Tombstone Tuesday – June 22, 2021 – Francis Marion Kinnaman

Francis Marion was the son of Hiram and Cassander (Crosley) Kinnaman born on April 12, 1845 in Madison County, Indiana. Hiram and Cassander had thirteen children ; Daniel (1830), Conrad (1835), Walter (1837) , Henry Madison (1838), Hannah Jane (1840), Emily (1841), Lane (1843-1844) Francis Marion, (1845), Sarah Ann (1847), Margaret (1849), Hiram (1852), William Andrew (1855), Richard (1858). In the 1850 Federal Census in Madison County Indiana, Hiram and Cassander have nine children; Daniel, Conrad, Walter, Henry M., Hannah J., Emily, Francis, Sarah and Margaret. Hiram was a farmer. In the 1860 Federal Census, Francis remains with his parents and six of his sibings; Henry, Hannah, Emily, Francis, Sarah, Hiram (1853), William (1855), Richard (1858).

Francis Marion married Malissa Catherine Kinsey September 13, 1868 in Madison County, Indiana. Francis and Malissa are found in Carroll County, Missouri in the 1870 Federal Census. Francis is farmer. They have one son, David Leabeth, who was born in September 1869. Malissa’s brother, John, is also living with them and helping Francis on the farm as a farm laborer. They live next door to Henry Madison Kinnaman and his family. By the time of the 1880 Federal Census , Francis and Malissa have three sons; David,. (1869) LeRoy (1873) and Mark (1878). Living next door to them are Francis’s brother David with his family and Malissa’s brother, John and his family.

By the time of the 1900 Federal Census, Francis and Malissa have three sons living with them; Harry (1886), Grover (1889), Nellie (1897). In the 1910 Federal Census, Francis and Malissa are living in Bosworth, Missouri. They have one daughter who remains at home, Nellie and she is thirteen years old.

Francis died on June 22, 1911 in Bosworth, Missouri according to his death certificate. He is buried at Big Creek Cemetery.

Rest in peace, Francis!

Love, Jan

Francis Marion Kinnaman is the brother of my three time Great Aunts, Hannah Kinnaman Smith and Emily Kinnaman Smith.

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