Tombstone Tuesday – April 7, 2020 – Polly Ann Leet Anderson



Polly Ann was born Oakland County, Michigan on November 22, 1834. She is the daughter of Jonathan and Deborah (Hendryx) Leet. There is some debate between researchers about the location of her birth. Jonathan and Deborah had ten children and the first eight were born in New York and the last two were born in Michigan. The children were; David (1808), Victor (1809), Nancy (1814), Daniel (1815), Amy (1819), Lucy (1820), Maynarsia (1820), Lydia (1823), William (1831), Polly Ann (1834).

Jonathan and Deborah are found in Oakland County, Michigan in 1833 in an early State Census. By the 1840 Census, Jonathan and his family are in Lawrence County, Illinois. He is a farmer. Two of the adult Leet children stayed in Michigan  and remained there the rest of their lives. They are Nancy Leet who married Valentine Boyer and Victor Leet who married Mary Stephens.  At time of the 1840 Federal Census , David, Nancy and Victor are found in Michigan Federal Census and the remaining family members are found in the Illinois Federal Census. Eventually David and his family moved on to Illinois joining his parents and other family members who lived there.  In the 1850 Federal Census for Lawrence County, Illinois, Jonathan and Deborah state that Polly was born in Michigan.

Polly married Samuel Anderson in Illinois on December 11, 1856. In the 1860 Federal Census , Polly states that she was born in Michigan. She and Samuel have one child, a son named Jonathan Henry. They also have a three year old, Elizabeth McDowell, living with them. It is unknown at this time who this child is. I’ll continue to investigate and update this page when I figure it out.

PollyAnn Samual Anderson

Polly Ann (Leet) and Samuel Anderson

I do not find a 1870 Federal Census record for Samuel and Polly Ann. But I do find them in the 1880 Federal Census. Polly Ann and Samuel have five children ; (Jonathan) Henry (1860), Julia (1865), Mary (1867), Louis (1873), Laura (1875). Samuel lists his occupation as a farmer. With the lack of an 1890 Federal Census, I find them once again in the 1900 Federal Census. In the 1900 census, only Henry remains at home with Samuel and Polly. They live in Leech, Wayne County, Illinois. Polly states that she has had nine children five of whom are living.

One hundred and eleven years ago today, Polly Ann Anderson died in Ellery, Wayne County, Illinois. She is buried in the Bethel Cemetery.



Rest in peace, Polly Ann,

Love Jan

Polly Ann is my 4 times Great Aunt.

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