Tombstone Tuesday – April 17, 2018 – Charles Wesley Hayner



Charles W. Hayner – 1870-1910


Charles Wesley Hayner was the son of John Hayner and Sara Elizabeth Bessay (Seaburn) Hayner. He was born on November 24, 1870, in Saint Clair,  Michigan. The birth record show he was born in 1871 but his tombstone and death Certificate says 1870. John and Sara had nine children; William Henry (1862), John R. (1866), Nellie May (1868), Charles Wesley (1870), Frank (1874), Paul Kelley (1877), Leslie ( 1879), Fredrick Milford (1884), Alexander Bessay (1886)

In the 1880 Federal Census, Charles Wesley is listed with his parents on Mulberry Street and seven of his siblings. He is ten years old and attending school. By the 1900 Federal Census, he still lives at home. He is twenty-nine years old and lists his occupation as a day laborer. Seven of the boys still live at home, several are sailors and the rest are day laborers.  In the 1910 Federal Census, Charles is listed at his parents home. His occupation is now listed as a sailor. He is thirty-nine years old and not married.

One hundred and eight years ago today, Charles died in Sault St Marie, Michigan aboard the Steamer Polynesia on April 17, 1910. The census record for the 1910 census was recorded on April 22, 1910, five days after he died.  I can’t help but wonder if his parents did not know yet. The Death Certificate lists the cause of death as Cholera Morbus which was exasperated by a vascular issue with the heart. Cholera Marbus is a gastro bacteria illness.



Charles Wesley Hayner Death Certificate


The Hayner Family plot is located in the Hillside Cemetery in Saint Clair, Michigan.



John and Sara Hayner Family Plot 


Hillside Cemetery


Hillside Cemetery – EST 1810


Rest in Peace, Charles Wesley!

Love, Jan

Charles Wesley in my first cousin three times removed.


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