Tombstone Tuesday – July 30, 2019 – Adam Wouter Vrooman

Adam W. Vrooman was born in Schenectady, New York, on February 3, 1716. He is the son of Wouter and Maria (Haleenbeck) Vrooman. The Vrooman family were early settlers of the area of New York which today is known as Albany, New York. Adam W. is identified through christening records from the Dutch Reformed Church records. I have identified ten children born to Wouter and Maria Vrooman through Dutch Reformed Church records, they are ; Adam (1708-1708), Engltie(1709), Isaac, Dorothea, Adam (1716), Jacob (1717), Christyntje (1723), Rachel (1724), Barent (1725), Elizabeth (1727). I have seen as many as seventeen children listed in family trees in Ancestry. I have only listed the ones that I had source records for.

Adam married Susanna Swits on January 29, 1742 in Schenectady, New York. This marriage is listed in the church records. They had at least seven children : Wouter Adam (1744), Jacob (1747), Isaac (1750), Maria (1751), Helena (1753) , Isaac Adam (1755), Jannetje (1757). The US Dutch Reform Church records verify the christening of each of these children. Most of the children were sponsored at their baptism by one of the Aunts or Uncles listed as siblings of Adam W in the first paragraph.

Two hundred and sixty years ago, on July 30, 1759, Adam died. There is a detailed Will available thru a state of New York ; Wills and Administrations, Vol 0021-0024, 1758-1764 records. His last Will is dated January 4, 1759. He states that he is in ill health but of sound mind. As detailed as the will is, I can not doubt that statement. All of these children are named and his wife were identified in the will. He is likely buried in Vrooman Cemetery in Schenectady, New York or Vale Cemetery where his parents were buried but I do not have proof that this time. There were many Adam Vroomans in this family. Each of the son’s of Wouter Vrooman has an son named Adam. It was a common Vrooman name for many generations.

The Vrooman’s of New York were very prosperous and Adam was no different. At the time of his death , he left all of his adult son’s property and his married daughter were left money.

I do not have the definite connection with this family in my tree. I did at one time but after finding so many conflicting records, I removed the connection until I can figure out the correct connection. There were Vrooman loyalist who left New York and went across the border into Canada, where much of my family members lived at the time of the Revolutionary war a few years after Adam’s death. When this family connection is re-established, I will update this blog. This is good winter research work.

Rest in peace, Adam!

Love Jan



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