Tombstone Tuesday – August 7, 2018 – Frank Hainer

Frank Hainer

Frank Hainer was the son of John W and Margaret L (Byers) Hainer born on December 8, 1875 in Brant Ontario. John and Margaret had seven children; FloraBelle (1869), Sylvester (1872), Amanda (1873), Frank (1875), Blanche (1881), Welby (1886) and Morley (1888).

In the 1881 Canadian Census, Frank is four years old and he has one brother, Sylvester, and two sisters, Amanda and Blanche. In the 1891 Canadian Census, Frank is fourteen and is attending school. He is listed with his three brothers, Sylvester, Welby and Morley, and three sisters Flora, Amanda, Blanche. They live in Burford, Ontario.

Frank married Bertha Brown on March 28, 1896 in Brantford,Ontario.  Five years later for the 1901 Canadian Census, Frank and Berta have a daughter whose name is Olive. They live in Burford, Ontario. Frank lists his occupation as Farm Laborer. In the 1911 Canadian Census, Frank and Bertha have two daughters; Olive (13) and Vera (6). By the 1921 Census, Frank and Bertha have three daughters, Vera (16) and Blythe 2 months) are listed in the Census. Olive has married Percy Posthill and no longer lives with her parents. There is also a farm hand listed in the Census, His name is Melvin Hill and he is sixteen years old.

Sixty five years ago today, Frank Hainer died in Burford, Ontario. He is buried in Northfield Cemetery, Brant County, Ontario,


Rest in peace, Frank.

Love, Jan

Frank Hainer is my second cousin three times removed


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