Tombstone Tuesday – December 1, 2020 – Jennie L Carson White Davis Barnes

Jennie L. Carson was born in Ottisville, Michigan on April 10, 1878. She was the daughter of William Henry and Eleanor (Bouttell) Carson. William Henry and Eleanor had four children; Harriet (1876), Jennie (1878), Charles (1880 -1900), Ruby(1882-1900). In the 1880 Federal Census, (William) Henry and Eleanor live in Thetford Township, Genesee County, Michigan. They have three children; Harriet, Jennie, Charles. William Henry Carson lists his occupation as farmer.

Jennie married Britton White on August 7, 1899. In the 1900 Federal Census, a twenty two year old Jennie is living with her husband Britton in the third ward of Flint on Beach street. They have an infant son, William White. Britton and Jennie were divorced on June 10, 1901 in Genesee County, Michigan. The picture below is a darling photo of Jennie and her son William H. White.

Photo from Wendy Kerbs on Ancestry

On March 13, 1902, Jennie Carson White married Floyd T. Davis. By the time of the 1910 Federal Census, they are found living in ward one in Monroe, Michigan on Eighth Street. Floyd is a Machinist for Weis Manufacturing Company. They have two sons; William and Gilbert. William is listed as Davis not White which would make me think that he was adopted by Floyd.

In the 1920 Federal Census, Jennie and Floyd are found in Ferndale, Oakland County, Michigan. They live on Beuhla Street. Jennie is a clerk in a Dry Goods Shop. Floyd is selling Real Estate , William is a farm hand, and Gilbert is attending school.

Jennie filed for divorce from Floyd and it was granted on August 28, 1926. By the 1930 Census, William has married Florence Losee. Jennie is living with William and Florence on Newport Street in Detroit, Michigan. Jennie married James Henry Barnes after her divorce from Floyd Davis and became Jennie L Barnes.

Photo by Patrick Caram from Ancestry

This photo is from the 1952 wedding of Jennie’s Granddaughter, Harriet Davis to William Caram so it is safe to say that they married prior to that. Jennie is on the left, and James Barnes is on the right with the happy newlyweds in the center. I hope that this last marriage was the marriage that Jennie dreamed of after two divorces. At this time I am unable to find this marriage certificate.

Photo by Wendy Kerbs from Ancestry

The date of this photo is unknown and I received it because a cousin, Wendy Kerbs, shared it on Ancestry. This is how I remember Aunt Florence and Uncle Bill Davis looking in the 1960’s when they visited us. This appears to be a Mackinaw Island trip which William and Florence took with Jennie.

Fifty years ago today on December 1, 1970, Jennie died most likely in Detroit. I have been unable to find death certificate, or any burial information. (I will continue to work on it. When I get the information I will update it here. I kept working on this today thinking that I would find it.)

Rest in peace, Jennie wherever you are.

Love , Jan

Jennie Carson White Davis Barnes is the Mother-in Law of my Great Aunt Mary Florence Losee Davis

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