Tombstone Tuesday – September 12, 2017- Johann (John) George Kintner

Johann George Kintner

John was a son of George Kintner (c.1744-1809) and Mary Susannah Lamb (c.1745-1828) born on May 9,1770 in Pennsylvaina. George and Susannah Kintner had fourteen children; George (1761), Elizabeth(1763), Andrew(1767), John(1770), Maria Catherine(1772), Mary Susannah (1772) Christina(1774), Jacob(1778), Barbara(1782), Christian(1784), Sarah(1786), Mary Elizabeth(1788), Abraham, Mary Magdalena.

John married Margaret McLoghlin (1776-1852) in 1796 in Pennsylvania. They had ten identified children; George(1794), John(1799), Henry(1801), Andrew(1804), Adam(1808), Sarah(1810), Catherine(1812), Hannah(1814), Susan(1818), Margaret (1819). John and Margaret lived in Pennsylvania until after the 1820 Federal Census.  They left and relocated to Harrison County, Indiana.

John died one hundred and ninety four years ago today,  on September 12, 1823 in Valley City, Harrison County, Indiana. He is buried in the Windell Cemetery #2.


Windell Cemetery-2

Rest in Peace, John!

Love, Jan

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