Tombstone Tuesday – Mary Morgan Hayner Densmore – July 5, 2022

Mary Morgan Hayner was born on October 21, 1871 in Port Hope, Michigan. She was the daughter of Robert Wesley Hayner and Dorothy Ann Morgan. She was born just days after the Great Fire of 1871 raced across Central Michigan from Lake Michigan finally ending when it hit the water of Lake Huron on the eastern side of the state. Port Hope and the region which included the ” Thumb” was experiencing a boom in the logging industry. There were many jobs in the area. The fire wiped out a whole industry. Robert Wesley was indirectly involved with the logging industry.

I can not find the family in the 1880 Federal Census but an article written about Mary Morgan and Charles for their 52nd Wedding Anniversary indicates that Robert Wesley Hayner and his family remained near Port Hope until 1884. Dorothy, Mary’s mother had a sister who settled in the area for many years before moving to the western side of the state near Ludington, Michigan.

Mary Morgan married Charles Densmore in Port Lambton, Ontario Canada on March 27, 1889. I always wondered why they were married in Canada. I have since learned that it was common for people who lived near the Canadian border to cross the border to marry. They could elope with no license, blood tests or special paperwork much like people go to Vegas to get married quickly today.

Mary and Charles Densmore had 11 children; Addie Mae (1890), Nomer (1893), Charles Ray(1894), Elizabeth(1897), Dorothy (1901), Jay Morgan(1903), John Reynolds(1905), Harry Hayner(1908), Mary Kathryn(1910), Allan Glen(1912) and Alvin Chester(1912). Nomer died on March 18, 1893, 20 days after his birth. Dorothy died on November 6, 1920 at the age of 19 years old. Alvin Chester died on November 8, 1912, 8 days after he was born.

In the 1900 Federal Census, Charles and Mary Densmore in East China Township, St Clair County Michigan. Charles lists his occupation as Day Laborer. They have three children; Addie (1890), Charles Ray (1894), and Elizabeth (1897). They also have two boarders living with them; Gustav Schroeder and Charles Thurman.

In the 1910 Federal Census, Mary and Charles are living in Cottrellville, St Clair County, Michigan. They now have eight children living with them ; Ray C, Elizabeth, Dorothea (1902), J. Morgan ( 1904), John (1906), Harry (1908), Mary Katherine (1910), a Son-in-law, Andrew Anderson, Addie (Densmore) Anderson and an addition young woman , Ann Ehard, who appears to be a hired as a house keeper to help Mary. She is sixteen years old.

This family photo was likely taken around 1915. Allan, the youngest boy looks to be around 3 years old. Dorothy died in 1920. LtoR: Back row : Jay Morgan, Elizabeth, Charles Ray, Addie, Dorothy LtoR : Front row: Mary Katherine, Mary Morgan, Harry Hayner, Charles holding Allan, John Reynolds

In the 1920 Federal Census, Mary and Charles are living in Marine City, Michigan, Charles lists his occupation as Carpenter working in the Ship Yard. They have seven children living at home and Dorothy Hayner, Mary’s Mother, who is a seventy-eight years old widow. The seven children are ; Ray, Morgan, Dorothy, John, Harry, Mary, and Allan (1913).

By the 1930 Federal Census, Mary and Charles own a home on Delina Street. Charles is the sexton of the Marine City Cemetery. They have three children, a son-in-law and a grandson who live with them; C Ray, Allan G, son-in-law, Arthur W Kamer, daughter, Mary K Kamer and Grandson, Richard Kamer.

By the 1940 Federal Census, Mary and Charles live alone on Delina Street. Charles will work as the sexton in the cemetery until he died in January of 1943.

Mary outlived her husband by 15 years. Sixty four years ago on July 5, 1958, Mary Morgan died. Mary Morgan Hayner Densmore is buried next to her husband and her parents in Rosehill Cemetery in East China Township.

Rest in peace, Mary Morgan!

Love, Jan

Mary Morgan was my Great Grandmother. Since she died in 1958, she had the chance to meet seven or eight of her Great Grandchildren, I was too young to remember her. I wish we had had a few more years together. I have met three of my Great Grand children and will meet my fourth in a few weeks. I hope to have many more years so we can have time to know each other.

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