Tombstone Tuesday – December 17, 2019 – Sophia Fisher Lents


Sophia A Fisher was born on June 30, 1849 in Dover, Ohio, the daughter of John and Magdelena (Winkler) Fisher. In the 1860 Federal Census, John and his wife Magdelena live in Dover, Tuscarawas County, Ohio and they have six children; Sophia (1849), Simon (1851), Joseph (1853), Catherine (1854), Amos (1856), and Amanda (1859). John is a farmer.

Sophia married Nicholas Greenbury Lents on September 12, 1866 in Daviess County, Indiana. In the 1870 Federal Census, Sophia and Nicholas have two son’s, John (1868) and James (1869). Sophia is twenty one years old and Nicholas is a farmer. They live in Van Buren, Indiana. By the time of the 1880 Federal Census, Nicholas and Sophia, who remain in Van Buren, have six children; John, James (1869), Ida (1872-1899), Manda (1874- 1909), Elizabeth (1876) and Lydia (1880-1881) who was just couple of weeks old and not yet named at the time of the census.

By the 1900 Federal Census, They now live in Loogootee, Indiana. They have three children remaining at home; Emma (1886), Eva (1887), Charles (1893). The record states that Sophia has had fourteen children, six of whom are living. seems to confirm that Sophia did gave birth to 14 children, eight of whom did not survive their childhood and most died during infancy. The infants are all buried in Daviess County dying before Nicholas and Sofia moved to Martin County. These children were; Mortie, Mary (1871), Simon (1879), Lydia (1880-1881), Montie (1882-1884), an unnamed infant (1884-1884), and Julia (1890-1895). They are buried in Saint Mary’s Cemetery in Cannelburg, Indiana.

Of the remaining children, James Bertie, Sophia and Nicholas’s second son, died in October of 1897 at the age of 28. Sophia apparently gave birth to a son on December 10,1898 and named him after his brother, James Bertie. This second son died on August 10,1899. In the same year, Ida Mary Slater died at the age of twenty eight in Daviess County, Indiana and was buried in the Saint Mary’s Cemetery along with the other family members. In the year 1909, Amanda Lents Fitzgibbon died in July, at the age of thirty-five and in October, at the age of seventeen, Charles W. died. With the exception of Ida Mary, the remaining children are buried in the Saint Martin Catholic Cemetery in Loogootee, Indiana.

Nicholas and Sophia Lents with Children

1916 -50th Anniversary of Nicholas and Sophia Lents

By the time of the 1910 Federal Census, Nicholas and Sophia were running a boarding house. They have two daughters and their families living with them and a couple of boarder. Listed in the census, were ; Emma Lents Ford, who is divorced and her daughter Hazel (1903), Earl Lee and their daughter Eva Marie and Granddaughter Audrey(1910), and Louis Kling and Bruce Robinson.

In the 1920 Federal Census, Sophia is found living with her daughter Eva Marie and Earl Lee and their children; Darlene, Wilma and Hazel. Sophia is a widow.


Ninety six years ago, on December 17, 1923, Sophia A. Fisher died in Loogootee, Martin County, Indiana. She was buried along side her husband in the Saint Martin Catholic Cemetery.


Rest in peace, Sophia!

Love Jan

Sophia is my second cousin four times removed… I did not realize how tragic a story this post was going to be. With the holiday and an bout of flu, I had to postpone writing this blog until nearly New Years. Sophia experienced so much death in her lifetime. The heartbreaking death of 10 of her children. And in the end she died of cancer! I can not imagine it. I feel such overwhelming sadness for her.



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