Tombstone Tuesday – May 30, 2017 – Robert E. Barkham


Robert Enslie Barkham was born on December 25, 1890 in Commerce, Michigan. He was the son of Marshall Barkham and Lillian Cozadd. Marshall and Lillian had five children; Edmund, Alice, Amber, Robert, and Beryl.

In the 1910 Federal Census, Robert is living at the home of his parents with his brother and youngest sister. On December 9, 1912, Robert married Kathleen Kirkwood in Flint. They were divorced on January 9, 1916. The divorce was granted in Grand Traverse and both parties were instructed to not remarry for one year. (I do not think I have ever seen that before.) In 1917, Robert registers for the WWI draft and he states that he is a single man living with his parents and that he is their sole support. At that time he was working for Buick Motor Company as a machinist in Plant #6 in Flint, Michigan. Robert married Gladys Losee on on May 31, 1919 in Flint Michigan.

In the 1920 Federal census, Robert and Gladys are living in Flint with Robert’s parents, Marshall and Lillian. Robert is a Salesman at a Grain House. (Grain House is what is written on the census but I am wondering if the Census taker misunderstood, it maybe Greenhouse instead.) His father, Marshall and his wife Gladys are also employed at the same place. His father is a laborer and Gladys is a helper.

Robert and Gladys are found in Mount Morris, Michigan in the 1930 Federal Census. They have Frank Losee, Gladys’s brother, living with them. They live on Elm Street. Roberts’s brother, Edmund and his wife, Ethel are living next door to Robert and Gladys. These two brothers list their occupations as proprietors who run a greenhouse.

In the 1940 Federal Census, Robert and Gladys are living on East Witherbee Street in Mount Morris, Michigan. Frank Losee is living with them. Robert has gone back to work in the auto Industry in Flint.

Two doors away, Edwin Losee and his wife are listed as neighbors who also live on Witherbee Street. Edwin is also a brother to Gladys and Frank.

Robert died on May 30, 1968 in Mount Morris Michigan. He is buried in Mount Morris Cemetery.


Rest in Peace, Robert!

Love Jan

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