Tombstone Tuesday – September 11, 2018 – Silas William Dinsmore

Margaret and Silas Dinsmore

Silas W. Densmore was born on May 21, 1871 in Ontario, Canada to William Thomas and Elizabeth (Laforge) Densmore. Wm Thomas and Elizabeth had eleven children; Peter David Daniel (1867), William T (1869-1869), Silas W. (1871), Flora J.(1873), Ellen May (1875), James Henry(1877), William Wallace (1879), Thomas Wm (1882) Lydia (1884), John Edward(1887), Harrison (1890). Thomas and Elizabeth moved from Canada to Michigan in 1872. They settled in Gilford Township, Tuscola County.  It is at this time when I started to notice the name change  from Densmore to Dinsmore to Dinsmoore.

Margaret and Silas Dinsmore 1899

Maggie & Silas 1899 – Likely a Wedding photo

This photo was shared on Ancestry by an family member. It is likely a wedding photo from 1899. Silas married Margaret Tahash on July 20, 1899 in Munger, Michigan. Silas and Margaret had eight children; Mary Eva (1900) William (1902), Herman (1905), Clarence (1907), Alfred (1912), Son (1913-1913), Margaret (1913-1913) Ethel May (1916), Chester (1923).

In the 1900 Federal Census, Silas, Margaret and Eva are listed in Gilford living with Andrew and Mary Ann Tahash, Margaret’s parents. Silas’s is working on the farm. In the 1910 Federal Census, they remain with Maggie’s parents where Silas is running the farm. By time of the 1920 Federal Census, they are still found in Gilford Township. They have five children living with them; William, Herman, Clarence, Alfred, Ethel May and Mary Ann Tahash, who became a widow in 1915 when her husband died. Mary Eva is twenty years old and appears to have already married.

In the 1930 Census, Silas and Maggie have Clarence, Alfred, Ethel, Chester and Mary Ann Tahash living with them. Silas remains in farming. In the 1940 Federal Census, a nearly seventy year old, Silas and Maggie have their widowed son, Albert and two of his children, Flora and James, living with them. They are still on the farm and Silas is still running it with the help of his seventeen year old son, Chester.

Seventy one years ago today, Silas died in Gilford Township, Michigan. He was buried in Gilford Township Cemetery with many family members.

Gilford Cemetery

Rest in peace, Silas,

Love, Jan

Silas is my first cousin three times removed.




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