Tombstone Tuesday – October 16, 2018 – Sophia M Eckert Bly


Sophia M Eckhert was born in Mosbach, Baden, Germany in December 1, 1794. She is the daughter of Johann (John) and Elizabeth Dorothea Eckert. I can not determine when she arrived in America or whether she came as an adult or a child at this time.

She married John Jacob Bly in Fairfield County, Ohio on March 14, 1810. They had eight children; Rudolph (1812), Barbara (1813), Jacob (1815), William (1820), Sarah (1822), David (1824), George Washington (1829), Edwin Gabriel (1834)

In the 1830 Federal Census, Jacob and Sophia have five sons who range in age from under 5 years to between fifteen to nineteen and they have two daughters, one who is between five and nine and one who is between ten and fifteen.

In the 1850 Federal Census, Jacob, Sophia, Barbara and Edwin are living in Marion Township, Ohio. Jacob is not employed according to the census but a sixteen year old Edwin says he is a laborer. William and his wife Elizabeth live next door  to Jacob and Sophia and so do David and his wife. William eventually moves to the Fort Wayne Area of Indiana.  These Bly families are the first three families counted Marion Township District 48.

In the 1860 Federal Census, Sophia is living with her eighty three year old husband, Jacob and one son, Edwin in Marion Township, Hancock, Ohio. Edwin and Jacob list their occupation as farmer in the 1860 Census.

In the 1870 Federal Census, Sophia is living with Edwin and his wife, Mary and their son, Ephraim. There is also a six year old Mary E King listed.

One hundred and forty two years ago today, Sophia died. She is buried in Maple Grove Cemetery in Findlay, Ohio.  According to Findagrave, she is buried in Section X, Block B. Lot 122, space nine.

Maple Grove

Maple Grove Cemetery

Rest in Peace, Sophia.

Love, Jan

Sophia is the Paternal Grandmother of the of the wife of my Grand Uncle.


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