Tombstone Tuesday – March 15, 2022 – William Silverthorn

William Silverthorn was born in Sussex County New Jersey in 1748 the son of Thomas and Johanna (Newman) Silverthorn. Thomas and Johannah had ten children; Thomas (1746), Oliver (1747), William (1748), Henry (1750), Nancy (1752), Rebecca (1754), Winnifred (1756), Mary (1758), George (1760), John (1762).

William married Jane Bartlow in Sussex, New Jersey in 1767. William and Jane had six children; John (1770), Elizabeth (1771), Thomas (1775), James (1778), Abraham (1780), Isaac (1788).

In 1770 William and Jane lived in Hunterdon, New Jersey. William Silverthorn served in the Pennsylvania Militia in the Revolutionary War from 1780-1783. He remained Militia Rolls for Montgomery County, Pennsylvania for April 17, 1786 under Captain Andrew Buskirk’s Company, Second Battalion, Montgomery County Militia.

In US Quaker Meeting Records, William, Jane and their children are recorded as attending the Monthly Quaker meetings in April and June of 1790. One record reveals that Wm and his family left Hunterdon, New Jersey and the other records shows the family in Westland Pennsylvania in July of 1790.

In the 1800 Federal Census, William and his family are found in Springfield Township, Erie County, Pennsylvania. He and Jane have three children who still live at home ; Abraham, Isaac and Elizabeth. In the 1810 Federal Census, William and Jane are found in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Two hundred and nine years ago on March 15, 1813, William Silverthorn dies at the age of 65. He is buried in East Springfield Cemetery in East Springfield, Pennsylvania.

Rest in Peace William!

Love, Jan

William is my six times Great Uncle on my paternal side of the family.

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