September Life …

As usual my September has roared in like a lion with a garden’s abundance that needs to be canned; green beans, tomatoes, peaches and pears. Before I know it, October will be here and along with it the frost that will end the garden for another year.

We have an abundance of butternut squash this year and lots of tomatoes. There is enough green beans for another winter. Canned a half bushel of peaches and made a batch of pear sauce from the pears. The second round of raspberries are in full swing. They will be frozen and I’ll make fresh batches of Jam all winter long. We will eat well again this winter from our small backyard garden.

The peaches as they ripened… and wait to be canned….

A ferry ride across Lake Michigan…..

A visit with our friends ….

a visit and dinner with family…..

And a 60th Anniversary to celebrate…..

All this and more has kept me pretty busy. One day soon, I’ll get back to Genealogy and will get caught up… until then…remember how special this time of the year can be.

Happy Autumn!

Love, Jan

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