Tombstone Tuesday – September 17, 2019 – Hannah Kinnaman Smith


Hannah Jane Kinnaman was the daughter of Hiram and Cassandra ( Crosley) Kinnaman. She was born in Green Township, Madison County, Indiana on February 15, 1940. Hiram and Cassandra had thirteen children ; David (1833), Conrad (1836), Walter (1837), Henry (1839), Hannah (1840), Emily (1842), Lane (1843-1843), Francis Madison (1845), Sarah Ann (1847), Margarette Levina (1849- 1854), Hiram (1852), William A. (1855), Richard Francis (1858). The Kinnaman named is also spelled Kinnamon on many records.

In the 1850 Federal Census, Hiram and Cassandra have nine children listed; David, Conrad, Walter, Henry, Hannah, Emily, Francis, Sarah Ann, and Margarette.  Hannah Jane married William Smith in Pendleton, Indiana in 1860 after the Federal Census which shows her still living at home at the age if 20 years old. In the 1860 Census, Hiram and Cassandra have eight children left at home; Henry, Hannah, Emily, Francis, Sarah, Hiram, William, and Richard.

By the 1870 Federal Census, Hannah has married to William Smith and they have a daughter, Sarah Jane who was born in 1866. William is a farmer. William and Hannah had two child die young who do not appear in any census records. Rosa Alice was born in 1862 and an unnamed son was born in 1864 who died at birth. Both of these children are buried in Mt Carmel Cemetery in the Smith Family Plot

In the 1880 Federal Census, William and Hannah have three children; Sarah (1866), William F, (1871) and Lenora (1878). By the 1900 Federal Census, William and Hannah live in Falls Creek, Madison County, Indiana. All of the children have married and left home. William list his occupation as landlord. I do not find a Census record for 1910 but in the 1920 Federal Census, Hannah is listed and is living alone in Pendleton, Indiana. She is 79 years old.


Ninety one years ago, Hannah died in Pendleton, Indiana on September 17, 1928. She is buried beside her husband in Mt Carmel Cemetery, in  Pendleton, Madison County, Indiana.


Rest in peace, Hannah Jane!

Love, Jan

Hannah Jane is my two time Great Grand Aunt.


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