Tombstone Tuesday

This blog is a weekly blog that I write to honor those in my family tree who have died.  There are two important days in every human life.  The day a person is born and the day that a person dies.  To a family historian, both days are equally important bits of information about the life of a relative.  During a life the birthday is celebrated every year over and over….. and then the person dies and a funeral is held to honor them once.

In this blog, I find a person who has died on the current Tuesday date.  I research as much about their life and their family as I can and I honor them again, their birth and their death.  Some Tuesdays I find a lot about a person, other Tuesdays I find just a little,  a sentence or two.  It is my pleasure to learn about their life.  Maybe some day I will put it all in a book.

Stay tuned….


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