Tombstone Tuesday – October 13, 2020 – Mercy Chatterton Francis

Mercy Chatterton was born on November 22, 1662 in New Haven, Connecticut. It is believed that Mercy was the daughter of William and Mary(Clark) Chatterton but since this is an indirect line to me, I have not thoroughly researched this line. I do see data that reflects that William and Mary may have had five daughters; Mercy (1662), Hannah (1663), Mary (1666), Sarah (1667), Susanna (1670).

She married on January 16, 1683 to John Francis after the death of his first wife, Sarah Dix. Sargent John, as he was known, and Mercy had fourteen children; John (1683), Abigail (1684) , James (1685), Siberance (1687), Mary (1689), Thomas (1690), Robert (1692-1695), Robert (1697), Joseph (1698), Daniel (1700), Hannah (1702), Sarah (1704), Prudence (1707), Mercy (1709).

John, Mercy and their family were among the early settlers of Whethersfield, Connecticut.

Two hundred and seventy five years ago today, Mercy Chatterton Francis died on October 13, 1745 in Whethersfield, Connecticut. She is buried in the Whethersfield Village Cemetery.

Rest in peace, Mercy.

Love, Jan

Mercy was the second wife of John Francis. John Francis was the husband of my 7th Great Aunt, Sara Dix .

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