Tombstone Tuesday – October 6,2020 – Azubah Best Rickwood

Azubah Best was born on April 29, 1850, the daughter of Casper and Mary (Crane) Best in Bayham, Middlesex, Ontario. Casper and Mary had seven children; Mary A (1833), Jane (1835), Dorothy (1837), Henry (1840), Caroline (1846), Edward (1846), Azubah (1850).

In the 1851 Canadian Census, Azubah is listed as two years old. Casper and Mary live in Bayham, Elgin County , Ontario with their six children; Henry, F. Edward, Mary, Dorothy, Caroline, Zubith (Azubah).

In the 1861 Canadian Census, I find Azubah and Edward on a page which states that they are in Bayham but it appears the rest of the family are likely on the page before but none of the family members appear there. I think there is a missing page.

By the time of the 1871 Canadian Census, Azubah is twenty one and living with her father, Casper and three of her siblings, Mary Ann, Henry and Caroline. Casper is a farmer. His wife, Mary died in 1864.

Azubah married James Gilbert Rickwood on July 1, 1874 in in Bayham, Elgin, Ontario. James and Azubah had three daughters; Rachel (1876-1876), Bertha (1878-1879), Viola (1880). James was a blacksmith.

One hundred and thirty nine years ago, Azubah died of Tuberculosis on October 6, 1881 in Bayham, Ontario. She is buried in the Best Cemetery in Bayham, Ontario.

Rest in peace, Azubah!

Love, Jan

Azubah Best Richwood is my first cousin five times removed.

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