Tombstone Tuesday – April 21, 2020 – Ebenezer Mudge


Ebeneser Mudge was the son of Micah and Mary (Alexander) Mudge born on February 26, 1863 in Northampton, Massachusetts. Micah and Mary had eight children; Mary (1671), Elizabeth (1673), Moses (1677), Abigail (1680), Susanna (1681), Ebenezer (1683), Thanksful (1685), Martha (1693).

Ebenezer married Abigail Skinner on July 13, 1708 in Lebanon, Connecticut. According to the General History of the Town of Sharon written by Charles F. Sedgwick.

Ebenezer Mudge was one of the original proprietors of the town in the town of Sharon, Connecticut, and was from Colchester. He drew the twenty-fifth home-lot, lying on both sides of town street, and embracing the place once owned by Charles L. Prindle, and Baldwin Reed on the west, and by Deacon A. C. Woodward, Estate of Reuben Hunt, Mr. Terrett and Mr. Skinner, on the east. In 1743 he settled on the western border of Skinner’s pond, as it was then called. Here he lived until his death April 21, 1758, at the age of seventy-five. He had six sons, viz. Samuel, Mica (to Albany Cty, NY in 1758), Abraham, Ebenezer, Jarvis and Joseph. “

A farmer, millwright, and surveyor, Ebenezer was progenitor of the Mudge family in CT, which spread into NY, MI, & IL. According to the Sharon Historical Society website, “Of the original fifty proprietors who purchased shares in the new town of Sharon, 28 eventually settled on their lands, men like Stephen Calkin, Ebenezer Mudge, Jonathan Peck, and Nathaniel Skinner.”]

Ebenezer and Abigail had eleven children; Ebenezer (1709), Mary (1711), Abigail (1712), Elizabeth (1714), Samuel (1716), Micah (1718), Martha (1720), Joseph (1722), Jarvis (1723), Deborah (1726), Abraham (1728), Sarah (1732). There is much debate as to how many children Ebenezer and Abigail had so this is my best calculation.

He was a farmer and opened a Saw Mill/ Grist Mill and Iron Works with his sons in Sharon, Connecticut. In 1740, Ebenezer sold his orginal “Lot 25” property in Sharon to Cornelius and Mary (Mudge) Hamlin. Today, the Sharon Historical Society owns and operated on this property. He settled on the western border of Mudge Pond with his wife and family in 1743, in an area of Sharon that would later be known as Mudgetown.

Two hundred and sixty two years ago today, Ebenezer Mudge died in Sharon, Connecticut. He is Buried in the Hillside Cemetery in Sharon, Litchfield County, Connecticut.

Hillside Cemetery


Rest in peace, Ebenezer!

Love, Jan

Ebenezer Mudge is my 6 times Great Grandfather.

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