Tombstone Tuesday – May 3, 2022 – Frederic Overly

Frederic/Frederick was born in Bethel, Pennsylvania on February 25, 1766. There is some confusion as to the exact date that he was born. Some say February 3, 1765 or 1766 and March 3, 1766 but his Rev War record says February 25, 1766 so that is what I am settling with. He was the son of Martin and Eva Marie (Nagel) Overly. Martin and Eva arrived in America from Wurtenburg, Germany where they settled in Bethel, Pennsylvania. After several years they moved on to Kentucky where they settled in Bourbon County. Martin and Eva Overly had seven children; Jacob (1760), Boston (1762), Gasper/Casper (1764), Frederic (1766), Martin (1767), Henry (1769), John Christopher (1771).

At the age of twelve, Frederick served as a scout in the Revolutionary War.

According to the standard History of Ross County, Ohio; “ Martin Overley and his son’s , Boston, Frederick and Martin came from Bourbon County Kentucky in 1797. They built a bark shant in section 5 in which they kept a bachelors’ hall until fall. They cleared off a piece of land and planted corn on it. They subsisted principally on corn bread and sugar water, with an addition sometimes, by way of variety, of scalded nettles. For a meal and salt they had to return to Kentucky.

In the fall, after securing their crop, They returned for their families and moved out on pack-horses. There was no road, only an Indian trail thru dense forest. The wife of Frederick carried on her horse a spinning wheel and her babe (John), eight week old. They all lived in the bark Shanty until cabins could be built. “

Frederick married Mary Ann Hines in Bourbon County, Kentucky on February 24, 1795. They migrated to Ross County, Ohio in 1797. They had seven children; John (1795), George (1798), Polly (1801), Rebecca (1806), Susannah (1812), Mary Ann (1813), Margaret (1815).

Frederick and his growing family are found in all of the early censuses starting with the 1800 Federal Census through 1840 Federal Census and are always found in Ross County, Ohio.

One hundred and seventy-four years ago on May 3, 1848, Frederick died in Ross County, Ohio. He is buried in Springfield, Ross County, Ohio in Overly Chapel Cemetery.

Overly Chapel and Cemetery

Rest in peace, Frederick!

Love Jan

Frederick Overly is my 4th Great Uncle. my 4th Great Grandparents, Martin and Eva Overly are buried in this cemetery also.

It is totally ironic that my Grandchildren and their Mother moved to Bainbridge, Ohio which is in Paint township, Ross County, Ohio. I now have great grandchildren there too. Clearly this church is still in operation so next time I go for a visit, I will have to go for a visit.

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