Tombstone Tuesday – June 8, 2021 – Forrest Denney

Forrest Denney -1928

Forrest Denney was the son of Milo and Lydia May (Mutton) Denney. He was born on December 6, 1914 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Milo and Lida (Lydia) had ten children; Forrest (1915), Nellie (1920), Ethel (1921), Agnes (1924), Elizabeth (1926), James (1927), Milo Elvia (1930), Elva (1934), Rolandis (1934), Frank (1936).

In the 1920 Federal Census, Milo and his family live on Sheldon Road in Lafayette Township, Allen County Indiana. They have two children; Forrest and Nellie. By the time of the 1930 Federal Census, Milo and Lydia are found in Franklin Township, Lenawee, Michigan with seven children; Forrest, Nellie, Ethel, Agnes, Elizabeth, James and Milo. Milo (Sr) is a farmer.

On October 1, 1935, Forrest married Dorothy Ellen Rau in White Pigeon, Indiana. On March 12, 1938, a prison record was recorded for Forrest Denney in Huntsville, Texas. According to this record, he was born in 1914 in Indiana. He was charged with felony theft and sentenced to two years. He plead guilty on October 13, 1938. The record also indicated that he was release on October 13, 1939 after serving one year.

In the mean time, Dorothy Denney filed for divorce from Forrest in January of 1938 and the divorce was granted in March of 1938. And I also find a Forrest Denney in a record for an inmate in Jackson Prison in Michigan for the 1940 Census. This is all a bit puzzling. I find a Social Security record for Donald L Denney which states that his parents are Forrest and Dorothy Ellen Rau.

On October 8, 1941, Forrest registered for the WWII Draft . He registered in Adrian, Michigan. He stated that he was twenty six years old and that he was working on a Dam Project in Tipton, Michigan. He listed his father, Milo Denney, as his contact. The document does not state if he is single or married. There are at least two men named Forrest Denney during this time period.

On September 30, 1946, Forrest married Lucy May Tobias. I do find a 1956 Adrain, Michigan Directory which shows Donald L Denney and Lucy M Denney . This directory record implies that Forrest is dead and that Lucy is his widow. Is this an error? With multiple men whose name is Forrest Denney in this time period who were both born in Indiana and are likely descendants of this Denney line, this research has been confusing to say the least. I find no death record for Forrest in Michigan to substantiate that Lucy May was a widow. Usually an unusual name like Forrest make research an easy task, no so this time!

In this Obit, it states that he died on June 8, 1999. He was living in Florida. His wife’s name is Vivian. He had five sons; Donald, Victor, Chad, Brandon, and Todd. He had two daughters; Liz and Karen. He was cremated and I find no burial location information.

This was a difficult blog due to the fact that there were several men named Forest/ Forrest Denney in this time period. It is my hope that the information published here is correct and not a jumble of information confusing these different men. It was also difficult because my research revealed so many difficult life situations. I decided to go ahead with it because this was the story that the research presented. Not everyone has a smooth life. Todays blog presents a perfect example of this. I hope that if someone reads this blog and finds that I did confuse these men in my research that they will reach out to me so I can set the record straight.

Rest in peace, Forrest!

Love , Jan

Forrest Denney was my second cousin twice removed.

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