Tombstone Tuesday – September 18, 2018 – Ingeborg Helene Jakobsdatter Andersen


Ingeborg Helene Jakobsdatter – 1882 Wedding Photo

Ingeborg Helene was born September 13, 1856 in Notteroy, Norway. She was the daughter of Jakob Carlsen Lansrud and Helvig Kristensdatter. Jakob and Helvig had six children; Kristen (1845), Marie (1848), Even (1851), Ingeborg (1856), Karl (1858), Jens (1860).


Last entry on page – Hans Henrik Anderson married Ingeborg Helene Jakobsdattar

Ingeborg married Hans Henrik Andersen on February 7, 1882 in Notteroy, Norway. They had three sons; Andrew (1883), Hagbart (1888), Haakon (1891). Ingeborg and Hans lived in Grimestad on the Island of Tjome in Norway. Hans was a sailor.

One hundred and twenty four years ago today on September 18, 1894, Ingeborg died at the age of 38 years old. Her death record is in Norwegian but and no cause of death can be determined from this record. I was told that it was Typhoid Fever.  Hans was at sea when she died working aboard the vessel named “Lawrence”. The vessel left in April of 1894 and did not return until June of 1895. It is very likely that he did not know of his wife’s death until he returned home. The young boys lived with their Grandmother, Olava Jorgensen, whom they were very close to.


Ingeborg’s death record


Ingeborg taken in 1890 – 4 years before she died

She was buried in the Tjome Kirke Cemetery.



There are no longer tombstones for any of our Andersen family in this cemetery but they are here.  Ingeborg is my Great Grandmother.

Rest in peace, Ingeborg. I wish I had known you.

Love, Jan

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