Tombstone Tuesday – May 9, 2017 – Lorne Percy Hainer



Private Lorne Percy Hainer – 1890 -1917

Lorne Percy Hainer was born on January 5, 1890 in Norwich, Oxford County, Ontario to Jasper Wellington and Fanny (Knight) Hainer. Jasper and Fanny Hainer had ten children; Edmund Henry (1879), John Alvey (1881), Alice Maud (1883), Clarence Roy (1885), Lorne Percy (1890), Harold (1893-1893), Dina (1894-1894) Lucy (1897) Jasper William (1901-1901), Irene Fanny (1905).


Enlistment Papers from February 26, 1916

Lorne Percy Hainer joined the Overseas Battalion of the Dufferine Rifles on February 26, 1916 in Brantford, Ontario. The battalion sailed from Halifax on the SS Scandinavian on August 6, 1916 arriving in Liverpool on August 18, 1916 .


He received orders to depart for France on November 16, 1916 arriving November 28, 1916. His Military records show several deployments in France. He was gravely wounded on May 7, 1917 with a head wound and a leg wound. He died of his injuries on May 9, 1917.


The following are official communications received by Fanny Hainer from Canadian officials and printed on Lorne Percy Hainer’s profile page on the Great War Centenary Association (GWCA) of Brantford, Brant County, Six Nations web page.

“ On May 10, 1917, Mrs Fannie Hainer, 125 Alfred Street has received notification that her son, Private Lorne Percy Hainer, was severely wounded in the head and leg on May 7, 1917 and is seriously ill in a military hospital in France. Private Hainer was a member of the first oversea battalion of the Dufferin Rifles. “

“On May 16th, 1917, Mrs. Fanny Hainer received official word that her youngest son, Lorne Percy Hainer, had died of his wounds in No.24 General Hospital, Etaples, France. Private Hainer was born in the vicinity of Norwich 26 years ago and remained at home with his parents, Mr and Mrs Jasper Hainer until his father died five years ago. Since that time he had lived in Brantford with his mother and brother at 125 Alfred Street. At the time of his enlistment, he was a foreman at the Hygienic Dairy, where he had been employed for three years. He enlisted on February 26 , 1916 with a local battalion which was sent to England in August, 1916. From there he was sent to France in December.”


He was buried in the Etaples Military Cemetery in France. Plot XIX. R. 8


Etaples Military Cemetery, France

Bless you for your service, Rest in Peace, Lorne.

Love, Jan



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