Tombstone Tuesday – December 18, 2018 – Phylura Sage Court

Phylura was the daughter of Joseph Sage and Betsy Giddings.  She was born on May 1, 1846 in Oakland County Michigan. Betsy Gidding Sage, Phylura’s mother, died on February 4, 1849 when Phylura was not yet three years old. In the 1850 Federal Census, Phylura is living with her grandmother Sarah Giddings.

In the 1860 census, she is in living with her father, Joseph Sage, in Farmington, Michigan. It appears that he has remarried a younger wife, Melanie.  Phylura is a fourteen years old and lists domestic working as her occupation. She now has younger half siblings; Amelia (1854), Louisa (1856), Mary (1858).

On March 20, 1865, Phylura Sage married Sidney Court in Oakland County, Michigan. In the 1870 Federal Census Sidney and Philura have two children, Sarah who was born in 1866 and Fred who was born in 1870. They also have a sixteen year old Amelia Sage living with them who is helping the family out.  Living next door to them is a 77 year old Sarah Gidding, Phylura’s Grandmother. She is living with her 37 year old daughter, Huldah Bush and her family.

By the time of the 1880 Federal Census, Sidney and Phylura have four children listed in the Census; Sarah (1866), Elizabeth (1872), Benjamin (1874), Hester (1878). There is no sign of Fred  from the earlier census.  Huldah and Harvey Bush live a few doors away now and Sarah Giddy is no longer living with them so she has likely died.

In the 1900 Federal Census, Sidney and Phylura are living in Novi. They have a married daughter, Elizabeth McVicar and James McVicar living with them. James McVicar is a sailor and currently at sea. They also have a son named Rolland Court (1885) who is 15 years old. There is also a Hester Cook (or maybe Court) listed as mother living with them. She must be Sidney’s Mother. She is an 80 year old widow. Phylura states that she has 7 children and that they have all survived but I never found Fred after the 1870 census nor an additional seventh child in any of the census records.

At some time after the 1900 Census, Sidney and Phylura move to the Clare Michigan area where several of there children reside.  Phylura has already developed her heart condition so they likely moved there to be close to Sarah Court Robinson, their oldest daughter.

Phylura Court died one hundred and ten years ago today on December 18, 1908  in Sheridan, Michigan of a heart condition.


She was buried in Cherry Grove Cemetery in Clare Michigan. There are no pictures of her tombstone unfortunately. There is a Court Plot and many of the children are buried there. Sarah and her Robinson family are buried in the Cemetery.

Cherry Grove Cemetery

Rest in Peace, Phylura!

Love, Jan

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