Tombstone Tuesday – April 30,2019 – Miriam Best Howell


Miriam Best was the daughter of Conrad and Catherine (Loucks) Best born  on February 21, 1826 in Bayham Township, Elgin, Ontario.   Miriam Best married Nathan Howell on July 25, 1848 in Middlesex, Ontario.

In the 1851 Census, Miriam and Nathan have several children living with them; W. H. Howell (1835), Nathan (1836) , Elizabeth (1837), Elisha (1848), Lorenzo (1849), Margaret (1850). I can only assume that the older Howell children are either siblings of Nathan or children from a previous marriage. Nathan is 14 years older that Miriam.

In the 1861 Canadian Census, Miriam and Nathan have seven children living with them; Elisha (1848), Lorenzo (1849), John (1853), Lewis E (1854), Alvin M. (1855), Margaret (1851), Alice (1859).

In the 1871 Canadian Census, Miriam and Nathan Howell are found in Bayham Township. They have seven children ; Elisha (1849), Lorenzo (1851), Margaret (1852), John (1854) , Lewis (1856), Alvin (1857) , Alice (1858) and Miriam’s Mother, Catheren Best (1801) living with them.

The birth dates for all the children are not the same within the Census records. These errors could be as an result of the census taker or inaccurate information provided by  Miriam. It is hard to tell at this time. The names are all accurate.

One hundred and twenty one years ago today, Miriam died at the age of 72 from what appears to have been a stroke. The death record indicates that it was a blood rupture. She is buried in the Best cemetery in Corinth, Elgin, Ontario.


Rest in peace, Miriam!

Love, Jan

Miriam is my three times Great Grand Aunt.

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