Tombstone Tuesday – March 2, 2021 – George Alanson Leet

George was born on September 27, 1875 in Farmington Township, Michigan. He was the son of Israel and Betsy (Madden) Leet. Israel and Betsy had four children; Blanche (1873), George (1875), Tracy (1877-1877), Mina (1883). Israel was a farmer. In the 1880 Federal Census, Israel and Betsy Leet are residing in Farmington, Oakland County, Michigan. They have two children; Blanch(1873) and George (1875). Amelia Leet, Israel’s mother, also is living with the family. It appears from the family stone in North Farmington Cemetery that Israel and Betsy had another child born in 1877 who was named Tracy. The child died as an infant but I can not be certain if it was at birth. The child’s death date was October 6, 1877 and no birth date is given.

By the time of the 1900 Federal Census, George is found still living at home with his parents at the age of twenty four. George’s sister Mina died in 1900 but is listed in the June 22, 1900 Census Record as a sixteen year old daughter of Israel and Betsy Leet. Blanch, who died in 1893, is not listed as living at her parents home in this census record. I find no record of her in 1900.

George Leet and Inez Higby married on March 4, 1903 in Pontiac, Oakland County, Michigan. Inez Higby is the daughter of Charles Higby and Francis Leslie.

In the 1910 Federal Census, George and Inez are 34 and 25 years old, respectively. They live in Farmington, Michigan. George is a farmer. They have a son and two daughters, Clyde (1904), Verna (1905), Winifred (1908). Also living with them is George’s parents, Israel and Betsy who are 83 and 63 years old.

On September 12, 1918, George registered for the WW1 draft. He states that he is a farmer working for himself in Farmington, Michigan. He describes himself as tall, medium built with black hair and black eyes.

In the 1920 Federal Census, George and Inez have a son and two daughters living with them, Clyde, Verna and Winifred and George’s parents, Israel and Betsy. They remain in Farmington, Michigan.

In the 1930 Federal Census, George and Inez are living on Thirteen Mile road in Farmington. He states that he is a Truck Farmer. They have their three children living with them, Clyde, Verna and Winifred who are all adults. Clyde is a foreman for a Road Construction Crew, Verna is a teacher for the public school system and Winifred is a stenographer working in an automobile factory. They also have a boarder living with them by the name of Joseph Cooney.

George was eventually found in the 1940 Census as George Leed. He and his wife live alone. He states that he is still a farmer. He worked 52 weeks in 1939 and worked 60 hours per week during that year according to the Census record.

Seventy two years ago, on March 2, 1949, George Alanson Leet died in Farmington, Michigan. He is buried in North Farmington Cemetery in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

Rest in peace, George!

Love, Jan

George Leet is my second cousin three times removed.

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