Tombstone Tuesday – August 1, 2017 – Olga Marie Hayden DeValk


Olga Marie Anderson was the first daughter born to Andrew and Addie (Densmore) Anderson. She was born on October 27, 1911. Andrew and Addie Anderson had eight children; Olga (1911), Ray Densmore (1916), Robert Wesley (1920), Andrew Fredrick (1922), Charles Henry(1925), Leah Mae (1928), Herbert William (1930), John Hayner (1932). They lived in Marine City, Michigan.


Addie and Olga – 1911

In the 1920 Federal census, Olga is eight years old and living with her parents in Marine City, Michigan. She had one brother, Ray Densmore Anderson. Olga Marie Anderson married Edward Hayden on April 29, 1929 when she was seventeen years old.  In the 1930 Federal Census, Edward and Olga are living with Andrew and Addie.. Edward and Olga were divorced after he was arrested and jailed. (My Mother, Leah, always thought it was for robbery but she was a young child when it all happened and did not remember much about it.)


Andrew Anderson Family – 1937   Front row: Left to right:  Addie. John, Andrew, Leah, Olga, Herbert   Back Row: Andrew, Robert, Ray, Charles (Moon)

On March 18, 1937, Olga married John DeValk in Detroit, Michigan. (about the time of this picture.) She was twenty five years old. In a 1948 Dearborn directory, Olga and John lived in Dearborn in an apartment Chase Road.

Olga and John divorced, I have not been able to determine the year but John did come with Olga to an 82nd  Birthday party for Andrew in September of 1966 but he may have just brought her to the party.  I know that they remained friends and he tried to watch over her. I remember that Olga broke her hip twice or three times.  She had to have them both operated on and my Mother went to see her in the hospital and tried to help her after she got out.

Olga remained in Detroit until spring of  1970 when my mother, Leah and her brother-in-law, Harold, took her in. Olga drank and smoked excessively for many years and eventually it took it’s toll. My Mom received a call from a friend of Olga’s who was worried about her. He said that John DeValk was no longer around to help Olga. So my Mom and Dad drove down to Detroit and brought her home to our house where she was nurse back to as good of health as they could. Our family doctor made house calls daily for the first week. When she arrived, she weighed 65 pounds.  After that the doctor came weekly for several months. She lived in our home for six or eight months. She had many health issues which included osteoporosis and emphysema from years of not taking care of herself.

Olga& Andrew -1970

Olga and her father Andrew, for his 87th Birthday on September 16, 1970. Olga is 60 years old. I always thought in this photo that they looked about the same age.

She lived in several nursing homes before she was placed in Sun Crest Nursing home in Lapeer. I was married and had my first son in 1972. I spent quite a lot of time with Olga, I felt badly for her. After Shawn was born, I would take him to visit her in weekly. She love him very much. After she died, a woman who worked at Sun Crest told me how much she loved my visits and adored Shawn. She told her that for once in her life she felt like she had a family. She was so thankful that my parents took her in and gave her those last few years with our family.  Even though it forced her to detox. She was sad that she had wasted do much of her life to alcohol and cigarettes, but the damage was done. She died in Lapeer on August 1, 1973.

Rest in Peace, Olga. We loved you!

Love Jan

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