630

Rest in peace, Rachel

Love, Jan

Rachel was my 10 times Great Grandmother.

Tombstone Tuesday – February 15, 2022 – John C Densmore Jr.

John Densmore was the son of John and Clarissa(Blake) Densmore born in Canada the second of six children. He was born on November 8, 1839 in Darlington, Ontario, Canada. In the 1851 Ontario census, John is found with his parents he is listed as 13 years old.

John married Sarah L Reynolds was married to Sarah Louise Reynolds on June 15,1856 in Durham, Ontario. In the 1861 Ontario census, John and Sarah remain in Ontario. with their two oldest children, Elizabeth (1857) and William(1859). By September 12th 1861, John and Sarah had left Ontario and were now in Marine City Michigan where Sarah would give birth to George Elmer Densmore, the first of their children who were born in Michigan. John and Sarah had a daughter born in 1863, her name was Alice. She died in January of 1864.

John Densmore enlisted as a private in Company K , Michigan 11th Infantry Regiment in Jackson Michigan on February 25, 1865. He served with his company until September 16th when he was mustered out in Nashville Tennessee and returned home to Marine City, Michigan.

In the 1870 Federal Census, John and Sarah are living in Marine City Michigan. Directly across the river from Canada. They have six children; Elizabeth, William, George E (1861), Charles (1864), Effie Matilda1867, Norman(1869). John’s Occupation is listed as Laborer. John had been a carpenter in Ontario. By the 1880 Federal Census, John and Sarah are in China Township. John is farming. John and Sarah have seven children; William, George, Charles, Effie Matilda, Norman, Delbert(1871), Worthy(1873) . William and George E. are sailors. In the 1900 Federal Census, John and Sarah have one son living at home, Harvey was born in 1883. He is seventeen. They are once again living in Marine City, Michigan.

John Densmore died on February 15, 1906 of Addison Disease. He was first buried in small cemetery in Smith’s Creek, Michigan, a small farming settlement near Marine City and later moved to the Marine City Cemetery. This is an, as yet, unverified family story. The story goes that Sarah died twelve years after John and was buried in the Woodlawn Cemetery in Marine City probably because by then, their son Charles (my Great Grandfather) was the sexton of the Woodlawn Cemetery. For a few years the Densmore men express concern that their parents were not buried together in the same cemetery. So Charles and several of the other Densmore men got into the liquor one night and after having a few too many decided that they needed to move their Father from the Cemetery at Smith’s Creek up to the Woodlawn Cemetery to be buried next to his wife. They decided that this was the night. The attached horses to the wagon and made their way to Smith’s Creek and dug up their father. They reburied him next to his wife in Marine City. He had a Military stone which they brought with and placed it on his grave. It was a long night when they finally completed the task as the sun was rising. In their haste they set the stone up backwards.

In an effort to investigate this story, I called Smith’s Cemetery. They had no record of his burial in their cemetery. They said they had a fire in the township office and all the records were destroyed. They stated that if the Michigan State Burial record indicated that he was buried in Smiths Cemetery than he probably was but they have no way to prove it. Now the township just goes by the accuracy of tombstones transcriptions for burial information prior fire in the township office. They have records for those burials after the fire. It is an actively used cemetery.

The Michigan Burial record indicates that he was buried in Smiths Creek. I have searched for records of who ordered the Veteran’s Stone. I have not found the order so far. I called Woodlawn Cemetery in Marine City and asked if John Densmore was buried in their cemetery and was told that they had no record of him being buried there. He clearly is. I found his stone. Charles Densmore ironically remained the sexton of the Woodlawn Cemetery in Marine City until his death in 1943.

So I will keep trying to solve this family legend. It looks like it could be accurate. I’ll keep you posted.

Rest is peace John!

Love, Jan

John Densmore is my 2X Great Grandfather on my maternal side of my family.

Tombstone Tuesday – February 8, 2022 – Loydell Malone

Loydell Malone was born on May 17, 1923 in Fort Wayne Indiana. He was the son of Forrest Donald and Ruth Larue (Jackson) Malone.

This is a four generation photo likely taken in 1924 or 1925. Dora Smith Jackson is holding Loydell seated on the left and her mother Oella Denney Smith seated on the right. Ruth Jackson Malone Emerick is standing behind. In the 1930 Federal Census, a six year old Loydell is found living with his mother Ruth and stepfather, Ralph Emerick in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

In the 1940 Federal Census, Loydell is found at the home of his Grandparents, Wm and Dora Jackson with his mother, Ruth and his brother, Walter and sister, Marlene. His mother, Ruth, works for a wholesale baking company. Ruth is divorced from her second husband, Ralph Emerick. In the census, Loydell states that was employed.

On June 30, 1942, Loydell Malone registered for the WWII draft. In his draft registration he further states that his employer is Vries Tulling Machine in Fort Wayne. He was nineteen years old and living at the home of his mother, Ruth Emerick at 611 West Dewalt Street in Fort Wayne. Five months later on November 27, 1942, Loydell enlisted at Camp Perry in Lacarne, Ohio into the Army Air Corps.

According to official declassified documents found on, Sergeant Loydell was a member of a ten man crew who departed AAF Station # 139 (London) on a bombing run whose destination was Berlin on March 4, 1944. Their mission was to bomb German factories near Berlin. He was deployed with the 100th Bomb Group AAF, 350th Bomb Squad. Sergeant Loydell was the Left Wing Gunner. The aircraft was hit by a 20 MM shell at 1320 hours enroute to Berlin. The tail of the aircraft was badly damaged, according to the official report. All of the crew members bailed out except Sergeant Leming Hull. He was the tail gunner and was believed to have been injured or dead from the strike of the shell. The plane exploded and burned before impact. The parachuting crew landed near the village of Ahrweiler, Germany. All were captured within a two days. They were take to StaLag LUFT#6 in Heydekrug, East Prussia and StaLag LUFT #4 in Kiefheide, Germany and held prisoner. In early February 1945, all the prisoners from StaLag LUFT #4 were forced to march until April 26, 1945 when they were liberated by the US 1st Army in Bitterfield, Germany.

After his return to Indiana, at the age of twenty- three, Loydell married Laura Geneva Kiser in Fort Wayne. They had three children two sons and a daughter.

Seventeen years ago today, Loydell Malone died in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He is buried in Lindenwood Cemetery in Fort Wayne.

Rest in peace Loydell and thank you for your service. We owe you a debt of gratitude.

Love, Jan

Loydell is my second cousin once removed. I remember my Grandfather talking about his cousins, Ruth Jackson and her son, Loydell Malone and Oscar Jackson, Ruth’s brother, all of whom were from Fort Wayne. He admired them fondly.

Today’s blog is a perfect example of why do these blogs. I knew nothing of Loydell’s story until I began my research today. Thanks to, there was a large file of unclassified military document that described this event in detail.