Tombstone Tuesday – November 5, 2019 – Robert Burnham

Robert Burnham was born in Norfolk, England in 1585. He was the son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Baker) Burnham.

Robert Burnham married Mary Andrews in 1608. They had eight children; Edward, Robert, Thomas, Benjamin, Amelia, John, Ruth and Mary. On, there is a bit of discrepancy about birth order of these children. So they are listed here but the order of their birth could be different. Unfortunately not much is known about Robert. He remained in Norwich, Norfolk, England his entire life.

Three hundred and eighty five years ago today, at the age of 53, Robert died in Norwich, Norfolk, England and it is presumed that he is buried there as well. Robert Burnham is my eight times Great Grandfather

Rest in Peace, Robert!

After the death of their father, three of Robert’s sons, Robert, Thomas and John emigrated to America in 1635. They sailed aboard a ship called the Angel Gabriel which was owned by their Uncle, Captain Robert Andrews. Early documents indicate that the three Burnham boys were left in charge of their Uncle ship in Pemaquid, Maine when a terrible storm occurred on August 15, 1635 and the ship was lost. The Burnham boys and their Uncle, Captain Andrew, settled in Massachusetts.

The Burnham boys, Thomas, Robert and John, and their Uncle became very prominent pioneer settlers of Ipswich, Massachusetts but these stories are for different blogs.

Love Jan

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