Tombstone Tuesday – July 24, 2018 – Daniel Leet


Daniel Leet was born on December 30, 1815 in Caneadea, Allegany County, New York, the son of Jonathan and Deborah (Hendryx) Leet. Jonathan and Deborah had ten children ;David (1808), Victor (1809), Nancy (1814), Daniel (1815), Lucy (1820), Maynarsia (1820), Lydia (1823), William (1831), Polly (1834), Amy.  The Leet family lived in Leicester, Genesee County, New York in the 1820 and 1830 Federal Censuses but shortly there after they relocated to Oakland County, Michigan where William and Polly were born. The 1833 Michigan territory Census shows that they were living in Petitioner, Michigan.

By the 1940 federal Census, Jonathan and most of the adult children had moved on to Wabash County, Illinois where Jonathan had received a Land Grant for his service in the War of 1812.

Daniel married Cecelia Hannah Anno on February 18, 1845 in Louisville, Clay County, Illinois. Daniel and Cecelia had nine children; Nancy(dies as a infant), Henry (1846), Cordila (1846), John (1848) Louisa (1858), David E. (1859), Mary (1862), Charles Russell (1869), Allen (1869).

I am unable to find Daniel and Cecelia in the 1850 Federal Census but Daniel is recorded in an Agricultural Schedule in Wabash County at that time. I believe that they would have had three or four children by the time of this Census. In the 1860 Federal Census, Daniel and his wife live in Friendville, Illinois with their children; Henry, Cordila (twins), John, Louisa, David E., and Olive Corry who is Daniel’s Aunt from his mother’s side of the Hendryx family. By the 1870 Federal Census, they are living in Mount Carmel, Illinois. Henry, Cordila and John are no longer listed on the Census but Louisa, Ednie (who I believe to be David E.), Mary and the twins, Charles Russel and Allen.

Cecelia died in 1875. Daniel remarried Elizabeth Jane Ragan. Jane was much younger that Daniel. In the 1880 Federal Census, Daniel and Jane have three minor children still living at home.  Are these Cecelia’s children and Jane is raising them? I cannot be certain at this time.  I am including them here and will continue to investigate. These children are; Lowvina (1862), Frances (1865), Charles (1872). I did not see evidence of these children in the 1870 Census, unless the names and birth dates are wrong in the 1880 Census.  These children would have been born when Cecelia was still alive and I find not divorce record for Cecelia and Daniel.

One hundred twenty four years ago today, Daniel Leet died. Daniel was buried in the Day Cemetery in Wayne County, Illinois next to his wife Cecelia who died 19 years before him. There is not a good photo available of this cemetery.

Rest in peace, Daniel!

Love, Jan

Daniel is my third Great Grand Uncle

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