Tombstone Tuesday – August 18,2020 – Thomas Edward Winchester

I searched and search through my 9000 plus family tree and found three people who appeared to have died on August 18. SO I thought I was in good shape for this weeks blog. The first one I started to research was William Winney. I soon determined that his death occurred on September 18, 1919 not August 18, 1919. Ops …that is what happens sometimes when you are working from an ever changing “working” tree. The next one was Olive Lydia Thompson and I soon found out she died on August 12, not the 18th. I really need to work on cleaning this tree up a bit this winter. I have many names who have just the year of death and no exact date…but that is a winter job also that I need to focus on. I see that I really have some clean up to do. The summer has too many garden jobs to do right now.

The last person was Thomas Edward Winchester. He is a son of Charles A. and Gladys (Boyer) Winchester. He was born in Oakland County, Michigan on May 6, 1949. He died on August 18, 2007 at the age of 58 years old in Wellston, Michigan where he had lived for quite sometime.

Unfortunately because his life and death were so recent there is very little public information about him. I have become very close to his youngest sister, Nancy. I will talk to her soon and add more to this blog.

Rest in peace Thomas! Your life was cut short way too soon.

Love, Jan

Tom is my 3rd Cousin once removed.

I almost did not write this because there was so little information to share and the information is so recent but I did finally decide to go ahead with it. Some weeks there is a lot of information and some weeks there is very little.

2 thoughts on “Tombstone Tuesday – August 18,2020 – Thomas Edward Winchester

    1. needlesinahaystackblog Post author

      Thanks so much for responding to this post, Shawn. I am glad to know that he was a good man and impacted your life. As I said, I am close to his sister Nancy. I visit her every summer when we go camping near where she lives. God Bless, Jan



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