Tombstone Tuesday – September 22, 2020 – Ensign Ebenezer Phelps

Ensign Ebenezer Phelps was the son of William and Abigail (Mudge) Phelps born on April 2, 1705 in Windsor, Connecticut. William and Abigail had two sons; William Oliver (1702), Ebenezer (1705). Abigail died in 1705. William remarried Ruth Barbar. William and Ruth had four children; Caleb (1708), Samuel (1710), Jacob (1711) and Ruth (1713).

Ebenezer’s parents were among the early settlers of Windsor, Connecticut. He was a farmer. He earned the title of Ensign while serving in the French War of 1755 shortly before his death.

Ebenezer Phelps married Mindwell Eggleston on July 12, 1727 in Windsor, Connecticut. Ebenezer and Mindwell had six children; Mindwell (1728), Abigail (1731), Agnes (1735), Ebenezer (1735/died young), Ebenezer (1741), Sarah (1744), Lucy.

Ensign Ebenezer Phelps died two hundred and sixty six years ago on September 22, 1756 in Windsor, Connecticut. He was buried in the Palisado Cemetery.

Rest in peace, Ebenezer!

Love, Jan

Ebenezer is my first cousin seven times removed.

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