Tombstone Tuesday – March 26, 2019 – Mary Pratt Skinner

Mary Pratt was the daughter of Richard and Mary (Torke) Pratt born July 30, 1643 in Charlestown, Massachusetts. Richard and Mary had seven children; Mary (1643) , Thomas (1646), Elizabeth (1649), Mercy (1650), John (1655), Martha, (1663) Hannah (1665).

Mary Pratt married Thomas Skinner in 1666. Mary and Thomas had eleven children; Mary (1666), Thomas (1668), Abraham (1671), John (1673), Richard (1675), Hannah (1678), Joseph (1678), Benjamin (1681), Ebenezer (1684), Nathaniel (1686), Abigail (1691).

Three hundred and fifteen years ago today, on March 26, 1704, Mary Pratt Skinner died, in Colchester, New London County, Connecticut. She is buried in Connecticut but the exact location is unknown.

Mary Pratt is my seven times great grandmother.

Rest in peace, Mary

Love, Jan

1 thought on “Tombstone Tuesday – March 26, 2019 – Mary Pratt Skinner

  1. Pita Pratt

    Tell me more, if you can. I have a cousin who knows far more about these things and has time to pursue than I do.
    Many thanks,
    Mary Pratt Percy



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