Tombstone Tuesday – May 2, 2017 – Dorothy Hainer May Gildea

Dorothy Hainer was the daughter of Annetja (Hannah) Vollick and Richard (Derek) Hainer.  She was born on April 26, 1784 in Schoharie, New York.  Richard and Annetja (Hannah) Hainer had 9 children; Eve, Dorothy (1784), Mary (1785), Catherine (1785), Cornelia (1790), Chloe (1792), Margaret (1800), Sarah (1801). Some time after Dorothy’s birth the family left New York and moved to Niagara, Ontario, Canada.

Dorothy married John May in Ontario. They had six children; George William (1802), Hannah (1804), Magdalen (1805), William (1808), Sarah (1810), Elizabeth (1812).  John May died in November 8, 1812 in Ontario.  Dorothy Hainer May married her second husband, Columbus Gildea,  sometime before April of 1819. They had one son named John Condy Gildea.

She died on May 2, 1830. She is buried in the cemetery at the St John’s Anglican Church, Port Dalhousie, Ontario.

Rest in Peace Dorothy!

Love, Jan Smith

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