Tombstone Tuesday – February 1, 2022 – Cecilia Hannah Anno Leet

Cecilia Hannah Anno was born on May 20,1824 in Wabash, Illinois. She was the daughter of John Hiram and Nancy (Hendryx) Anno. John and Nancy had six children; Steven T, Nancy J (1823) ,Cecilia H (1824), Lydia M (1837), Margaret L(1838), Elizabeth (1843) .

Cecilia married Daniel Leet on February 18, 1845 in Clay City, Illinois.

Cecilia and Daniel had nine children. They were Nancy, Henry (1846), Cordilla Ann(1846), John (1848), Louisa (1856), David E. (1859), Mary Frances (1862), Charles Russell, (1869) Allen (1869)

In the 1850 Federal Census, Cecilia and Daniel have three children, Nancy(1836), Henry(1845) and John L(1847). The daughter, Nancy, is listed as fourteen and Cecilia is listed as twenty six. If Cecilia was the mother of Nancy, Cecilia would have had Nancy at 12 years old and Nancy would have been born in 1836, nine years before Daniel and Cecilia were married. I suspect that Cecilia is not Nancy’s mother. Nancy was born in Michigan according to the 1860 Census records I find for her after she is married to John T Buchner. The Jonathan Leet family including Daniel, were in Michigan in between the Census from 1830 and 1840 before they continued on to Illinois.

In the 1860 Federal Census, Cecilia’s name is spelled wrong so it took a bit of hunting to find them. Daniel and Cecilia are living in Friendsville, Illinois. They have five children listed with them; Henry M, John L, Louisa, David Edward, Cordilla and a sixty-one year old Olive Corry who is Cecilia’s widowed sister.

In the 1870 Federal Census, Daniel and Cecilia are found in Mount Carmel, Illinois. They have five children: Louisa, (David)Eddie , Mary, and twins, Russell (1869) and Allen(1869).

One hundred and forty seven years ago, Cecilia Hannah Anno Leet died on February 1, 1875 at the age of fifty-one. She was buried in Day Cemetery in Wayne County, Illinois.

Rest in peace, Cecilia!

Love, Jan

Cecilia is the wife of my 4X Great Uncle. An interesting note here, Daniel’s mother was Deborah Hendryx and Cecilia’s mother was Nancy Hendryx. They were sisters. SO Cecilia and Daniel were cousins.

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