Tombstone Tuesday – January 21, 2020 – James Lee Pittington

James Lee Pittington was born on October 12, 1953 in the canal zone of Panama.  He was the son of Jay Lee and Jane Harriet (Bohlig) Pittington.  Atthe time of his birth, his father,  Jay,  was in the military serving in Panama.  James’s father, Jay Lee  was born in Colorado to an unwed mother who gave him up for adoption.  He was born Jay Lee Henderson.  The Pittington surname was the name of  the family whom adopted him.

Jay Lee and Jane had for children ; James (1953),  John, Janel, Joni. I found these names listed in the obituary for Jay Lee and Jane who died 7 days apart in early June of 2001.

On June 3, 1955, Jay Lee,  Jane and James arrived in New York aboard the ship, Ancon. The family settled in Colorado where they lived in Loveland until sometime after 1973.

JamesLPittingtonMaryEAnkarbergOn August 11, 1979,  James Lee married Mary Ellen Ankarberg in Kent Washington.

There are three public records which indicate that James Lee and Mary Ellen lived at 420 Alvord Avenue N., Kent, Washington for a number of years. One of the records lists the year of 1987 but by 1992, James is listed at 229 121st Ave S., Kent, Washington.

Due to the fact that I am researching someone from a fairly recent past, there is little information available on James Lee. I have not located a tombstone or an obituary. From family trees on Ancestry, it appears that he and Mary Ellen had three sons but they are living so that information is private.

Thirteen years ago on January 21, 2007, James Lee died at the young age of 53 in Pierce, Washington.

Rest in peace, James!

Love,  Jan

James Lee Pittington was married to my second cousin, Mary Ellen Ankarberg



1 thought on “Tombstone Tuesday – January 21, 2020 – James Lee Pittington

  1. Harold Henderson

    Jan — Jay Lee’s wife Jane Harriet (Bohlig) Pittington is my wife’s third cousin. Your information was helpful and I would like to cite it for a book in progress on the family from which Jane descends. (She was the fifth generation from English immigrants William and Ann (Mills) Scholes; I can send details if wanted.) Right now my citation runs like this: “Tombstone Tuesday―January 21, 2020―James Lee Pittington” by Jan ( My book is already full of footnotes and it will be no trouble to add another. Thanks again for your work! — Harold Henderson



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