Tombstone Tuesday – May 12, 2018- Jules C Densmore


Jules C Densmore was born on November 3, 1928 in Sheridan, Clare County, Michigan. He was the son of John C and Carman Lucille (Williams) Denmore. John C and Carman Densmore had five children; Jules C (1928), Jerome (1930), Joyce (1933), Janice (1935), Ivora (1936).

Jules served in the Army as a Corporal from October 30, 1952 until August 17, 1954 during the in Korean Conflict. Jules married Louise McKim in Michigan. Jules and Louise lived in Bay City in 1958 but by 1959 they had moved to Louisville, Kentucky. He was a machinist for International Harvester . Jules and Louise divorced in 1977. Records indicate that Jules may have married two other times. He married March 10, 1978 to Rose A Roy and the marriage record indicates that she had never married before. Interesting enough there is a divorce record for Mary R Lawson which is dated July 23, 1979 but I was unable to find a marriage record.

There are no records to indicate that he and Louise or any of his other wives had children. They may have but the records would be too recent. On his tombstone it says  “Our Father Friend.”

Twenty years ago, Jules died on June 12 1998 in Louisville, Jefferson County Kentucky. He is buried in a Cave Hill National Cemetery in Louisville Kentucky. He is in Section A, site 156-A.

Cave Hill National Cemetery

Rest in Peace, Jules!

Love Jan

Jules is a second cousin two times removed.

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