Tombstone Tuesday – March 1, 2022 – Rachel Parker Silverthorne

Ashton Parish, Wiltshire County, England

Rachel Parker was christened on June 6, 1594 at Castle Eaton, Wiltshire County, England.

Marriage record of Anthonie Silverthorne and Rachel Parker – November 28, 1620

She married Anthony Silverthorne on November 28, 1620 in West Ashton, Wiltshire, England. They had six children; William (1621-1621), Anthony (1623), Ann (1825), Mary (1827), Anstance (1630-1630), William (1630). Anthony, Ann, Mary and William (the twin) survived into adulthood.

William and Anstance Silverthorne (twins) birth record. – March 1, 1630

In the Ashton parish record, you find the christening records for the twins, William and Anstance on March 1, 1630 and Rachel’s burial record about 10 lines down in the Burial section is also recorded on March 1,1630. Obviously, Rachel died giving birth to these two twins, Anstance and William. Anstance died shortly after birth. Rachel was buried in ” St. Mary the Virgin Churchyard” in Steeple Ashton, Wiltshire, England and so are her children William (the first born in 1621) and Anstance (1630).

Rachel Silverthorne burial records – March 1, 1630

Rest in peace, Rachel

Love, Jan

Rachel was my 10 times Great Grandmother.

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